The Adventures of Maliik, Kwade, and Maliik

April 29, 2010
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Once there were three brothers two were twins the other was born 5 years younger. They all had superpowers. One of the twins had lightning-demon powers the other had fire-dragon powers the youngest one had ice-water powers. They trained all the time after school because their parents died of a freak accident.
Three years later Stevan was off to his first day of third grade when a giant water monster appered out of nowhere.
Stevan was well trained with his powers by his brothers. Even though he was only nine years old they trained him like he was their age. He destroyed the monster with such ease that he acted as if he was just still walking to school and then the school's late bell rang and he was late for class.
The next day Maliik was gone. He had gone to the underworld to learn how to master his demon powers from the Darklord, the ruler of the underworld. it took him a day to master his demon powers. When Maliik tried to leave the Darklord made a wall of darkness right in front of Maliik so Maliik could not leave without killing the Darklord. Maliik killed the Darklord but his evil overpowered him.
Maliik left the underworld as its ruler but returned to the surface world as a villian. He devised a evil plot to take over the world, and plan to kill his brothers.
Kwade and Stevan were training at their house when...Bedoo Bedoo the city alarm went off. They rushed into the city to see only that their own city that he promised to protect. So they fought him. When they thought they had won POOF!
"It was only a clone and it almost killed us." Kwade said
"It's your fault that it almost killed us stupid!" Stevan remarked
"I see my brothers can barely handle a simple clone and they are the only forces standing between me and world domination? This should be easy and very fun!"
First,he conjured up nine clones to fly across the world. He himself would stay in America; to ensure his victory he summoned ALL of his underlings from the underworld. Second, while his brothers fought off the underlings he would kill the president of the United States. Third, he would have to kill one of his brothers his twin or his younger brother. If he killed Kwade he would be reborn in 500 years from a volcano. If he killed Stevan he knew Kwade would stop a nothing to kill him.
"So it begin" Maliik said
"Take the continent your over and force them to make you their ruler" He announced
He went to a house on top of a giant mountain called "The Orb House" the house holds orbs of true power if you absorb any one of the power or powers you have you will obtain the ultimate power of those. He absorbed the lightning and the demon orb. Then suddenly there was an electric and darkness aura around him. At that very second he knew that his powers were at their fullest extent. The fire,ice,water,dragon and light were gone.
He went to the nation's capital to kill the presidentand take over the nation. Little did he know that the president also had superpowers. But that wouldn't stop him fulfilling his plans of world domination.
He blasted right through the doors and disintegrated everyone's bodies and souls with demon energy except the president everything was still there. It occured to Maliik that the president was light so he made a giant lightning bolt that the surrounding 3000 miles were were drenched with rain and the electricity went out. Then when he thought he killed the president a giant beam of light came out of the sky and Maliik put up a huge lightning sheild so that only a little of the light hit him but it was enough to hurt him alot he got so mad that he shocked the president and burned his body to a crisp.
"Attention mortals I am your new ruler of the world if anyone dares to commit treason and try to kill me they will be dead before they can even move on finger." Maliik Announced
Stevan and Kwade took off to try to kill him but what they didn't know was that they were being watched by one of Maliik's demon birds. Maliik expected them to come try and kill him but they didn't know that. They got to the white house but it was like a ghost town no one in sight but suddenly a giant lightning bolt came out of the sky trying to strike Kwade but Stevan made a giant ice fortress. The ice was 5ft thick. The lightning bolt got through but all of its power was diminished after it got through.
They fought for four hours Stevan got tired so he passed out it was only Maliik and Kwade left. Kwade suddenly transformed into a giant dragon then the evil of Maliik suddenly came out when he transformed into a giant demon with darkness swirling around him. Then another being came out of Maliik and it was the king of the underworld the Darklord. Then all of the evil that was in Maliik rushed into the Darklord and so the Darklord was earth's ruler.
Maliik became good again and then he and Kwade fought the Darklord. Maliik conjured up fifteen new clones that got rid of the previous ones they had all of Maliik's powers and transformation. Some turned into pure lightning, and some into demons, and some into a mix of both. They all fought the Darklord but only three survived the Darklod, Maliik, and Kwade. The two boys were to exhausted to fight when it looked like the end for Kwade, Maliik, and the earth. Then a huge ice shard came out of the sky.
"Leave my brothers alone!" Stevan yelled as he killed the Darklord.
So they defeated the Darklord and lived there lives as normal as it got.

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