April 1, 2010
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He gets his coffee and donut to start the day. Chocolate long john of course. He gets to his shiny car. It’s foggy and he’s ready for the challenge. He drives to his favorite spot. Hidden by trees. He waits. Waits. Drinks his coffee. He guns a cars speed. 55. Speed limit. Gets away.

Thirty minutes pass. Nothing. Blue 2004 Nissan flies by. 73. Got him. Set down the coffee making sure that it doesn’t spill. Flip on the lights. Flip on the siren. He took off after him. The car tries to turn down a road to lose him, but he saw. He can’t be fooled. The car gives up and pulls over. He runs the plates. The car has many tickets. 7 speeding and a few parking. He gets out to ask him questions. The guy looks pissed. The guy then starts to pull something out of his pocket. The copper pulls out something too.

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