The Orca and the Sight-Seer

April 27, 2010
By sportsaddict24 BRONZE, Glen Ellyn, Illinois
sportsaddict24 BRONZE, Glen Ellyn, Illinois
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On a beautiful summer day, a very fat middle-aged man was eating a Big Mac on a boat in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Being the sight-seer that he was, he was out on the water to see and blog about the Orca whales that he saw. Because the man was so fat, he was not content with only the one Big Mac, so he tried to stuff himself with a second one. Halfway through his second Big Mac, he started feeling very full and decided to stop eating. The man was very selfish and cared about nobody but himself. With nowhere to throw his food away, he decided that it wouldn’t hurt anyone to toss it into the Ocean. Just then, a huge Orca Whale hurtled through the water and came back down at the water with a resounding “THWAK.” It then began swimming around the boat and noticed the soggy Big Mac. Not knowing any better, it gobbled the sandwich in one enormous bite. Several minutes later, after the food had digested inside the whale, it started thrashing and whirling about. Within seconds, it lay still, no longer moving and started to sink. The fat man, having heard the commotion, waddled over to the side of the boat to see what was happening. As the realization that he had killed the whale dawned on him, he felt no remorse for he knew there were more whales to see.


One year later, the same sight-seer returned to the same spot because of his success in spotting whales in the previous year. Having no conscience whatsoever, the sight-seer didn’t remember what had taken place on last year’s voyage. When an Orca whale sprang out of the water, the sight-seer immediately snapped pictures of the stunning mammal. Little did he know, the whale had been a friend of the one that the sight-seer had killed. Anger raged inside the whale as he recognized the sight-seer. Contempt was the only feeling the whale had for the sight-seer.

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