The "Miracle" pig

April 29, 2010
By Anonymous

Once upon a time a family named Donald who lived in a small farm in Old town farm country with their two children and had a few animals and tones of crops. They had cows, horses, ducks but no pigs they only had one pig and they named him ‘Miracle’ because Miracle was their only pig left and all the other pigs were gone on sale and people bought all their pigs but Miracle was hiding while they sold all their pigs and after their big pig sale they found him hiding and they named him Miracle cause he was the only one left.

On a beautiful Friday morning Mr. Mc. Donald and granny Louise’s children were gone to the barn to feed their pig Miracle with some grains, wheat and corns. ‘Ewww... look at its tail’ says nerdy bro and he decides to pull Miracle’s tail, then Miracle jumps and starts to run around the barn, then little bratty sis and nerdy bro starts chasing him around. With an angry look on her face all red like ketchup, granny Louise asks the children what happened to the barn then the children answers “Its Miracle’s fault he messed up the barn”. Then she had a lying feeling about what the children said, and then she replies “Go inside the house and go clean up your bedroom, and after your done cleaning you may help your father decorate the Christmas tree”!

Then the children ran in the house to clean up so they could have helped their father decorate the Christmas tree. Once the children got inside granny Louise took Miracle and made him stand on the scale to see how much he weights then she said “looks like you increased a lot of weight anyways you are almost ready”. Then she goes back to the barn and locks him in his cage.

Five days later: “its December 25th the day of Christmas” yells little bratty sis, then she ran downstairs and yelled “YAY”, and runs around the house. Then old Mc. Donald went in to the barn and took Miracle and said “Merry Christmas my boy, today isn’t going to be a good Christmas for you, but for the whole family, yes”. Then Miracle starred at old Mc. Donald with a scared feeling about something. Then he took Miracle to the kitchen and went to go grab a knife. Then Miracle started to cry but old Mc. Donald just ignored his cries and tears then suddenly killed the poor Miracle.

After Mc. Donald killed the pig granny Louise took the pig and took a sharp knife and cut off the pig’s skin. Then she started to cook him. It was 11:00pm the time to celebrate Christmas then the whole family setted up the table with food and placed the pig in the middle of the table, after they setted up the table they began to pray. And suddenly something weird happened.....the pig started to live, God gave Miracle wings and a hallo and he started to fly then the whole family starred at the pig with a choked look, then little bratty sis said “Pigs can fly?”...then she opened her mouth with a choked stare.

Then the pig said “You people feed me to become fat so you could have eaten me for your Christmas meal and now that I’m alive you will not eat me”. So then a strange light from nowhere shun on Miracle, it was the angel pigs that God sent to bring Miracle to heaven. Then he flew straight into the sky and broke the ceiling and the roof of the house and went to heaven.

Then the family began to cry because there wasn’t going to be any pig for Christmas this year, then God said to Miracle “Miracle welcome to my kingdom, a place where you won’t be eaten and eat as much without being fatter”. Miracle smiled and said “Geez thanks God” And entered his kingdom.

The End.

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