minde controlled

March 5, 2010
By kellysbfforever BRONZE, La Monte, Missouri
kellysbfforever BRONZE, La Monte, Missouri
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Mind Controlled
Warning: this story is rated R

We last left off when the boy who was Satan’s son saw the people eaten by organs. Demons all formed around the boy. And ate him to his death. “Do really think I had a son? Ha! Eat his flesh!!! Then they all had a big feast of the boy. Just when all hope was lost, which it already was, anyway the beast came in at the last minute and faced the forbidden one. The demons watched as the fire singed the beast’s fur. The beasts were fighting what looked to be the last fight that they would ever have. When one clawed the other bit. Soon all that was left was a charred arm and a leg. The head of Satan said finally to the beasts “Go and be free, for the world is now yours.” The head coughed out the deed to the world. Then after that he melted into a glob of fiery goo. The demons on the other hand joined the beast’s team of freaks of nature. All of them were in a gang of Kremlins and beasts who ate anything in their path. Some were fiery and vicious with signs of blasphemy across their foreheads. When the god of the heavens saw them he was too late to stop them from eating the society up. The Gang of Evil was their names from then on. The fights they made were even more graphic than ever. The gore filled world was in their hands. They could take the world over and repopulate it with beasts. Then one female beast was around that day. Bonez the eldest beast that she was the most beautiful beast ever to be on land. She had nice pink fur and a purple mane. Females were hard to find long ago. The beast looked high and low for a female but could find one. Finally he found one. The death symbol was carved in their arms. So they were loved for life. Death came and got all mad and tried to kill the beast’s love of his life. The beast was quick to react. The beast slit the dark one’s throat and ate him too. The beast and his girlfriend lived the cool life. To this day on they are seen as humans not in their beast form. The brilliant beast’s heart was starting to become was becoming less beasty and more loving. Manny the head minister was cut up and eaten by the beasts. The deadly teeth thrashing at his throat with each bite. Death was all alone in the Underworld.

The author's comments:
my stories are very random so i hope you like them My girlfriend helped me start writing again

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