Poisonous Produce

April 26, 2010
By Anonymous

Introduction- Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to our feature presentation of Poisonous Produce! Now, let’s meet our villain of tonight’s show. Hess mean, has menacing, has malign, the evil Menacing Melvin! (Enter Brian)
And I think the time has come to meet our hero of the day. Let’s give a big round of applause for Wonderful Wyatt! (Enter Wyatt)
And finally, a beautiful young lady as our heroin this evening, the lovely…..Penelope Penny! (Enter Megan)
Scene 1- Home
Megan- I am so hungry right now! (Brian looks over with a surprised, conniving face)
Wyatt- Do you want to go out tonight?
Megan- Yeah sure. Where do you want to go?
Wyatt- I don’t care. Just as long as I am with you!
Brian- Penelope, do you want an apple? (Pulls out a gorgeous green apple)
Megan- Oh sure! Thanks! (Brian looks over at Wyatt with an up to no good face and smirks)
Wyatt- (takes away apple) NO! Don’t eat that Penelope!
Megan- Why ever not? (Brian pretends to cut throat, forcing Wyatt to not tell)
Wyatt- ……uh……because…..were going out to eat soon!
Brian- Just eat it!
Megan- Well….I guess I don’t want lose my appetite.
Brian- Dang it! (Wyatt smiles) (Wyatt takes Megan’s hand and they walk to SR) (Brian looks disappointed sitting CS)
Scene 2- Restaurant
Brian- What would you like for dinner?
Wyatt- I would like the stake!
Megan- I’ll have a salad please!
Brian- Would you…….like a side of apple?
Megan- Oh yes! That would be lovely, sir! Thanks so much!
Brian- It’s no problem. (Brian exits SL, and returns with plates and an apple)
Wyatt and Megan- Thank you! (Wyatt flips over the table right after Megan grabs the apple)
Megan- What’s wrong? (Brian looks at Wyatt with a deadly face)
Wyatt- Oh…well the meat is overcooked.
Megan- Oh, well gosh, you scared me!
Brian- So, are you going to eat that apple?
Wyatt- Penelope, let’s go. I have lost my appetite.
Megan- well, okay. I guess.
Wyatt- I will take you to get ice cream.
Megan- Hold on a minute. You can go out to the car; I have to use the ladies’ room. (Wyatt exits SR) (Megan walks off SL, followed by Brian)
Brian- HA! I’ve got you now!
(Brian and Megan walk back on SL; her hands are tied behind her back)
Wyatt- Please, give her back to me! (Begging)
Brian- I want her more than you, and she wants me (shakes her head no). Now Penelope, eat this apple…..you know, because you’re soooo hungry!
Megan- Well this doesn’t seem like the best time to eat…..
Brian- EAT IT NOW!
Megan- (whimpers) Okay fine……
Wyatt- NOOOOOO! Don’t eat it Penelope! (Wyatt unties her arms and ties up Brian’s in a flash)
Brian- No, please, give her back to me! (Pleading)
Wyatt- She doesn’t want you; you kidnapped her and tied her up.
Brian- So?
Megan- Well, you are nice, but you don’t treat me as well as Wyatt does.
Brian- Well I promise I will leave you alone if you just eat this delicious apple!
Megan- Well okay. If you insist.
Wyatt- NOOOO! How many times do I have to tell you? Don’t eat his apples!
Brian- Why won’t you just let her eat it?
Wyatt- Because I know that you poisoned it so she would eat it and then get hypnotized and choose you over me!
Megan- Wh…wh….what?!
Brian- Okay fine. It’s true. I did it.
Megan- Why?
Brian- I don’t know. I’m sorry.
Wyatt- You’re welcome for saving your life!
Megan- Thank you! (Jumps into Wyatt’s arms, then carried off SR)
Brian- Gosh darn it! ?

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