The Journey

May 5, 2010
“Have you ever taken a journey, I know I have. I’ve been to a place you may not have heard of but it’s real, and believe me, you should check it out. This place I went to, it’s a undiscovered tropical island named Zuba. The population there, they are Zubonian. Zubonians are about five and a half feet tall. They are purple people like creatures. If you meet a Zubonian I suggest you say hello, they are very nice people. I have to say Zuba is a beautiful place. Waterfalls, a snow capped mountain in the center of the island, auroras in the morning, a reef larger than the Great Barrier Reef surrounding it, a rainforest. It is just a wonderful place. It is just so beautiful!” Said the Travel Agent as I talked to him about my vacation. Sure I believed that there were some islands that were not found yet but one like this, no way! I had to see it for myself. I booked the trip for a whopping 10 thousand dollars. I packed my belongings when I got home. I was still I little nervous about going to an unknown island with five foot tall creatures, at least I’m not buying a ticket to an Antarctica like deathtrap.

I arrived early in the morning (Zuba time at least). I got my stuff unpacked in my hut, if you want to call it that. It was more like a bunch of leaves around wood. I decided to walk around and explore. I walked around the island to the beaches I could see the coral reef from the shore. I could also could see all the other features of the island, but something was weird. Their were no auroras, no snow on the mountain, a dull coral reef and brown waterfalls. I started to walk toward the mountain. I saw a zubonian walking by coughing like crazy. I kept walking and I saw something weird. There was a factory of some sort. I wanted to go in, I walked up to the front door, There was an armed guard. I wondered why there would be a guard in a unknown island. He told me to turn around and go back to the shore where my hut was. I asked if I could go to the mountain he said no there is government zone up there no one is allowed without the proper credentials. I turned and walked back to my hut wondering why they would my agent would say its undiscovered and the government wouldn’t say they found it. I decided I would go sneak in at night.

I got to where there was a temporary fence set-up. I decided to cut through it rather than jump it. I then saw some guards I got down and began crawling. Then I saw it a building right on the side of the mountain. It had writing on the side “AREA 00” I figured that is where I needed to go. I got in through the roof, the building was silent. I found a desk with papers on it. The first paper I saw, “Operation Clear out”. I read on, it said that they were going to tear down the mountain for US interests. I then saw another paper that was half-way inside an envelope. It was a brochure for a resort. I put together the clues, they would tear down everything on the island and build a mega resort. I had to tell the Zubonians. There could be major effects of this.

The next day I went to a village and found the leader. I told him of this. He said that if the mountain went all of there island would be gone. The mountain was a magical source of life on the island. I had to do something. I would have all the villagers on the island form a resistance and take down the base.

As our army got stronger the mountain got weaker, all the island got weaker. We then made our move. I lead the army into the base. We were might by a very small resistance and took the base with little loss we then had the island to ourselves and I got elected king. The island came back to normal and I invited the world to come and see it.

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