the childer of cain

March 27, 2010
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when Cain was exiled from Eden for the murder of his brother able a mark was branded on his body by God it means that any person/species attempting to harm Cain or his chiller will suffer vengeance upon themselves times sevenfold, my body bears the mark of Cain, the mark can be found on any of Cain's ancestors until the present day, the chiller of Cain can only be judged or even slayed by Cain himself at Gehenna for this is the prophetical vampire armageddon at his return at the end of time to slaughter the antediluvian which were the grandchild er of Cain, wounds seemingly fatal to others will not kill me not even on holy ground and will not change whom or what i am until my father's final judgment for i am answerable to him and him alone

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