The Lollipop

May 6, 2010
By Slickminidarunner BRONZE, Mc Falls, Maine
Slickminidarunner BRONZE, Mc Falls, Maine
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It was the most amazing lollipop in world and I couldn't get. It was at the candy shop and it was as big as my head, maybe even bigger. It just sat there in the window being admired by all of the kids. But the only way to get it was to bring the candy man a gold nickel with a picture of a man eating a lollipop on it. Nobody knew what that was because we had never heard of such a thing before. A golden nickel? Plus one with a man licking a lollipop on it. I mean where could it be? The sign had said that only the most unfortunate person would find the nickel because of where they would have to be and what they would have to do to get it.

I wanted the lollipop really bad so everywhere I went I looked for anything that was shiny and golden. One day I got especially lucky when I was walking through the junkyard and I found a picture of the nickel with a sort of riddle on it. It said that I would find the nickel in a time of great need, whatever that meant.

When I got home I found out that my mom got laid off and my dad's job got moved. He couldn't go to work for like two weeks. And we had to live off of 250 dollars for a couple of weeks. Then I realized what the riddle had meant I would find the nickel now cause I was in a time of great need. So I sat down and then I knew where the nickel was. Or at least I knew what it would look like when I found it.

There was a picture in my head of a small stack of coins with a golden nickel on top. They were in a stone box that was covered in jewels, it looked like it was in a pile of purple clothes or something. There were all kinds of odd coins in the stack and all sorts of colors. It was so amazing I couldn't wait to find them. So I went out to find the wonderful stack of coins.

It was a nice and sunny day the birds where singing their songs and the animals were out in the trees and the woods. I took a walk through the park and I came upon an old well with ivy and other vines all over it. I cleared away a few of them and came upon some writing that was on the side. It was chipped in some places so it was hard to read. It was another riddle.

It said, “Go past and seal your doom, go back, don't find the treasure and live a short life in pain, or go down risk your fate and try to seek your treasure.” That was very scary. It was a very hard decision. I wasn't going past for fear of being killed. I didn't want to go down because I was scared of what was down there, and I didn't want to live a short life in pain by going back. So it was between going down and going back.

The ladder in the well was very gross and slimy. I wasn't so fond of the darkness either, but it was bearable if I was going to find that wonderful treasure. When I reached the bottom I lit a match that I had in my pocket and realized too late that it was a bad idea for I found hundreds of eyes on me. Hundreds of bats flew towards me out of the well. I ducked and dodged them so they didn't do anything to me. I wasn't scared of them hurting me I was just scared of them getting stuck in my hair or poking out one of my eyes. Luckily they didn't put out the match so I found a torch on the wall and lit it.

The tunnel was barely tall enough for me to stand up in so I had to crouch a little bit. It wasn't very long luckily and I came into a big cavernous hall. At the end there sat the stone box on a stand with purple cloth on it. It was there. So I ran to the box and looked at it. It was even more amazing in person. I opened the box and there was the golden nickel and all of the other colorful coins.

I could get the lollipop and I had found a bunch of money for my family. I was so exited that I didn't realize what I was doing and I ran the wrong way.

There had been a fork in the path that I hadn't seen going in and I took the wrong tunnel out. I ran as fast as I could down the tunnel and came to the end. There was no ladder. I had gone the wrong way. I turned around and went back that way but I came to another fork in the tunnel that I hadn't seen before. So I didn't know which way I had come from so I decided to go left. When I reached the end of the tunnel I wasn't in the hall I had come to another dead end. I was so scared and frustrated that I started to cry and scream. I turned around to go the other way and there was another fork in the road. I was getting really scared now. I didn't know which way to go, I was tired, scared, and hungry. I went right and ran as fast as I could and I came to another dead end.

I sat down and cried because I was lost and I wasn't getting out. I could only pray to God to help me survive so that I could get out of the tunnels alive.

The author's comments:
I got this when I asked a friend What to write about and they told me to write about a lollipop.

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