Convinced chp. 3

April 7, 2010
By arixa8 SILVER, Sun City, California
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Convinced Chp. 3
“Nora. Nora.” Kene shook Nora in hopes of having her awake. She was obviously a deep sleeper. Kene had reached their destination. Kene shook Nora a second time but even harder.
“What! What! Why are you bothering me?” asked Nora.
“We’re here.” Kene pointed out Nora’s window to show where they were. Nora straightened up from here seat and looked out the window only to see dirt and grass.
“Where are we? On a mountain, are we on a mountain?”
Nora opened her passenger door out onto the ground. It was dark and the only light source came from the buildings below them. The Lexus was under the leaves and branches of a huge oak tree. Nora walked a little farther down the mountain and saw a dirt trail that Kene must have followed to get up there. She then went back in the car to check the time.
“It’s 9:45? Time has gone by.”
“That’s because you were asleep.”
“I know. So, where is the person we are looking for?”
Kene opened the driver’s door and stood in front of the car while Nora followed. He took out binoculars and handed them to Nora.
“We will need to go in that building.” Kene pointed to the direction Nora needed to point her binoculars towards.
“That building? Why would a criminal be in such a luxurious building like that?”
Kene snatched the binoculars away from Nora. “Probably because she is a wealthy criminal, anyways let go.”
Kene walked back into the vehicle with Nora right behind him. They both put on their seatbelts. He reversed the car and went back down the dirt road he had followed to get up the mountain.
“Why did you park the car up here if you going to have to go back down anyways?” asked Nora with a confused expression.
“I don’t know, maybe because the view is pretty.”
“Oh. So this criminal is a she?”
“What’s her name?”
“I don’t know.”
“You don’t know? Why don’t we know the name of our target? That’s make it pretty difficult for us to get her attention. What are we supposed to say, ‘Hey you with the face, come here’.”
“Trust me, it’ll work out. We just need to be incognito about the whole thing. Try not to make a huge scene Nora and this will work out just fine.”
Kene was still going down the mountain.
“How far is this city, Kene?”
“We’ll be there in about twenty minutes. Until then, we need that time to discuss what we are going to do.”

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continuation of Convinced

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