The Gods

April 8, 2010
By sayre BRONZE, Virginia Beach, Virginia
sayre BRONZE, Virginia Beach, Virginia
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Zeus and Hera’s Happily Ever After

Narrator : “In a land called Mount Olympus there was a mighty king named Zeus, and a fair maiden named Hera, who was quite beautiful“.

Zeus : “Hello Hera, your looking magnificent today. Being queen of the heavens over earth must be a difficult task for you.”

Hera : “Why thank you for the compliment Zeus. Well, so far the heavens have been running smoothly. Have you had any problems ruling Mount Olympus?”

Zeus : “I have ran into many complications, but always manage to work it out. One problem I have not been able to concur is being the most lonesome man in the kingdom. I wish I had someone to keep me company”.

Narrator : “Cupid, a mischievous naughty boy, who is the god of love overheard the conversation between Zeus and Hera. Cupids wings gleamed with brilliance as he thought what chemistry Zeus and Hera would have together. Cupid summed up a plan, and arranged to meet Zeus the next day”.

Cupid : “Hello Zeus, do you love Hera with all your heart and soul?”

Zeus : “Now that I think about it, I must answer yes. Hera is the most beautiful goddess I ever laid eyes on”.

Cupid : “I shall thank you for your time Zeus, I am sure Hera will feel the same about you”.

Narrator : “It was early morning and Cupid was up to no good with his weapons that inflicted both pain and love. Cupid, ready to work his magic, arrived at Hera’s temple. Hera eating ambrosia didn’t notice her visitor. Cupid picked up his bow and love arrow and shot Hera. While this assault occurred, Mount Olympus was smoking like it was about to blow, and no one was aware of the explosion coming slowly towards them”.

Hera : “Ooww”

Cupid : “(Silently snickering) Hahahaha”.

Narrator : “Cupid silently flew out of the temple with the biggest smirk on his face. Hera wailed in pain from cupid‘s arrow, but her heart ached for Zeus. Then Mount Olympus erupted, and lava spewed out, and slowly crept down the steep slope. Then the most incredible thing happened. Rain fell from the heavens down to the earth”.

Zeus : “Hera come with me, I will save you”.

Narrator : “Hera still crying, but now with a gleaming smile and pounding heart went with Zeus. Zeus led Hera to a safe place in the sky. After all Zeus also ruled the sky, and new the safest places in the fluffy clouds to take cover”.

Hera : “(stops crying) Thank you Zeus for saving my life”.

Zeus : “Do not worry about thanking me it was only a simple good deed”.

Narrator : “Although Olympus was destroyed, Zeus and Hera’s relationship was built. That day a miraculous thing happened, Zeus and Hera married. For the first time, and for many years to come, rain, also known as Hera‘s tears, would fall from the heavens to the ground”.

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