Bob and the Kitty Kat Gang

May 11, 2010
Legend of the Golden Burrito
Once upon a time, a time forgotten by the stars, a man crazed with black magic created a burrito. The Burrito, under the influence of spells, it became golden and possessed magic powers. Before the man completed the ritual, he was killed, leaving the Golden Burrito in the desert, where it was found by the U.S. government.
Bob and the Kitty Kat Gang
I, Bob, leader of the Kitty Kat gang (KKG) have stolen the Golden Burrito, with my assistant Joey, from Fort Honeyman in Texas. I would have eaten it by now so I can see the future and overtake Tony, leader of the Shark Gang. There is one problem though. To be able to have the powers, you must have the Golden Burrito in your possession for three weeks. I am staying, in Texas, with the Golden Burrito to hide from Tony and his assistant, Ray. Luckily for me I have a spy, my assistant that tells me where the Shark Gang is all the time. Right now they are flying to Texas in search of me and MY Golden Burrito, but I am ready for them with my mini gun and MY Golden Burrito.
After checking flights on we flew from Fort Honeyman in Texas to Kansas for no reason and back to Texas where we set up our underground camp. Our camp was located under a old town with only one entrance. After setting up my mini-gun I slept for the night.
I sat there, shooting. Tearing members of the Shark Gang to shreds with the force of my 50cal. Mini gun, watching them fall back, trying to get out of the narrow hallway they came through. Crawling over there dead friends. I was going mad, laughing the whole time. It had been two weeks and five days that I had had the Golden Burrito, two more days until I could eat the Burrito. In all my wonderful thoughts I heard a click, the worst sound I wanted to hear, though the shark gang did not know, I was out of ammo. Unless they decide to leave, I can’t eat the Golden Burrito because they will overpower me. I only have two pistols, my two .357 magnums. I could hear more footsteps.
I shot him in the chest, and he fell by my feet. Before he died he said, “Tony, Leader of the Shark Gang is waiting for you up stairs.” Seeing no one else wanted to kill me. I walked up the cold stairs to the open air. The air was hot from the Texas sun, and then I saw him standing next to the bell tower. The dirt road matched the buildings color. A color I have always been fond of. There was Tony, tall and skinny with green eyes. Oh, how I hate green. My blue eyes are so much cooler. I can’t see if he has his pistol but I know he does. I had my right hand on my pistol and I have the golden burrito in my left hand.
“Why did you kill all those men,” yelled Tony.
“They were trying to kill me,” I yelled back
“They were trying to tell you I was up here”
“How am I supposed to know?”
“You listen!”
I looked at the bell tower and it said 11:59. Then the wind stopped and the trees stopped moving.
“Once I kill you, nothing will be in my way,” I yelled in a laughing voice.
“No, I will kill you,” said Tony
Then the bell rang. In the blink of an eye, he pulled out his pistol and shot.



I saw it all happen, I saw Tony kill my brother Bob. I will kill Tony even if it kills me. I am Mad Cobra, leader of the Cobra Gang. I will kill Tony once and for all, for my brother and for the band of the blue eyed.

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