March 7, 2010
By MaryHamilton. BRONZE, Whitby, Other
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Police sirens sounded through the cool midnight air in Las Vegas. No one took any notice because sirens were heard almost every night. No one that is, except for a man driving a blue Porsche;. He was speeding in and out of the traffic, going as fast as the car would let him. The sirens were growing fainter, he was losing them.

The man kept driving until he was well out of the city. He didn’t stop until the sun rose over the horizon, so far away. At last, after six hours of straight driving, he stopped on a highway in the middle of nowhere.

Tony O’Conner stepped out of the car. He lay, exhausted, on the ground, breathing deeply. He could not believe what he had just done. At the end of his trial, in which he had been found guilty, he had escaped. Despite the many guards shooting at him, despite all of the security around him that would only be given to a murderer, he had escaped.
Hatred licked Tony’s insides. What he would do to kill Tom Gordon, the man that ruined his life. Tony remembered very distinctly the events of three months ago.
He had just had an amazing date with his girlfriend, Jennifer Rochester. They had gone out to some fancy restaurant, Tony couldn’t remember the name. He had dropped her off at her house, before going to a Racecaps meeting. Racecaps is a company Tony had started with his two best friends, Liam Dimort and Tom Gordon. The company sold race car inspired hats. Tony and Liam, who were race car drivers, were perfect for advertising, and Tom was in charge of the financial affairs. The company had started off worthless, but its value had grown tremendously in the past few years.
Tony had gone to his house, where the meeting was to take place. Soon after he arrived, the doorbell rang. Tom stood in the doorway, holding a case of beer with a gloved hand. Tony thought this was very unusual as Tom didn’t drink, and it was the middle of May and it was too hot to be wearing gloves. This was strange, but Tony had quickly put the thought out of his mind.

Within five minutes Liam had arrived too. The men sat around the table in the kitchen, ready for business. Tom pulled out his beer, and offered some to Tony and Liam. Both happily accepted, and so the meeting began.

At the end of the meeting, when Tony and Liam had finished the entire case of beer, Tom spoke.

“I intend to take full control of Racecaps.”

“What are you taking about Tommy?” Liam squinted at Tom, as if not seeing him right, “Racecaps is owned by all of us. It was Tony’s idea in the first place anyway.”

“You two fools do nothing to help this company.” Tom said, looking slightly possessed, “I don’t need you anymore. I have a plan to get the company. It starts with this. He reached into his jacket. “Recognize this Tony?” He held up a gun. “It’s yours. I have gloves on so not to leave fingerprints.”

Tony turned white, and reached out his hand, “Now Tom, don’t do anything you’ll regret…”

“Don’t worry, I won’t.” Tom pointed the gun at Liam, and pulled the trigger. Liam slumped on the table, dead.

“No!” Tony’s cry filled the air as he rushed toward Liam, and Tom, laughing, left the house.

The police arrived minutes later. All evidence pointed toward Tony. There was Tom’s evidence, that he didn’t hesitate to give, and the fact that his own gun with his fingerprints on it was the murder weapon. The police didn’t need to find a motive, as when they arrived they found Tony under the influence of alcohol.

So Tony had spent three months in jail for a murder he never committed. He could have spent 20 years more, but he had somehow escaped after he had been found guilty by the jury. He stole an idling Porsche, and fled for his life.

Now Tony was slumped on the ground beside a highway, with nothing in him but resentment. His only thoughts, those of revenge. But in order to commit the murder, he would need some help. Who could he go to? Whom could he trust now that he was a criminal? The answer slowly floated to his mind. Jennifer. The last he had seen of her was when he had dropped her off at her house. He knew she had come to visit him several times during those long hours in the jail cell, but the police were ruthless, they let him have no visitors.

Soon, Tony had thought of a plan, and after a short rest, he got back into his stolen Porsche and headed back the way he came. Back toward the danger area, back to Las Vegas, back to Jennifer.

Around noon, he was at her door. With a deep breath, he rang the doorbell. No sound. He rang it again, and a voice from the other side answered, “Who’s there?” It was Jennifer’s voice. Tony’s heart leapt for the first time in three months. Just hearing her voice was a blessing.

“It’s me. Tony.” The door flew open as soon as he said his name. There stood Jennifer, as beautiful as Tony remembered. Before he knew it, she was in his arms, crying into his shoulder. At last, she pulled him inside, and they went to sit in the parlour.

Tony told her the whole story. It only took a few minutes, but it relieved a huge burden off of his chest. Just to say it, and to have someone know he wasn’t guilty…

“And what will you do when you find him?” Jennifer asked, “Tony, you’re not going to kill him.”

“What choice do I have? He killed Liam and he ruined my life.” Tony replied, aggressively.

“But if you kill him, you’ll definitely be sent to jail. We need to prove he’s guilty. We’ll find a way, we’ll think of something.”

Later that night, Tony walked onto Tom’s front porch. His heart was thumping in his chest, scared at the prospect of what he was about to do. Slowly, he raised a hand to knock.

Tom answered at once. His face turned white when he saw who it was, and he tried to shut the door, but Tony held it open. Tom backed up, into the house, and Tony advanced on him.

“I’m not scared of you.” Tom said, in an unconvincing voice. “What do you want?”

Tony casually put both of his hands behind his back and reached into his back pocket. “You killed Liam, and planted evidence so I would get blamed.”

“I did not, you killed him, and now you’ve come to kill me!”

“How dare you accuse me of such a crime!” He pulled a gun out from behind his back, and pointed it at Tom. Tom lunged for the phone, but Tony got there before him. He pushed Tom to the ground. His head was strangely clear, he saw now how easy it is to do this, do be this ruthless. All he had to do was pull the trigger. He had all the evidence he needed. Now he could make this rat pay for what he did to Liam.

“Admit it, you killed him.” Tony accused.

Tom replied, “Alright, I did. You already know that, just do what you came here to do.”

Tony stood there with his gun aimed at Tom’s heart for a full five minutes before he lowered it. He wasn’t Tom. He couldn’t kill in cold blood like that. I have to listen to Jennifer. He thought, She’s right, killing him won’t make anything better.

Tom started to laugh, “You’re too chicken to kill me? Then what did you come in here for?”

“This.” Tony replied, holding up the tape recorder from behind his back. “This is all of the evidence I need.” He smiled and left Tom lying on the floor, looking horror-struck.

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