"Ideal Place for Me"

May 12, 2010
By peacelovejesus BRONZE, Mechanic Falls, Maine
peacelovejesus BRONZE, Mechanic Falls, Maine
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Heaven is the place I dream of. Heaven is the place I see, far away when I'm sleeping, high above my dreams. It is a place where evil does not exist, and where every day burdens are lifted off our shoulders. Written in the Bible is the truth, “Behold, the dwelling place of God is with man. He will dwell with them, and they will be his people, and God himself will be with them as their God. He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.”

Close your eyes, and drift away with me. Let's take a trip to Heaven. We're flying higher and higher, over the fluffy, blue clouds that surround us. We are up and over the sun. It is now dark. No longer can we see the blurry forms from below, for we are now flying through our galaxy. Stars and planets pass us. We are flying faster than the speed of light. Soon we will be there.

Do you see it? I do. The light, it's shining, over there. It's so beautiful. That's where we must go. The gates of Heaven are before us, right in front of our very eyes.

Hand in hand, we enter together. Excitement for what is to come empowers us. We are here. I'm now at a loss of words. This is a kingdom, like none other.

The air is fresh and crisp. No longer is there population or chemicals that cause the air to be heavy with waste. It is clean, and light. I inhale, hold it and exhale. Ah, so perfect. Bright colors surround me. Everything is full of life here, from the flowers that are blooming everywhere in colors that I thought didn't exist to the angels who dance with joy, knowing that they have eternal life.

Listen closely I begin to hear the sweet sound of trumpets. The noise grows louder and louder I hear song that is noteless, song only one's heart can play.

As I fly around the kingdom, I begin to meet up with friends and family in which I haven't seen in years. There is no longer the worry of how much time we have left together, for we are all now at peace knowing we have all of eternity with the ones we love deeply.

I feel free, oh so free. I am loved dearly by the Lord. I am his child no matter what. I have made it through life, putting my trust in him throughout the good times and the bad. Many times I had been put through trials of hardship, each time pulling through, holding tightly to my faith for all that it was worth. Now I have truly seen that you have kept all the promises in which you made, there is a place after death and when you say one may spend all eternity with me you mean it.

Walking back towards the gates, the noise begins to soften and the colors begin to slowly fade. At last I have seen it, the place in which I may stay, but for now I must go back and walk the rest of my days upon the earth. There is much more to be done, as the Lord told me earlier, “Go back my dear Child, for your work on earth is not yet done. Trust in me, for what is to come will be hard. I have placed this in your hands, for I trust in you. Believe in me, and I will carry you through. As you have seen on this day, there is a place that is waiting for you. The room in which will be yours is not done yet, and the Kingdom in which one day you will enter and stay in is not yet ready for your coming. Go back and speak of me. Tell them what you have seen. Speak to them the TRUTH. I love you.” The last of His words, echo in my mind as I slowly leave the gates of the kingdom.

Turning over, I feel the soft pillow beneath my head. Trying to move my legs, I notice I am caught up underneath a heavy pile of blankets. I slowly open my eyes to find the bright rays of the room shining all around my room. I blink once, twice. A tear trickles down my face. At last I have seen it, at last I know the truth. At a quick glance back at the wall, I notice a cross has formed by the rays of light. Taking a deep breath, I close my eyes, but when I open the cross is gone. I have been touched by the Lord, and a calling has been placed on my name. It is time for me to speak the truth. It may take only a sentence to write it, but the depth in which one may try to understand it is unfathomable. Our Lord God gave his one and only son, Jesus to die on the cross for our sins. One may who believe this may look forward to the day in which they may enter the gates of the Kingdom and spend all eternity with the one who loves them most. It's the truth, so go on and help me. Let's speak the truth!

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