The Chronicles Of Boe

March 4, 2010
Boe is a teenager, like any other teenager, except for one thing, he is an alien. Not like the alien stereotype, green with huge lemon shaped eyes. He looked exactly like us, humans. He had jet black hair, he was average height, he had dark brown eyes that some would call black, and he even wore regular Chuck Taylor shoes. He would be called a "normal" teenager. The only differences he had from humans is what he could do. He could never compete in sports. He asked his mom if he could run track like his best friend Joe, but his mom always said no. He could run faster than the speed of light, so that wouldn't work because he didn't want to reveal what he was. He also asked if he could play football, but his mom said no because he had strength beyond all comparison. He could kick that ball from one goal to the other.

His best friend Joe was a site to see. He was the popular kid, the kid who always played and mastered every sport. He was blonde haired, blue eyed, tall, and handsome. His family was one of the richest families in the town of Villayville.

Then there was Ricky. Ricky was the bully, he always bullied Boe. Boe couldn't fight back without killing him.

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