March 7, 2010
By ninjalover BRONZE, Highland, Utah
ninjalover BRONZE, Highland, Utah
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“Help Me!” cried a voice from the dark.

“No! No, no” I screamed

“Help me, please!” yelled the voice again

I woke with a start, the last words still ringing in my head. I tried calming myself down, but I could not. I have always had dreams, but this one, this one felt so real. Suddenly my door burst open with a slam. As it hit my wall I dove for something to defend myself, at last my hands found something. As I stood up, the light flipped on, and there was my mother in her robe, eyes wide, holding a metal candle stick. And I also found myself holding my dog’s tail. And after I noticed him growling I jumped back and looked at my mom questioningly.

“What are you doing?” I asked

“I heard you screaming, and wanted to know what was going on.” she squealed.

“I’m fine!” I said, then noticing that I was still in my boxers and white t-shirt, I jumped back into the safety of my bed.

Now my mom was a small frail looking woman, and ever since the death of my father, she was constantly jumpy.

Now me, I was different. My name is Aubrey. And I am 16 years old. I know it is supposed to be a girls name but, it is not my fault. I took on more of my dad than my mom. I was roughly 6’1 and weighed 152 lbs. I was in 11th grade and I had dark green eyes. My one best friend was named Flint. He was the same age, about the same height and was a little bit heavier then I was.

Now that my mom had left, I sat in dark and the silence. These were the times when I loved to think. And I could think about anything.

The bark of my dog brought me back to my dark room.

“Not now Peaches” I said.

Peaches was a real piece of work. One thing that was especially odd about him was that he was very intelligent, most of the time. Another odd thing was that he really liked to watch T.V.

After a substantial time of begging, I caved and turned on my T.V. I flipped through the stations and I eventually stopped on ABC. They were talking about a kidnapping of a 16 year old girl.

“How sad” I said. Just then they showed a picture of her, like a wave it all came flooding through his mind.

“That’s the girl in my dream!!” I yelled, “That’s her, I swear!”

In the morning I woke up and lazily went down stairs, all the way having gratitude for the three months of summer. Once down stairs, I took a left into my kitchen, there I found out what time it was. 1:00, how could I have slept so long? In fact this was my new record. After an apprehensive search I found my mom’s note, telling me the breakfast was in the oven.

“Yum” I said sarcastically, “Bacon and eggs.” I sat down and ate half of my eggs, my mind still on the night before. Meanwhile Peaches ate my bacon, without my notice.

After I had made my bed and picked up my room, headed downstairs again, and was met by a robust knocking on my door. So instead of taking a left I took a right. Through the window I saw Flint. Flint was holding squirt gun in his right hand. Seeing this, I ran out my back door and grabbed a water balloon in my secret cooler. I ran, jack my fence and stopped, he was still there. So being as quiet as I could, I ran up behind him and tapped his shoulder; as soon as he turned I threw my balloon at his chest.

“No fair” he said, “That was a cheep shot.” With this he pulled up his squirt gun and started to pump.

“Uhh, ohhh!” I thought and ran just in time to escape his first shot, thus it began.

After about an hour of running around, here to there, there to here, we laid down on my front lawn and sat in silence for about 2 minutes, when finally I found my voice.

“Dude,” I started “O.K. I want you to listen to me, and don’t interrupt me until I’m done, also you can’t laugh. O.K.!”

“Yeah, sure.” Flint said.

“So, I had this dream that felt so real, I mean I felt that I was there…”

“Where?” he asked

“I don’t quite remember, but any way,” I began again “There was this girl’s voice, she was asking me to help her.”

Then he said “Stop!” And in doing so, turned over on his side and then spoke again “That is so weird.” He had a sarcastic tone in his voice

I punched him. “But, then later I turned on the T.V. in my room and they were talking about this girl that had been kidnapped, just about a half of a mile away from my house.” I stopped to finally breath, then continued, “Anyway I was just about to turn it of, when they showed a picture of her, and then it came back to me. She was the one in my dream; there is no doubt in my mind.
Flint started laughing, so I punched him again.

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