Void Chronicles book 1 part 1 mastering the void

May 10, 2010
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knew the war was ending and we were losing. Our only hope was to call an airstrike. I didn’t want it to happen, but it did and I was about to see it. It is not like I hate them it is just that they destroy everything. Suddenly, a flash of light and the enemies were gone but the airstrike was oblivious to the fact and they bombarded the whole village without hesitation. All our homes our lives exploded in flames. The farms didn’t fare better, crops died as flames danced over them and spat with spite at our town. The people knew this could happen and bought with them tents and food. All the food packs contained was tack bread, cereal that had gone stale long ago, dried fruit and chicken, water and condensed powdered milk. The lucky farmers had livestock but barely enough to sustain a week. The packs came from emergency packs stored in every house and had matches and spices as well as tools and tents.
Hope is last on the list of things we have…

Chapter 1

hat was 2 years ago and we are still homeless but we are nomadic. I am the only veteran from the war, all others died during the flash of light. For some reason I did not die. My name is Fraise and the year is 2429 and I am 15. I am short with blond hair and I have white skin I am about a hundred pounds with purple eyes. My best friend and girlfriend named Sara disappeared after the war and no one even likes me. I am hated by every person I walk by and every village I walk through. They all hate me and blame me for the destruction I mean why wouldn’t they? I’m the only one left who else could they blame I’ll tell you. Me. The war started when the half of earth known only as Left Earth finished their spaceship fleet and invaded us. Long ago approximately 417 years ago the Earth split in half. The magma froze in deep space and was sent into the cold, void space forming an island that lies between Left and Right Earth. Most of Right Earth was poor countries while Left had all the technology but since they didn’t have the resources from us they spent 412 years building ship and forming armies. All of a sudden they attacked us and for 3 years we fought.
On the third year Sara and I stole a ship and went to the Island for help. It was deserted so we looked around for about twenty minutes and we found a journal. Most of the pages where ineligible and we could not read any of it but one said “We are caught in the middle of the war the misfire attacks our buildings. Our people are dying from the misfire. We can’t hide forever the Crystal needs a sacrifice before it’s to late…” We looked and when we didn’t find any thing helpful we started to leave. On our way out we found a strange, shiny rock. The rock had an inscription that we couldn’t read because it was Islander. She kept it and we returned home and when I left there was the flash of light and Sara was gone.

’ve spent the time the time since looking for her and I have found nothing. This is now. Soon I came across an abandoned factory filled with a handful of refugees. I saw one come up to me. He was grown and thin with green eyes, black hair, tan skin, and always seemed to be in a good mood. He was weird and relaxed the others where kind, but anxious to get away from me. I think the weird one was the leader of them. I then noticed they where islanders. I told them about how Sara and I had found the rock. After the story was over, the leader dismissed everyone and took me to a cave and in the center there was a crystal with the Rock in it and it was glowing.

The weird guy then said, “The islanders imprisoned themselves in the Rock Crystal (called the Purfivoid) to hide from the war and unknown to themselves they couldn’t come out until someone with as many as the Islanders would intentionally sacrifice themselves to save them otherwise it would take all with bad intentions. There was a crash and the leader walked away. I heard Sara’s voice whisper to me and it said “Touch the crystal free me let me go.” It was soft and I was about to touch the crystal when an Islander came and tackled me, His name was Khalil and he told me about how if I were to have touch the Purfivoid I would go to a horrid dreadful place where reality breaks loose.

To be continued

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