Zombie Apocalypse

March 29, 2010
By RAINBOWxDINOSWAR BRONZE, Cedarburg, Wisconsin
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My name is Mike. When I woke up this morning I thought it would be a normal day. I walked out of the door of my room and into the hallway, there were a few screams and pounding footsteps came up the stairs. The person was all slimy and dead. I ran back into my room and locked the door. The footsteps past and I hurried to my bedroom. I took a case under my bed and grabbed my handgun inside. I went back inside the hallways and hurried downstairs into the lobby. There were more of those green dead things. I shot at all of them and ran outside. There were even more! I hurried around seeing different types of zombies everywhere. I ran into an ally to take a rest. I saw a small shed built into the building I slowly opened the door and peeked inside. Somebody was inside there. I shined a flashlight inside and look at the person. It was a woman in her early twenties. She had a gun and was probably taking a break like me. We started talking about what happened and she didn’t know what these things were either. Later I found out her name was Emily.

We ended up waiting there for about an hour and a half just waiting for the zombies to clear out. We herd a bunch of gun shots in the distance. We started to get hungry so we decided to got out and find a shop. We walked out and onto the street, nothing. Next street? Nothing. We found a small shop on the corner and smashed the window. We got in and filled our arms with chips and other items we could find. We ran out onto the road and found a new spot to hide; we turned the corner and found a man sitting his back on a building.

We pulled him up, and he had a gun in his hand. His name was Will. He walked us over to his friend, John who was on the other side of the street. We all got up and John told us there was a safe area away from all the zombies on the rooftop of his apartment. He said it was five blocks away so we had a little walking to do.

When we reached his apartment, we went to the ally to take the side stairs. Bad idea. The whole ally was packed with a huge amount of zombies and a few came out of the front door of the hotel. We shot like maniacs trying to reach the side ramp. When we reached it, I jumped up to pull down the ladder and we all hurried up. We all climbed up onto the roof and spilled over the edge.

We all looked around and saw a few shotguns, Uzis and some medical packs. I grabbed a shotgun and so did John. Emily and Will grabbed Uzis. We took the door down to the top floor and trotted down the steps. We were in someone kitchen and we walked down another flight of stairs and another. We jogged around this building finding a good way to escape. We jumped down through a hole on the floor and took the back exit. We charged out the building and into a big alleyway. We took a few turns and exited onto the street. There were a few more apartments and shops. We made a break for it to the subway station. We started shooting everything we saw. Louis shot everything plus more. He just wouldn’t stop. He ended up shooting a car and the loud, obnoxious cat alarm went off sending a roar of zombie cries back at us. We ran for out lives down the stairs into what seemed the safest place here, down the stairs with zombies of all sorts were at our heels. We dove into the safe room, safe from all the zombies, for now.

We took a few rounds of ammo, and took a rest. We took off the guard rail and opened the door. We eminently jump down and into a swarm of zombies, and got out of there in no time. We fought them off and took some more flights of stairs down to the ticket stands. Will and I broke a few pains of class to grab a pipe bomb and a Molotov.

We found a flight of stairs up to the train and we entered the door and walked down the hallway out of the crashed end of the train. We walked down the tracks and walked into the exit of the train tracks. We opened the door and we climbed up the stairs. We were in some sort of a parking garage put there were not entrances for cars and no parking spaces. We ran towards a lit up area of the room shooting some zombies. We climbed out of the room we entered and into a generator room. We all searched the room and there was only one way out, but we had to open a closed garage door but that would take some times because it would bring every zombie around towards us because of the loud noise. I sprinted over and pressed the button to open the garage and I headed back to the rest of the group and we hid inside a locker room. Zombies from all around us came charging at us from every opening. After about two minutes the garage door was all the way open so we could slip through it. We climbed two flights of stairs and into the security room. In that room we found some new guns so we loaded up our guns and headed off down the building. We went down flights of stairs into privet offices and lobbies and past elevator doors onto the ground floor. We exited the room into the street. The street was about a half mile long, with hundreds of zombies onto of cars and fighting each other.

We prepared to fight them off and we charged each other. We were about halfway down the street when a huge thing the size of two cars comes charging down the road like an ape and flips over cars in the process. We stopped in our tracks and started backing up and shooting at the same time. It was getting closer and closer by the moment when I thought we were about to kill us he stopped…. And fell at out feet. We began our way back down the street toward the pawn shop. Zombies continued at us until we were about a few feet away and we charged into the shot and dove into the safe room.

As we were in the safe room we loaded up on more ammo and we set up to go out again. As we opened the door we were stopped by a few Special zombies. By special I mean something really bad for us. They could jump really far and right on top of us. They Tor at our chests and scratched us all over. Will Shot all the zombies off of us, As we got up, we trotted down the street. We took a few turns in the allies and we got onto the street. We navigated our way through the zombie/car infested road. As we were shooting the zombies around us, Emily accidently shot a car. The alarm went off and hundreds of zombies all around us came over cars, out of buildings, everywhere. We all stared to panic when pointed to a man hole, we lifted it up and we dropped down into the sewer. We all jumped off the ladder and into an empty tunnel. We guessed out way in the sewer towards were we thought mercy hospital was. We went in and out of really tight tunnels filled with zombies. We finally found a ladder up to the street. I peeked outside and saw it. Mercy hospital! We all spilled out of that tiny hole desperate to get inside. When we were all out we were about one-hundred yards away. We just ran for it. Jumping over cars, shooting zombies, we were all out sprinting to the hospital. We were feet for it now; we opened the door and charged over the desk into the safe room.

As we were getting ammo for our guns and just taking a rest, the door to the safe room started rattling. Then, about a hundred zombies stared pounding on the door. We all started to open fire at the cracks through the door. When the zombies were all dead, we opened the door out of the safe room. We hurried down the hallways and up flights of stairs. The whole place was empty. When we got to the same floor as the elevator the zombies started appearing. The came out of every door in the building. When we reached the building, we pushed the button to the roof. We had to wait a few minutes for the elevator to come, and the sound of the elevator made every zombie within all the stories above and below to come charging at us. The elevator opened with a dig a few minutes later and we sprinted inside. We hit the button for the top floor and we waited. After a few minutes of waiting the door opened and there were zombies waiting for us. The floor was not finished so there were no doors and a cool breeze coming at us. We were so close from getting rescued we could not stop here. Once we shot all the zombies in sight, the floor started to rumble. Another one of those huge zombies burst through a wall and stared charging strait for us. We all turned and started running. We had no where to run because the elevator was gone and that thing was blocking our way out. We were cornered in the end of the building, and there were no walls around us. We all split up as he was feet from us and he took one big swipe. John had gotten hit from the things hit and his body went flying out into the open air. The thing could not turn in time so it just plowed off the building and was free falling to the ground. We ran toward the safe room at full speed. We all fell into the room and we lock the door with a metal bar. We got more ammo and got a few pipe bombs.

When we exited the room we took a few flights of stair. We took a ladder to the roof and out a little hole. We dropped down and made out way to something that sounded like a radio. It was in a small building with a turret on top. There were some guns and supplies in there. We used the radio to call in the pilot to come pick us up. The zombies started coming at us, more that any other time I’ve seen them. Spilling over buildings, they were coming out of everywhere. After around two minutes 2 of those huge zombies came at us. And after a few more minutes, we saw the helicopter land on the pad. We hurried over and hopped in. we were finally out! No more zombies, until next time.

The author's comments:
its about zombies eating peeps brains out their noeses.

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on Apr. 19 2010 at 9:37 am
THEIMPACT77 BRONZE, Florence, Kentucky
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is this like left 4 dead. if it is kinda of go into detail and check your spelling.

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