A winged Victory

May 7, 2010
As the giant spanish gallion rose over the horizon. The native americans from the shore line looked in awe apon the large vessal. The ship was traveling to a new world. A place said to be full of all the riches one wold ever want. Sense the indians had never seen anything like the ship that seemed so close. They believed it was a sign from the gods. A sign of good fortune.

AS the men steped off the boat. they were instantly treated like kings. They were given baskets of fine jewels and spices. They never felt so important in there lives. As they celabrated there easy conquer over the savages. the captain left to the safty of his cabin to think things over. As he fell a sleep all he could hear is the sound of the wind wispering threw the cracks of the boat.

As the captain arose from his sleep. he heard a paricular sound. It was the sound of nothing. He didn't hear the cheif making food, no one sweeping the deck, not even the sound of other shipmates snoring. he walked out on deck to see everyone gone. there mas a trace of noone in sight. As with no crew the captain could couldn't return home to his wife and children. the man wept in sorrow. For 3 months he lived off what was left in the storage area of the ship. the captain suffered horable deprsession. He was on the verge of suicide. The man was going crazy.

He continued on with his horide life. Then on one night, As the man stared into the empty barrel of rum, he heared a strange sound. It wasn't a sound of anything in nature. It was the sound of a ships bell. The captain ran to the uper deck. On the horizon he saw a ship. Never had the man ever felt so happy in his life. As the ship came closer he jumped up and down in desperation. He got the ships atention. THe man fell down to his feet in tears. He could finaly leave his nightmare. He could finaly see what he missed the most. His wife and children. It seemed like everything would be back to normal.

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