Adventure in Oregon

May 20, 2010
By , dallas, TX
One morning a man named George was going to his local airport because he had a press conference
In Oregon and he had to be there by that night. The conference didn’t start till tomorrow but there was a dinner that night that he was going to with one of his friends that was also going to the conference.

When he got to the airport he first had to check in with the security and get his ticket so that probably took him about half an hour to forty five minutes of waiting in line. He saw one of his close friends and talked to him for a little while. His friend said he was going to Orlando for a press conference. George told him that he was also going to a press conference in Oregon as well.

Finally around nine ten the microphone called his flight number and he headed over to the security people to check in and give him his ticket. The lady at the front desk said “You’re good to go have a great flight and trip”.
George replied back with a good firm “thank you” to the lady. When he was going through the tunnel to the airplane he spotted the pilot and said “hi what a lovely day it is outside”.
The pilot replied back “hi yes it is a gorgeous day outside”. When he got into the plane he looked for his seat number which was 26a, put his suitcase up in the little drawer and found him a seat next to the window. A few minutes later he heard the pilot announce that they would be taking off In ten minutes. George saw this fat lady and man he thought probably a couple coming down the rows of chairs and prayed that he would not have to sit next to them. Of course when the fat lady said out loud “row26 seat b and c” .

“Hi there how are you today”, George said to both the lady and the man.
They both ignored him and just said “move over so we can get through to our seats” she said. “Well ok then he said I just was trying to be nice and polite to you mam”. George said. “Why” the man said. “Because we are fat and ugly and unpleasant to be around”. He said. “No because I was just trying to be nice and a good person” George said. “Well whatever” the man said. “Shut up and don’t talk to us for the rest of the trip”. “Fine George said in disbelief.

When they were midway through the flight the car buggy came around with snacks and drinks for all of the passengers. The woman that was bringing the buggy around said “would you like anything do drink or eat sir”. George replied “sure what do you have”. The woman said “what we have to drink is dr.pepper, coke, Pepsi, lemonade, and water”. “All right George said I’ll take one water and one coke”. “Sure thing the woman said. “Also what do you have to eat” George said.
“Well we have cookies M&M’s, skittles, and Kit-Kats” she said. “Ok I’ll get a Kit-Kat George said. “Here you are” the woman said.
“Thank you” George replied. Then she walked off down the aisles and back into were all the flight attendants were supposed to be. George was opening up his coke when the coke accidently fizzed up and started to squirt the man and lady that he was sitting with. The man blurted out “what the heck is your problem man”? George immediately said “I’m sorry to the couple. The lady said “if you keep this up than I’m going to ask one of the flight attendants if we can move seats”. “I’m sorry I’ll stop bugging you”. George said. “Good the lady” said. “Now let us have some peace and quiet for the rest of the trip”.

“Sure thing”, George said. Midway through the trip the weather was starting to get really bad. It started pouring rain, with a lot of lightning and everyone was starting to scream and panick. One of the lady flight attendants got a microphone and started to say “everyone please calm down we have a little situation with the rain but hopefully it will stop in the next hour to hour and a half”. “So everyone be calm and quiet till the rain goes away. The rain started to get worse by the next hour or so and everyone was panicking again. George stood up on his chair and opened the door were his suitcase was and started to pull out a parachute which he forgot to unpack in the last trip he went to with his family. He said to himself good thing I brought this parachute or I would be in big trouble. He grabbed the parachute, put it under his hand and then started to stand up and strap it on. When George was finishing strapping his parachute he leaned back and jumped out of the plane. George was screaming immediately when he jumped out of the plane, because it was still thundering and lightning outside Finally when he was down at the bottom he fell on something really hard. When he got up he realized what it was. It was the concrete that was covered up by grass. George was starting to panick because he probably was not going to make it to the press conference that he had to attend, and especially the dinner tonight.

A little bit later he was still nervous and trying to figure a way out where he could somehow find the city Salem that is also the capital of Oregon, where he was going to meet his friend that night. He new though that he probably wasn’t going to make it especially to the dinner but maybe to the press conference since it was the whole week. He then started thinking he should probably get shelter since it was already about one o’clock and it was winter time so the sun was going down really early. He also tried texting his friend that he wasn’t going to make it but there was a little message on his phone that said no service. Now George was really starting to get mad and panick. So he just had to hurry and get shelter before it started to get dark.

When he was looking for some sort of cave he was also looking for some firewood so he could start a fire. He finally found a cave and started to put his stuff in it. When he was done putting his stuff and unpacking he went over to a nearby large creek that was probably considered to be a small river. He started to try and catch fish but he had no luck. When it was about four thirty he went up the mountain in case of any animals like bears or elk. Sure enough there was a small baby elk that probably weighed about 40-50 pounds. George started to get out his knife and started walking behind it. When he got out his knife he took quiet steps over to the elk and tackled it. Once when he got the big elk onto the ground he stabbed his knife into the stomach of the elk. The elk made one huge scream then was dead. George started to wipe all of the blood that was on his arm. When he was finishing wiping of all the blood, he picked up the elk and started walking up to his cave. When he got to his cave he put the elk down and started to get some firewood so he could cook his elk. After he got his firewood and started to cook the elk he got up and went to cut off some tree branches so he could have some kind of door to protect himself during the night. Once he got about ten or fifteen branches he stacked them all over the cave. After he was done with that he checked and saw if the elk was cooked enough. It was cooked so he got his knife and started to eat it. Once he was done with his dinner he went down to the creek and he saw that there was a waterfall across it. He was very thirsty and he new he had a sparse amount of water so he went across the creek and jumped onto the platform that was over there. He then got out his water bottle and let the waterfall pour some water into his bottle. He then took a long drink and filled it up one more time. Once he was done with that he hopped back onto the platform and started to walk back to his cave. When he got to his cave he drank more of his, then he thought that it was probably time that he should get some sleep. Once he woke up he opened his door made up of tree branches and went down to the creek. We then found a large stick and when he saw a fish he poked it in the stomach and killed it. He then headed back to the cave and started to have another fire. Once he put the fire in he waited till it was ready. Finally, when it was done he peeled the eyes off and used his knife as a fork. Once he was done with that, he walked for a little while and saw if he could try and get a ride home. Though there was one problem. There was a huge black bear right in front of him! George now was about as scared as he was when he was jumping out of the plane the day earlier. He started to run and he saw a opening that looked like it was part of a highway. So he started running and screaming towards the wall. Once he got to the wall he sprinted onto the highway and saw a huge truck that was immediately stopping on its breaks. When he got up to the truck George was screaming “open up, open up”. The trucker pulled to a stop and said “what the heck are you doing out in the middle of the street”. “Well I was getting chased by a huge bear and I found a way out and onto the highway”. George said “Well glad I was hear to help you” the trucker said. “Can you please let me in”. George said. “Fine hop in” the trucker said. George opened the window and threw up because of his tiring from his running. His hands were touching the window and he was nervous that he might throw up again. The truck was white and had a Bud Light sticker on it. George thought why does this guy have tons of packs of beers in his truck. George said to the man “why do you have so many packs of beers in your truck.” “Because I work with Bud light “ the trucker said. Oh George thought. They were on the long narrow highway called long and narrow.” Thank you sir for stopping” George said. “ No problem” he replied. “I have actually been staying here for over two or three days”George said. “Where and why” the trucker asked. “In the forest”George said. “And why” the trucker said. “Well, I was originally going to a weekly press conference in Salem but my plane got caught on fire and I had to parachute out of it” George said. “Oh” he said. “Well were at the Salem conference area” the trucker said. “Thank you again so much” George said excited that he was actually going to make most of the conference meeting. “Your welcome” the trucker said.” “Now have a nice day” the trucker said again. “you to” George said. “Bye” the trucker said. “Bye” George said back.

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