Shadow's in the Light

April 10, 2010
By Marissa King BRONZE, Ocala, Florida
Marissa King BRONZE, Ocala, Florida
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It's been a long time since I've ran like this. My legs were pumping with such ferocity, that I was bounding through the woods. Caine was ahead of me, guiding me through the darkened woods. His accuracy was impenetrable. By the time dawn became, we were entering my mothers village.

I looked behind me and saw three dark figures become more than shadows. They became bodies, that became faces. I knew these faces of course, they were my friends. But with the mixed emotions on everyone's face, you couldn't really tell we were people. We were being drained, of our energy.

Archer's wounds needed to be healed - and quickly. But Krymson's bone-mending abilities, have faltered to a zero, while her wild-mage, went past a hundred. She had to calm down, focus, but she had to know that we were safe. And well, we weren't, really in the safest place. We still had a few ways to go before we reached the Collateral. That's where my mother would be. She always went to the Collateral to pray before anyone else could. To praise her goddess, Marissa. Goddess of the Sea.

I felt something at my hand, I looked down; it was Krymson.

"Your a genius." She gave me a weak smile, and walked back to Archer. Who now, back in his human form was being carried by Zephry.

I looked at my mate Zephry, he looked unbelievably huge carrying the frail body of Archer. His broad shoulders made his strength known. His lion's mane of hair had fallen out of it's usual leather strap, framing his face. It made him seem intriguing, yet intimidating. But I know every part of him, right down to his soul. I knew he had soft spots.

His blue eyes showed many emotions; Fear. Anger. Relief, and tiredness. I turned around, I didn't like seeing him like this. "It's just up here." We were passing through the units, and headed straight inside. As always, my mother was waiting. She had a stern, protective feature on her weary face. She looked at Archer with distaste. How does she know; know what he is. It always seemed to stun me.

"Come in. Quickly." Her voice was stern, but splinted with worry, something a tribe queen should never show.

Inside the collateral was beautiful. I couldn't deny that. The limestone walls were covered in coral. The benches were full of soft sea sponges.

She went behind the statue of Marissa- our sea goddess, and pulled out a small cot. "Lay him here." her hand flowed through the air, gracefully. Zephry laid his friend upon the cot as softly as he could. But every part of Archer's body that was touched sent him rigid. The lake tribe had whipped him with ice blades. His wounds were still bleeding. I didn't realize his cuts were that deep, No wonder Krymson was so worried.

"Krymson, you need to calm down. Now! It's the only way to save this male." My mother spoke with fierceness. I looked at Krymson , and her eyes widened. Then closed . It took her a few moments but her hair started lifting off her shoulders, and a soft glow came to her pale skin. As she set her hands on Archers shoulder a blast of light flowed over and through his body. You could see the individual cuts healing themselves. But then the pain came,
Archer's ribs were healing. Meaning they are being forced back together. The gurgling sound of pure agony made his face crumble. Krymson some how knew it. Her light began to dim, and I could tell she was about to open her eyes .

"Keep them closed." Me and my mother spoke at the same time .

"He is not yet fully healed." My mother spoke with urgency.

Within minutes Archer was finally healed. Krymson's arms flung themselves around his neck. I knew he was still sore, but having her in his arms made him feel better.

I looked away, there embrace made me sad. Even though my mate was only a few feet away. Archer come to close to dying. I tried thinking about my Zephry dying, but I couldn't force myself to do it. I looked at my mother, and noticed her rigidness. But before I could ask,
Krymson answered it for me.

"They're coming after us, aren't they?" Her voice sounded grave and full of love. She had her mate back, and at the moment, that's all that mattered.

"I believe so. I will wake my people, and warn them of attack. Sleep, and then prepare yourselves for battle. I have a feeling this will be a morning, full of bloodshed.

"My village will not surrender under the blades of these people. Will you fight?" My mother did not ask me, she expected me to fight, for this was my home, where I grew. This is where I learned, everything.

"I'm not going anywhere." I looked into the eyes of my mate, and they were intensifying. His voice never faltered to make my heart flutter. But this wasn't the time to get emotional. She looked at Krymson who stood up and nodded.

"I will fight, but I will be stationed here with my mate. I will also protect the statue of Marissa." Her voice was firm, yet subtle. I knew she wouldn't leave Archer's spot, even if my mother told her to do something. That's how strong mates bonds are.

"Where are the staff and swords, mother?" The only reply I got was, "Where they always are." Her and her usual annoying bird walked out. Freidrick was quiet this morning, something, very unusual.

Before I could do anything, I was wrapped in a hug. A hug that took away my breath, as well as my heart. My feet were off the ground, and I knew I was being hugged by my mate. I took in his scent. Something that is very indescribable. I looked around, and saw, Thermal and Caine, laying next to each other.

"You fought well Zehp." I spoke softly, and I got, "As you did." as a reply. He kissed my cheeks, and my forehead with soft kisses.

"We'll win this fight today." Archer spoke with his usual cocky confidence. He can be such a badass sometimes.

"But.." Krymson started to contradict something, but Archer, took her face in her hands, and put his mouth upon hers. She quickly broke the kiss. Her face flushed a scarlet red. I smiled for my friend, and I smiled for myself. And at this moment, life was good.

"Sleep my love. We have a long day ahead of us. I'll wake you when the first straw of warriors appear." I nodded, I knew I needed the sleep. At once, my mind defused the thought of sleep, but my body weariness over powered that thought.

I looked at my familiar in the corner. His black fur, was shining, in the light. My black panther, was gorgeous. I could feel it, he was tired as well. I went and lay-ed my head upon him. Soon, I found myself in a deep slumber.

It felt like minutes before I was waken. Zephry himself didn't wake me, but Archers blood curling battle cry. With a long swirl, and a flick of his wrist, and the sword was dripping blood. He killed two others before I realized what was happening. I looked around for Zephry, and he was fighting his own battle. I could tell he was protecting me, for he was only a few feet away. I grabbed the closet weapon to me. I could feel the anger bubbling inside me. My own energy drink, my own fueler. The anger flows through my body, and I felt myself wash away the sleep within me.

Two men were able to slip through Thermal's attack, and started toward me. Caine, struck one across the throat, ripping out the man's jugular.

I saw the man open his canteen of water, and turn them into ice blades.

"Wanna get wet pretty?" The repulsive man spoke to me, with a disgusting tone.

I swirled the staff in my hand, pointing the blade end and the poor b****** that was about to die.

"Sorry about your luck." And with that I fell into battle.

The man who spoke was the first to die. He didn't have enough time to send his ice blades at me. I sliced his throat.

"Your blood will continue to spew, until there's none left. You shouldn't have come here. We are more powerful, and you fell under the wrath of me." I tone was full of disgust. I kicked the mans face, one last time. Two more men, were falling upon me. They were circling Caine and I, But they were no match. We worked in unison, and fought with perfect accuracy.

When my men were finished, I looked up, and saw Krymson. Her expression was distracted. I looked at Archer, but he was fighting fine.

Then I noticed what she was doing, she turned around and grabbed the roots of the plants. She was angry, and now she had the perfect weapon.

Her already green eyes, blared with green fire. They became florescent. And the hair around her shoulders began to fly. The roots became alive under her control. And she intended on using them.

The vines slithered across the floor and upon the man's legs. The roots were traveling fast, and I knew the men didn't have long to live. I saw Krymson whisper something in the old language. She gave them a task to do, and within seconds of her walking away, they finished it.

She started walking towards me, and I saw how her mahogany hair grew wavy towards the bottom, and glimmered red in the sun. And her forest green eyes, were no longer florescent. Her body was firmly toned, but her frame was hunched over. Giving an impression of defeat.

"Raise your head young one, we've won this battle." My mother actually spoke with kindness.

Freidrick was the one who spoke first, breaking the soothing silence. "I'm surprised, you are still alive." His eyes were wide with all the bodies in the room. All of the outsiders were dead. His sarcasm shivered down my spine, but I recoiled. I wouldn't let him affect me. I looked around the room, and let that, affect me. Blood was splattered across the walls. Limbs strewn across benches.

My mate walked up, and wrapped his arms around my waist. A protective gesture that I was thankful for. I sank into his presence I felt my body go limp, and I struggled to sustain my own weight. But by that time, I was being carried outside among more of the dead. I have seen enough destruction for one day, and I didn't need anymore.

I put my face in my mates chest. Feeling the pressure of Zephry's lips on my forehead gave me goosebumps. And for the second time today, I struggled to keep my eyes open.

The author's comments:
This is Chapter one of my story. This is original, and made competly of my own minddddd. (:

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