ranger part 4

April 6, 2010
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R.A.N.G.E.R. part four"

Read parts one, two, and three first!!!

Only then did the full meaning of the Rangers sink into Ray. "Y-you
mean I'm going t-to b-be an assassin?" asked Ray, his voice quavering
a lot "Yes Ray," said Anthony and Keith at the same time. "Yes you
are." A-and I'm g-going to h-have to kill people?" "Yes Ray," The two
men said again "yes you are."

Ray spewed his breakfast and lunch all over the floor and then fainted
dead away into the gross pieces of half digested food. " And that,
sir," Keith said, as if answering a question, "is why I let you tell

When Ray awoke, he kept his eyes closed, saying to himself, "it was
only a nightmare. Nothing to be afraid of. It was only a nightmare.
Nothing to be afraid of..."

when Ray had finally convinced himself that it was only a nightmare, he
opened his eyes. He wasn't in his bed. He wasn't in his room. He
wasn't in his house. And then, he knew more than ever, that it wasn't
just a nightmare.

"How the hell did I get myself into this!?" Ray thought unhappily to
himself as Keith walked in. He was no longer wearing the odd coat.
"Ah," Keith said "I see that your up and" "Who are you." Ray
interrupted. "I'm Keith, remember?" said Keith, a worried frown on his

"No, I mean who are you really." Ray responded coldly. " A murderer? A
cold blooded killer?" Keith staggered back a little. "Yes, but," Ray
cut him of him off before he could finish. "So you admit it!" "Yes,
but," suddenly, to Keith, Ray seemed ten times taller and much more

But he fought back. "You think that I like being a murderer!" Keith
stated rather than asked. Then, everything seemed to turn around.
Suddenly to Ray, Keith seemed twenty times taller. "You think, that
anyone here likes to be a murderer!" Keith stated another question.
"But... then why do you do it?" Ray asked in quiet fear.

Keith, seeing the fear evident on Rays face, settled down a bit.
"Cause we need to." he said calmly. " Why do you think we need
soldiers?” He asked gently. "For an army to protect the country." Said
Ray carefully, not wanting to cause another outburst from Keith.

"That’s much the same reason that there are Rangers, boy." Keith said.
"We need Rangers for the inside of the country. Were always there to
stop the terrorist attacks. Sometimes, when there's a civil war, we go
by as snipers." Keith finished, as he ended his explanation.

"Do I..." "Yes you do have to be a Ranger." Keith answered before Ray
could finish. "How did you know" "what I was going to say." Keith
finished for Ray. "Simple. We've been watching you, as you know. Now
we know all of your behaviors." Keith said to Ray. "So you can't read
my mind." said Ray, letting out a sigh of relief.

Then a sudden, horrible thought struck Ray. "What about my parents!"
Ray cried out. "They don't matter any more, boy." Keith said, talking
in a gentle, soothing voice. "They're alive and well. They probably
hope your dead, though"

"But... Why?" asked Ray quietly, tears forming in his eyes. "The cops
most likely told them that you’re a murder. It's cause they knew we had
our eyes on you, knew we were gonna pick you." said Keith

"The cops think of us as rivals, even though we outmatch them ten to
one. They try to bring in the terrorists before us, but most of the
time they just get in the way"

"screw the cops! My parents want me dead!" Ray yelled. And then he
started crying into his hands, saying, "They were the only ones who
ever cared for me. Now I'm alone in this cold, cruel world.

"No you aren't, boy,” said Keith warmly. "Or would to rather be called
Ray? But that doesn’t matter right now. From now on, I'm gonna be your
mentor. And along with that, your friend."

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