Erin In Wonderland?!

March 4, 2010
By Alyster-Vladimir BRONZE, Normal, Illinois
Alyster-Vladimir BRONZE, Normal, Illinois
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Who is to say what's proper? If someone said wearing a codfish on your head was proper, would you wear one?--Alice,

Sitting in her classroom, Erin felt the hot sunshine on her arm and face as she daydreamed. Coming out of her daydream, she heard her name being called.
“Sorry?” she said, jumping out of her imagination and into reality. That was when she realized everyone, even her best friend Matt was staring at her.

The teacher must have been talking to me… she thought. And she had been.

“I asked you to read this part in the book. Erin, you haven’t even got your copy open yet.” She glanced down at the book and saw it was “Alice In Wonderland”. She smiled and, as slowly as she could manage, she skimmed through the book and found the page they were on.

“One day Alice came to a fork in the road and saw a Cheshire Cat in a tree. ‘Which road do I take?’ She asked. ‘Where do you want to go?’ was his response. ‘I don’t know,’ Alice answered. ‘Then,’ said the cat, ‘it doesn’t matter.’” She read. The teacher nodded approval, and Erin sighed and relaxed. Matt smiled.
“Good work,” he whispered, flopping lazily over his desk. Erin nodded. She was tired of this life. Nothing exciting ever happened, just the same thing every day. She began daydreaming again until the bell rang, and she headed for home.

Later that evening, Erin was busy drawing when she heard her mum calling for her.

“Erin, phone!” she dropped her pencil and wondered downstairs and into the living room to answer the phone.


“Hey, Erin!” Matt’s voice chirped over the receiver. Erin smiled.

“What’s up?” She asked.

“Well, there’s this party going on at the park tonight, and seeing as it is Friday I wondered if you… wanted to come?”

“Uh… sure,” she replied, even though she knew there was a lot of things she needed to do.

“Great,” Matt cheered like an excited bunny. “It’s, uh, kind of a cosplay party so dress up as someone, okay?”

She groaned. “Like who, exactly?” Erin said, pondering this.

“Hm…” said Matt. “How ‘bout Alice?”

“What a fantabolistic idea! Let us depart!” she laughed, and after arranging a meeting place and saying goodbye, she hung up to get ready. As she searched her closet, she found a dress that could, thankfully, pass as Alice’s. She found a cute bow for her hair, and decided to do her hair and makeup before leaving.

She found Matt under a big oak tree, where they agreed to meet. He was dressed as a pirate. Erin burst out laughing.

“Well, Alice in Wonderland… and a pirate. What a sight we must be!” she blurted, before they started off to the park. As they were walking, something caught her eye. She turned to look back at the trees and saw it again. A streak of… white. She blinked, and began to head towards it.

“Erin, what are you doing?” Matt asked. She stopped and turned back to him.

“Carry on, I’ll catch up.” She replied. She kept walking, deep into the trees. She began to wonder if she was imagining it all. She turned around to go back, but just as she did so, she saw it again. She was sure of it. A streak of white. She turned to and started running toward it. Suddenly, the ground gave way under her feet and she fell… only… she didn’t stop. The whole world went black, and all Erin knew was that she was still falling incredibly far. As it happens when people fall a great height, she felt herself lose consciousness. And as she did, she began to feel she was never going to wake up again after the fall.

The author's comments:
I (obviously) based this after Alice In Wonderland, but as the story goes on and more parts are added, you'll realize the sort of querks added to it.

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