Sea Of Confusion

May 10, 2010
By Anonymous

I’m alone. Well except for the stupid coyote named Herbert. I mean who would call himself Herbert anyway? I am turtle. My name is Gil and I am the heir to the undersea kingdom know as S.E.A. (Seaweed Earth Alpha). I have been kidnapped by the coyotes, a vicious breed of starfish that roam the ocean seeking revenge on the turtle race. Their plan was to kidnap (fishnap) me and hold me for precious ransom. But luckily there plan backfired. While they held me hostage, a vicious tsunami swept us away from the ocean knocking Herbert (so that’s what he says his name is) unconscious forgetting who he is and why he kidnapped me in the first place. So, now he doesn’t know that he kidnapped me because I told him we were best friends, got caught up in the tsunami together and we must find a way back to our homeland S.E.A.

But since I don’t have a clue where we are, we have no hope of getting back home. Wait one second, Herbert does! That means all I have to do is bring back some of Herbert’s memories, but not all of them so I do not expose myself as the prince of S.E.A. So this is where we are.
‘’Uhm alright,Herbert do u know where we are at all’’?
‘’ Nope’’
‘’Well do u know how to get back to S.E.A. the really shiny place I told you about’’?
Hmmm, I thought to myself for a couple of minutes. His head injury must be a lot worst than I thought. If only I knew something about his past. Great so I’m stuck her with a brain dead coyote stranded in who knows where. Maybe I should just start swimming to the north. Alright that’s what’s I’m going to do. No wait if I do that I will risk my life and if I die who will rule the S.E.A., King Trident? I didn’t think so. But if I stay here I will starve or get eaten by that coyote. Or maybe I could eat the coyote? No I’m going insane ok think think…….. “Hey Herbert do you remember where you’re from by any chance’’? ‘’ I don’t really remember anything really…. just the sounds of waves clashing together, but you said we were best friends so I don’t really know’’. ‘’ alright well just help me find some food and we need to find a nearby cave for some shelter’’. The next couple of weeks Herbert and I have been growing a very steady relationship between friends. But at the same time I have been losing hope that if we will ever get off this island. I mean all were doing is just making shelter and providing ourselves with food, just surviving for what? Someone to help rescue us? I’m getting tired, and a lot thinner so is Herbert, all seemed hopeless when we saw three or four coyotes approach the island. I was worried that they would discovery my true identity, but since to the lack of nutrients that my body needed I was skinny to the bone and a lot darker due to the sun. “ Are you all ok what happened?’’ said one of the coyotes ‘’ Tsunami” I said ‘’Been on this island for weeks we really need to get out of here’’. ‘’ Alright your coming with us, you’re in good hands now’’. Somehow I didn’t trust them for a second but what other choice did I have? I had to help Herbert and I. ‘’Ok Herby lets go man, I got help!’’ I turned around and saw Herbert laying on the ground, with a knife stuck in his chest. ‘’ Herbert know I what happened to you!’’ I screamed. ‘’ When I was getting coconuts for our dinner, it all came back to me, I kidnapped you…. Me being a vicious assassin”. “Look I cannot pretend this never happened.’’ ‘’ I knew I could not keep this a secret, you helped me when I needed a friend the most, I’m sorry but my time has come, good bye…. As soon as he said those last words I couldn’t help myself but cry, just cry. He would sacrifice himself for me. The other coyotes took me to their home, I refused to eat foods that where healthy so I could stay in disguise. About 3 weeks passed and no signs of the turtle race. Years passed by, and I still haven’t made a run away attempt. I have also figured out that these coyotes aren’t the smartest creatures ever. I have perfectly gone to my normal size, and regained most of color in my skin, they probably don’t know that I’m the prince. ‘’ ok lets go.’’ one of the coyotes said. ‘’ Wait where are we going?’’ I asked ‘’ to the doctor, we need to get u a checkup to see if you are alright.’’ ‘’ I mean you have been rambling on with some story that you are a prince or something’’. The coyotes laughed. What fools I thought there were so wrong, when I get out of here I’m going to destroy their whole stupid race. Once I arrived at the doctor’s office they put me in this weird room. Looked like a crazy asylum. ‘’ Uhm what am I doing here?’’ “ Well you look like a fine young lad what is your name sport’’? the doctor said. ‘’ Levi, Levi Demarco’’. ‘’ Alright Levi where going to do some testing with you, Just do what we ask and you will be out of here in no time’’ the doctor grinned. The doctors crowded around me when they put me on this glassy white table which was freezing. ‘’ooos’’ and ‘’ahhhs’’ came out of their mouths as if it was the first time they had seen how a bicycle works. On about two hours of testing it was getting late I saw some coyotes grin and mumble. It didn’t sound good. They said I have something like psychosomatic, I couldn’t believe it they thought I was crazy! No code 2 of section b alpha states ‘’ If someone impersonates or acts as royalty, or even gives of the slightest impression of royalty, may then be hanged. Never I have to tell them… that I am a king or then they will kill me if I do that... Suddenly something came back to me; I remember living in a small town home. Never living royally I guess when I was hit in the head when the tsunami wiped us out. All along for a year I have been living a lie I’m a nobody. They put me in this room with no windows, I looked around suspiciously. “Where are we?’’ I asked. “You wouldn’t want to worry about that now would you?” “What are you doing to me’’? The doctor tied me to a electric chair and cackled manically. “Now we have you Prince of the S.E.A. kingdom! ‘’ What are you talking about I was never prince of anything it all came back to me’’. ‘’Your making a huge mistake doctor, you’re not who you think I am!’’ clapping sounds came from the door. I couldn’t believe me eyes there standing straight at me was Herbert my long lost friend at the island! “Very well done Herbert!’’ the doctor said. You have brought honor to our country we have captured their precious prince’’! I was a dead turtle. ‘’ You were never hit by a tsunami, we knocked you out and put you on this island to see if u would tell ay information about the kingdom’’. ‘’ While our secret agent acted like he had lost all his memory. After you had not confessed any information we all decided to bring you where nobody could hear you scream as we get the answers we need. Or, we could just hold you for ransom for one billion clam dollars! Mwuhahaha!! Well, wolf take care of him I’m, going to take my bubble bath. “ So what are you going to do to me”? I asked. ‘’I kind of liked the ransom idea but whatever works best for the boss’’. ‘’ why do you work for him what do you get out of this!?! I screamed. “ All of you turtles are the same, I’m doing this for my country for pride and honor, also I get one- fifth of the pay’’. The wolf said greedily. BOOM! The walls collapsed and came out five turtles. They captured the assassins and arrested the coyote president. I was returned to my home land and ruled the turtle race for generations to come.

The author's comments:
watching to many disney movies hahaha

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