White with 5 Black Spots

March 4, 2010
By Summer Lover BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
Summer Lover BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
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“Honey! It's time to get up!” a voice hollers at me from downstairs. I roll over to try to block the noise. “Oh I wish mom had a snooze button,” I thought to myself. Raising my body from the bed, the lime green walls seem to smile at me or laugh. This was all new to me. I had just moved during winter break from Detroit, Michigan. All of a sudden, I glanced out the clear window and to my surprise a brilliant looking horse seems to be floating outside. Rushing over to the scene, the horse is gone. I let out a short shrill yelp. My overprotective mother emerges at my side in an instance. ”What is it sweetie?” my petrified mom exclaimed.

“Oh I just um uh", I had to think quick, "pricked my finger on something!” I mumbled. With a quick glance, I see my mother had bought my stupid lie. I rushed through my tangled mess of hair. Pulling on a plain white t-shirt with a smiley face, the creature appears again. This time I see it up closer. I confirm my hunch the horse was a black and white pinto with five large coal black spots. Once again my mother interrupts me by saying something about a surprise. Just then the horse disappears again.

Once I step foot down stairs my parents break the news! My cousins were moving and couldn’t keep their Palomino horse, Lily. Since, we had moved into this bigger house, I could have the beautiful Lily. My mouth dropped to the ground. My one dream was coming true! After an hour drive, we arrive at the luxurious home of Lily. My parents walk over to talk to my Aunt Kendahl. I get the trailer ready for its new inhabitant. I pull down the ramp and the trailer was far from empty. Inside the trailer sat the ghost horse just starring at me like it was warning me of something. Clop! Clop! I could hear the hooves of my new horse coming. Away went the ghost!

Excited is one word to describe me. Once the car stops in front of my house I realize it is 11o’clock. So after I put Lily in her new home, I hit the sack. That night is the worst night ever; I received a nightmare about Lily, the ghost horse, and a man. In this horror dream the man was taking Lily, and Lily was talking! I know it sounds weird, but it seemed like that man was her old owner. The ghost horse seemed to be telling me something. That morning I awake with a jump. That dream is stuck in my mind as I walked downstairs. Just then I decided to call Aunt Kendahl to write down some information about Lily.

Bingo! That man in my dream is identical to a man named Zach Lambert, Lily’s old owner. I now feel dizzy and sick! Seconds later, my knees get weak, and I collapsed onto the couch. The rest of the day is filled with me fainting. That whole day, my eyes never left Lily all day. You know when you watch your horse for 24 hours, you learn a lot. Like Lily loves oranges, the whole day she spent it around the orange tree. Finally, the night came and I am pooped.

Screams fill my head as the nightmare seems to come to life. I shot up to find the ghost horse tugging on my shirt. A tingle shoots through my back! The thought of a ghost this close scares me, but it touching me is worse. Finally, I get what it wants to tell me, to follow it. I leap out of bed and fly down the stairs. The horse begins to run faster, but I find the heart to keep up. Just then, I know why the horse wants me to … Lily rears in refusal to go into the trailer. “Let her go!” slips from my mouth as the figure turns around. I dart behind a nearby tree. Just moments later, the man spots me and the chase begins. The man was apparently Zach Lambert. Sadly, a twig appears and down I go. Zach stalks over with a gun in hand and a finger on the trigger. Then in a split second the ghost horse appears behind him and… BANG!! Mr. Lambert lands on the ground with a loud crash and imprinted on his head is a large hoof print. Just when I think it is all over, it’s not! Right after that Zach, acting on adrenalin, pulls out a knife and injects the weapon into me. BOOM!! Again the ghost horse rears; beating his good for nothing hand into the dry dusty dirt. My parents hear my screams of pain
and rush to the crime scene. Oddly enough, in the ghost horse’s place is Lily.

Sirens surround my house as the police and paramedics try to figure everything out. Moments later Zach Lambert trudges away in hand cuffs, I am being forced into an ambulance, and Lily receives credit for the ghost horse’s deed. Once the doctor left after giving me stitches the horse appears again and seems to be smiling like a movie star getting her picture before evaporating into thin air. But in that short time, I notice the ghost horse only has four spots left on her perfectly white coat. I have a feeling that I may
encounter this horse four more times.

The author's comments:
My teacher ask me to write this story and the first thing I though of was my two Willy and Summer. I changed Willy to Lilly so it could be a girl. I bet you can guess who Summer is? I will give you a hint, she is a black and white pinto.

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