May 5, 2010
By jspice BRONZE, Carefree, Arizona
jspice BRONZE, Carefree, Arizona
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“How did I ever get into this mess?” thought Smith as the lights flickered and went out. In one year I went from one of the Russian Mafia’s favorite operatives to their most hated enemy. Lets take a trip to the beginning where it all started. The first time I was involved in the Mafia was when I was 16. We had a pretty good life but I wanted to get a new car. But my brother Vladimir was there for me he talked to some of his friends and got me a hit. There was this Journalist who was asking a lot of questions we don’t like questions. I got a text from my brother one day at school: Slavic’s bar 5 pm wearing a red shirt and blue coat-V. So that was it all the information I needed to know about the guy not that he had a family and was just trying to make a living. I had already picked up my Glock model 26-subcompact pistol it was equipped with a silencer and something to catch the spent shells to leave no evidence.

As soon as I got home from school I went to my room to check it all over. I looked at his pictures and prepared my weapon. Then I thought “Is it worth it?” I looked at the picture of the BMW 128i coupe and I got up and walked out the door. I decided to walk to the bar to go over the plan in my head I needed to get him into the alley and shoot him without being noticed. As I entered the bar the smell of beer and pub food filled the air. I pulled up a seat at the bar and ordered a Vorsin beer and waited until five. At around five o one he walked in and sat about two chairs down form me he got his drink and sipped on it a while vvvvv goes my phone: do it now-v. He got up to go to the restroom this is my time to strike as he walks into the restroom I follow him empty beer in hand. I check the stalls no one in here but him and me. WhaBam I bring the beer bottle down on his head with bone crushing force. I drag the semiconscious man out the back door to the alley. He tries to throw a punch, which I block aside and deck him in the nose. The force sends him flying into a group of garbage bags. Before he can do anything I whip out my glock and hit him with two shots killing him.

And there I was with my new car as happy as could be. I did petty crimes for my brother every once and a while shoplifting, burglaries and even an occasional mugging but that first murder still lingered in the back of my mind. All was going well I had good grades a lot of friends but one day I got caught shoplifting. I had just grabbed a 40oz and was heading out of the store when the manager yelled, “Stop” “Oh no I thought I’m busted” I thought. So I did the only thing I could do I ran I tore down the alley way leaping trash cans and laundry lines but the shop keeper was right behind me. Things took a turn for the worst when I came to a dead end. The shopkeeper squared off with me. “Here you go you can have it” I threw the bottle to him but he let it hit the ground. “I don’t want it anymore I want you to pay” the shopkeeper pulls something out with a silvery flash a stiletto. He made a lunch for me I quickly jumped to the side but he was expecting that he slammed me against the wall. I tried with all my might to keep the blade from pressing into me. When I hear a skull thudding crack my brother who was waiting for me in the car brought down a metal rod on the shopkeeper’s head knocking him out. “You idiot how do you get seen doing that” shouts my brother.
“I thought he wouldn’t notice” I retorted
“Well obviously he did stupid now don’t let that crap happen again got it?”
“Yes it wont happen again.”

. As soon as I got home I saw my mother she was so mad she had heard about me shoplifting and went off. We spent a bunch of time screaming at each other. This was when I came to my decision to move out I had enough money from my crimes to get an apartment next morning I left but I put this letter on her bedside table telling her my reasoning for going away and it wasn’t her fault.

I had a small apartment nothing special a bed a kitchen and a restroom. But it was mine I could operate the way I wanted to. First I had some guys I recruited start-running errands for me making them and me money. We were doing a whole bunch of things but it wasn’t until later when it actually took off. I was really surprised how the Mafia did things they would just send you an email of what you wanted done they didn’t worry about anything happening. You could get a decent amount of money for everything. My crew consisted of three guys Tamlo was are dealer he sold drugs and black market goods to get money. Shmirno was are hit man he preformed all the hits and murders like my hit. And then their was Krimsaw he was an orphan when he was younger so he had to steal to survive he is a natural he is our robber. Me I just sat back and watched the cash pile up and kept my hands clean by doing nothing.

It wasn’t long until we had our own house we were on top and I felt so good. We were practically as rich as the founders of the Mafia. We had Bentleys, Mercedes and Lamborghinis everything you could imagine. We kept getting orders left and right and we just kept making money it was all-good until one day this rolled into my inbox.


Good work on your last assignment I don’t think we will be hearing from him anytime soon. Our next mission has to do with one of our own. He was a part of the Mafia just like us but he fell on hard times and sold info to the KGB to get money. To of our most prized field agents (other than you of course) died because of this. We want him to pay so you do what you need to just bring him to us alive.
He lives in the same town you grew up in maybe you know him his name is Vladimir.

“No no no this cant be happening this is my brother what should I do?” I thought. I paced around thinking I could delete the email and act like I never got it. No Krimsaw already saw it its to late what should I do. I now ill go tell him to run go hide. I sprinted out to my car I hoped in the Bentley and flew down the road. I was on my way to meet him when I got a phone call.
“Way to be not procrastinate going to get him already” said Shmirno
“Ya that’s what I’m doing” I replied shakily.
“Well call if you need back up”
“Ya I’ll do that”

I hung up and drove in silence the rest of the way there. When I pulled up I saw him standing out front waiting. “Here to take me away” he shot
“No I’m here to tell you to run away”
“It’s to late now and besides they’ll know that u let me go.”
“Nope” and I shot his car four times breaking his back window and making holes in his car.
“Whattt whyy”
“It looks like I tried now go leave”
“Tha thank you he replied “

Without another word I hoped in the car and drove off. I was thinking about how he was going to escape when my phone rang.
“Hello” I said
“We know what you did and your going to die”
To be continued…

The author's comments:
I really liked this writing piece.

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