Felicity's wild adventures

May 8, 2010
By Rosemary BRONZE, Wheaton, Illinois
Rosemary BRONZE, Wheaton, Illinois
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Hello! My name is Felicity Merriman. I am 11 years old and I live t=in the town of Williamsburg, Virginia. I live in the times of the revolutionary war. My friends Elizabeth Cole, Ben and I are all spies for the patriots. Even thought Elizabeth is a loyalist who is someone who is loyal to the king, she has decided that what the British are doing is unfair.

Ben and I recently returned from my grandfather’s plantation, where we spent the whole summer. While we were there Ben tried to join the army but thankfully I persuaded him not to. So, shortly after our return we decided to commit our lives to living for justice. After just a little bit of begging we convinced Elizabeth that what the king is doing is without a doubt WRONG! We all went to the Patriot military commander and signed up to be spies for the patriots. Then, the commander gave us our first mission. Our cities emergency gun powder stash was at a big risk now because England had become scared of losing. So they issued a law that said “All emergency gun powder must be disposed of immediately”. So our mission was to take the barrels and hide them somewhere no one but us and the commander knew of. This job was hard not only because British soldiers were guarding the barrels night and day but also because there was at least 200 of them to move. This would take the majority of our day. Anyways off we went to stand up to about 50 British guards (gulp). “Well, we might want to start pretty soon if we want to have time for dinner” Ben said. “I’m ssssso ssscarred!” Elizabeth moaned. “I’m sure we all are” I reassured her and we were off to our first mission. Here we were two 11 year old
s and an 18 year old (barely an
) apprentice. We started off to get carts for the carrying barrels. We distracted the British guards by telling them that over 1,000 patriot prisoners had escaped after we had actually LET them out on purpose so that the British guards would leave. Anyways, we loaded up all three carts and took all the back alleys until we were at the patriot military base then we were able to go into sight range again because British guards knew that they could not guard the military base or else we would start war on them. We took them into a storage room actually a vaulted room because the base used to be a bank before patriots got angry and raided the what used to be British bank. So we took it into the vaulted room and shut the vault and no one not even the we knew the combo. Only people that needed the gunpowder immediately knew the combo. We continued this process until we had no more barrels to carry. Unfortunately on our last cart full the British guards got back and saw us running away with their/our gun powder. One of them, a real short and chubby guy screamed out “Stop those kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” At that we all started running as fast as our legs would allow us while trying not to drop any of the barrels. I glanced back for just one minute and I tripped on my flipping petticoat! Of course we had to be on a hill at the time so when I let go of my cart for just one moment it started rolling back and it got stuck on my petticoat and, to my surprise it kept going with me on it! “Felicity don’t worry we’re coming to help!” Elizabeth, the worlds most loyal friend called out, she must have made it up the hill. Anyways , she started sprinting down the hill but she was too late. I ran right into the official who I later named “The Professor”. “Girls, may I ask where do you think you’re going with OUR gun powder?” He screamed at us, his face so bright and red that it looked like a tomato. “Oh……….ah……… we were just trying to take this gun powder to a safer spot for the gunpowder to be stored.” Elizabeth tried to convince the Professor. “See I would believe that but my soldiers have told me that some
s who looked extrodinarily like you had told them that the patriot prisoners had escaped. It turns out that they had! But when they came to thank the
s they were gone and so were 30 of our barrels!” The professor said now looking like a hot chili pepper about to explode! The two men that were guarding the barrels earlier stepped out from behind the Professor and quickly realized that we were the
s from before. The professor said “Thanks for the tip about the prisoners, but you’re going to jail.” He said now turning back into the platypus face I always assumed he had. They grabbed us by the wrists, bound our hand together and put us on some what of a lead rope. I suddenly heard some rustling behind us and I turned my head to see Ben peeking his head out from behind the hill.

What will happen to Felicity and Elizabeth? Will Ben save them? Will they get the job done without their parents having to get involved? And most of all why didn’t Ben do anything? To be continued…………………………………………………………………………………..

The author's comments:
This is my first selection I submitted to the school newspaper in 6th grade, everyone asked for more so in 7th grade I wrote a sequeal that got published in the winter of 8th grade.

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