The Invasion

May 12, 2010
It started out like a normal day but little did I know that this was going to be one of the worst days in my life. The first thing I noticed that was different was the way my parents acted in the morning when I got up. I tried to go in the shower but my dad said the bathroom was off limits because the water was 'bad'. I went to go on the computer and he said the internet was 'off '. He said I couldn't use my phone because he noticed it 'wasn't charged'. I started to get mad when my Dad said I couldn't watch television either.

One thing I didn't mind hearing was that school was canceled and so was his and my Mom's work. I knew he was lying now because my mom runs a home daycare. He said he had to go to the store and pick up some things. This was the first true thing he had said.

He came back with about enough food to last a YEAR! And a lot of guns and ammo I noticed some of the guns he had weren't legal in the United States and was confused. I asked him what was going on and he said that I guess he had to tell me.

“Danny, There has been a zombie invasion and the water is contaminated and we are going to have to fight back.”

This completely took me by surprise...

When my Dad told me that there was a zombie invasion I felt sick to my stomach, fell of the floor, and blacked out.

When I woke up I wasn't in my house but one that I had never seen before. It was a house made of brick that looked like it was made for the apocalypse. It had a lot of windows that weren't too close to the ground and a lot of little slits next to the windows which I guessed were for shooting or spearing. It was tall with at least three stories and had only a small base that got wider as it went up it was an obvious construction design to keep things from climbing it.

Inside I met a lot of new people and saw absolutely noting but an empty room and a ladder on the ground floor. As we were making our way up the ladder one by one I saw my first zombie. It was a runner and started coming at us from the still open door. I recognized the face as the guard at the door so that must mean that there are more outside right now.

I made a heroic jump from the ladder and sprinted to the door just in time to close it on a zombie's fingers making three of them fall to the ground. I them turned around to see the zombie almost on top of me I locked the door quick and ran around until finally somebody got a gun in their hands and put a perfectly aimed bullet into its head.

As I turned I saw the person with the gun it was my good friend Kylie. She was holding the desert eagle in her hand as if it belonged there. I walked over and thanked her and she made no reply that was when I realized that this was not a place for thank you's and your welcome's until all the surrounding zombies where dead. I started up the ladder and I had to get checked for bites even though it was quite obvious that I was fine thanks to Kylie's shooting.

Up there I was given an M16 and posted to a window slot. What I saw was awful...

I saw around 300 zombies circling the house and I realized how big of a problem this really is. I saw a little thing on the bottom of my window slot. It looked like the pin and handle on a grenade. I asked them what it was. They told me only to use it if I run out of ammo and it will explain itself ,but can only be used once.

I started to spray and pray into the mob of zombies attacking the door . I got yelled at for wasting ammo and was told only to aim at their heads because they will not die until the brain is damaged. You can even cut their heads off and they will come and get you.

There was a person downstairs setting up bouncing betties so when they get in we don't have to deal with them for a while. There was also a person guarding the ladder when the bouncing betties run out.

I was at my window slot firing away and it turned out it was a lot easier than it seems. I took down about half of them until I ran out of ammo and was told to use my detonator. I saw that it controlled an underground claymore and it sent about thirty zombies flying twenty feet into the air. They weren't dead of course because only a few had gotten shrapnel in their head but there was a lot of blood. I felt the spray of blood on me as I watched the explosion.

As the blood spatted my face I smiled a bit and realized how fun it was to kill zombies.

This went on for about a week then we started to run low on food because more and more people were showing up. We also had no water left and we were going to have to go on a raid with ten people.

The ten people that were chosen were My dad, my brother, Kylie, five others I don't know, and myself due to my skill in tough situations.

This is one week later and we are currently on the raid. I am carrying a 101 pound backpack along with my gun and ammo. We are inside an old Wal-Mart and we are taking all we can carry. All power had been out for a week so frozen things and meat were off limits we could take anything that didn't have a bite mark in it. I took lots of those energy bars and medicine. I also took things that we could boil in water to eat like pasta. We didn't have a lot of space only ten four wheelers one for each of us. We had to carry only what would fit in the backpack.

On our way back we ran into zombies twice, but it was only a small pack that had no runners. Runners can be very fast and can almost keep up to the four wheelers so it's good that there weren't any. The second pack wasn't as easy though there was a tank that we didn't see and he took down eight of our people. Only Kylie and myself remained. We found a way to get all the guns, ammo, and supplies onto the two four-wheelers. It made them very slow but it's okay because we got back safely.

As we went up the ladder we saw a sight that horrified us both!

We went up the ladder only to see them all dead! We were horrified. Kylie lost her Dad and I still have no idea where my Mom and Sister were. I hadn't seen them since the morning of the invasion.

Kylie and I were looking for survivors and weapons at our home town. I went up into my attic in our house that only I knew about. I got my flamethrower back from last year where I had kept it and almost blown up the world!

I also went downstairs discarded my M16 and grabbed my dad's old M4 Super 90 shotgun. I mounted the flamethrower onto the side of the shotgun and took off attachments on it so it was light weight. I also put a thing on it that made it fire automaticly and it can shoot any bullet. It already had a light so I put a red dot laser and a scope on it. I put another thing on it to make it a sniper rifle with pull out bi pods.

I went to Tanner's house and was almost shot with shotgun spray. I yelled out “It's me!” and he said “Sorry!”

We explained to him that there was a zombie invasion. He said he just thought that there were people going crazy. He grabbed his p90 and twin shotguns and Kylie and I grabbed our guns. We stocked up on food. Tanner took his own four-wheeler and we drove off to Derek's house.

I threw the brick with the note attached through Derek's front window. The note said that if he got this throw his roller skates through his front bedroom window. A few minutes later I heard the roller skates brake the window upstairs and fall to the ground behind me as I was pricked with bits of glass. We gave Tyler and Derek each a four-wheeler and a shot gun. We were about to leave when a Tank ran at us and we drove off a bit but Tyler forgot to take it out of neutral and got punted into a house. We sprayed the Tank with bullets and fire and eventually after about 200 bullets he died because his brain caught on fire.

When we got to the bunker derek took a M32 grenade launcher that can shoot regular grenades or incendiary grenades. It also had a sniper scope mounted to it and could shoot bullets. I stuck a grenade launcher on the side of my shotgun that could shoot regular or incendiary. It was all kids now and we wanted to find more people in groups so we can up our chances of living.

The next thing I knew there was zombies through the door. We were throwing down bouncing betties so they would explode of contact. We kept a constant spray on the ladder and we were flaming them also. We had Derek shooting both kinds of grenades and within half an hour we had killed 200 zombies. Four kids who would have thought.

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