The Blades Chronicles- Moon: Chapter 2: The Moon Blade

April 29, 2010
Chapter 2
The Moon Blade

I sat on the end of my bed looking at the golden case that I had got from my Dad the night before from Max’s birthday. I had not opened it because I wanted to wait so I would not be a distraction to my brother birthday party with my egger ness to be done and go look at it more. So I had waited till morning to open it. I did not want my mom knowing that I have any type of weapon because she would most likely just take it away from me. I stud up and walk over to the case and I slid my hand across the incurving of the moon on the top. I clipped up the switch on the side and the case swung open. In side lay a long blade that was slightly glowing. That was probably the reason it was called to Moon Blade, glow with the power of the moon which was obviously not that powerful during the day. I was startled by the amazing site of the Moon blade.

It took a while for me to finally get up the courage to pick up the blade, but than when I reach out to touch it there was a burning sensation in me arm. When the burning finally stopped I look up and shall that the blade was gone! I looked down at where my arm had bin burning and shall a mark in the shape of a moon branded on my lower arm. I walked out into the living room looking around of the blade, my mom was sitting on the sofa watching TV and reading a cooking magazine. Max was sitting on the floor playing with one of the new toys that he got for his birthday. I look around some more until I finally gave up and went back to my room and went over to the case and found a page that looked it had din ripped out of a book on the bake of the page was a letter that read ;

Dear Marcus,

If you have gotten this package pleas use it wisely, this page was ripped out of a book called The Book of Moons. With out this page the book will be written in a langue called god scripted, but if you touch the blade to the book with the page in it you will be able to read god scripted. Now, go to the old library in Wingall, talk to the librarian Mrs. Coles and she will tell up where you can find it.


P.S. I did get all the letters that you sent me, so I gust had time for this one.

I held the letter in surprise, he had really gotten all my letters and he had really read them. But that was not really that important now I had to get to the library to fide out more about this Moon Blade.

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ElementBlade said...
May 19, 2010 at 9:04 am
Ya ya you get the point!
kitchenwiz said...
May 18, 2010 at 7:05 pm
johnson really you should know to check your spelling:)
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