Jesse's Journal (Part One)

March 4, 2010
By codyman1197 BRONZE, West Monroe, Louisiana
codyman1197 BRONZE, West Monroe, Louisiana
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January 17, 2010

If you’re reading this, I’m probably dead. I’m supposed to die by the end of the year. If 2010 isn’t over yet, help me. I should be in California running away from……….. Look I’m sorry you got a hold of this but I could use your help with- Oh no! He’s coming!

Jesse B.

Christmas, 2006

My name is Jesse B. I’m 10 years old, and I’m in 5th grade. My mom got me this journal for Christmas. I also got a movie, a CD, and two video games. But the best present was the goo. When you pour it in your hand it changes to the color of your mood, kind of like a mood ring, but it’s goo. My mom told me to keep the goo. It’d be useful someday (which was weird because all it did was tell me my mood). She and my dad, on the other hand, got nothing.
We aren’t a rich family or anything. My mom works one job four hours a day for five days, because her stupid boss thinks she’s not good enough to work any longer than that. She only gets $6.00 an hour. She said that at the end of the month she gets $480, which is only enough to get a few groceries and pay the bills.
My dad just sits there and watches TV all day like we’re rich. I really don’t like him, but…..he’s my dad. He’s not a jerk or anything like that, he’s just super annoying with his laziness.
I go to Hamilton Elementary…… well I used to go there until we were visiting the middle school before Christmas break. When we went to the science lab, there was a kid running an errand for the teacher. I was touching his test tubes and accidentally knocked them over so they spilled, mixed together, and burnt a hole through the table.
We only have two other schools (one of them I already got kicked out of, so I only have one other option).The only other school we have is a private school called Dem. Elementary. Why is it called Dem.? I have no clue! The reason why there are only 3 schools is because we live in Millof County, named after some dude with the last name Millof. It’s a really small county in Pennsylvania.
January 4, 2007

Well, today was my first day at Dem. Elementary, and now I know what it means.

I arrived at 8:00 (five minutes late), so I got yelled at which I really don’t care about. The teacher, Mr. Johnston, introduced me to the class, who seemed to care nothing about me, except a girl in the back row. There were three empty seats. One, by a big creepy dude that seemed like he should be in 8th grade, another behind a dorky kid stabbing people with a pencil, and the other, in front of the girl. I chose the third seat.

“Hey,” said the girl. “I’m Kaysee.”

She was pretty. She had long, flowing, brown hair, brown eyes, and the whitest, straightest teeth I’ve ever seen.

“H-hi,” I stuttered. “I’m Jesse.”

“Oh, don’t be shy,” said Kaysee.

After fourth period, things got a little weird. I would say hi to someone and they would walk away. Kaysee was the only person who would talk to me.

Then at our first recess, right before lunch, I said hi to that nerdy kid, who was smiling, but then he looked at me like he was about to starve to death. Everyone else who listened to me got the same look as the nerd. It was kind of creepy.

Fifth period was HORRIBLE. The teacher, Ms. Mudgins, had the scariest look on her face when she walked in. She made sure the door was locked. Then, she said something under her breath and the whole class looked at me. They started getting out of their seats and opened their mouths. I could see………fangs. Their eyes turned red, and they got that hungry look. They grew horns. They were demons. Dem. must be an abbreviation for demon. They made a horrible screeching noise like a thousand cats scratching a chalkboard.

I was sitting by the window. So I tried to bust it open, but I couldn’t. I got my textbook and threw it at the window as hard as I could. It cracked the window, so I rammed it again. It broke it and I jumped, but Ms. Mudgins caught my foot, and pulled me. I thought I would die, but then I saw Kaysee running from her own group of demons. She came and pulled me out of the window. She fell back as soon as I came out of the window.

The demons came flying out of the window, circling us. Then, adding to the trouble, Kaysee’s demons circled us. Soon, the whole school, all demons, was surrounding us.

The principal, Mr. Griffin, flew into the middle of the circle with us. But he wasn’t a demon. He was dressed in white armor, with white wings and white……….you get it. He was an angel. He had a golden sword that was 6 feet long. It looked like there was fog around it. Just looking at it made half of the demons fly away. Then he fought the rest and defeated them like they were no problem.

“What’s happening?” I asked.

“Kaysee and I will explain later,” said Mr. Griffin. “For now, we must leave. More of them are coming.”

We hung on to his feet while he flew us to my house. He said to tell my mom that he was here and we had to leave. NOW. He said she would understand. My mom kissed my forehead and gave me my goo. Then I remembered that she said It’d be useful some-day, and I had a feeling I would need it today.

As of right now, we’re hiding in some underground hideout that I never knew was there.

“About what happened today,” Mr. Griffin said. “Kaysee and I work for D&M Hunters. We hunt down demons and monsters. We’ve been at Dem. Elementary for six years, ever since Kaysee started kindergarten. It’s a school for demons. Every time we get a new student, they go after them. Sometimes-” He stopped.
“Sometimes what?” I asked.
“We’re too late.”

I’m going to sleep. I’ve had a rough day.

January 5, 2007

Last night was strange. I was tossing, turning, sweating. Then I had a dream. There was this tall, buff guy with shaggy blonde hair, blue eyes, and he wore a black Tux with a purple tie. Beside him was a big man with the same features as the other guy, though he looked a little younger and fatter.

“Get him,” the man said. “I don’t care what you have to do. Send all of our forces if you have to. I want the boy!”

“But sir,” said the big man, “We can’t do that yet. We need to find out if he knows about his powers.”

“I don’t care about the powers! I WANT HIM!”

“Y-yes sir. I’ll find him.” Then my mind went blank.

In the morning, we set out. I made sure I had my goo. We stopped at McDonald’s and ate. I wondered why no one said anything about how Mr. Griffin looked.

“Mr. Griffin,” I whispered. “Why isn’t anyone getting suspicious about your armor and wings?”

“I look different to them, Jesse.” he said. “I choose how I want to look to certain people. For example, you and Kaysee are seeing my true form, but everyone else sees me wearing normal clothing.”

“Why are there demons chasing us?”

“Do you think McDonald’s is the place to talk about this, Jesse?” asked Kaysee.


“Well, zip it.”

Later in the afternoon, we stopped somewhere in New York.

“Darn it,” said Kaysee.

“What,” I asked.

“We’re not far enough.”

“Um, I think we’re pretty far. I mean, from Pennsylvania to New York in a few hours. That’s pretty far to me.”

“Yes, but not far enough.”

Ok, I thought. What’s up with the attitude lately?

“I don’t have an attitude,” Kaysee said, as if to read my mind.

“Kaysee, stop that,” said Mr. Griffin. “You don’t use your powers here. You know where we are. And we’re only a few miles away.”


“Wait,” I said. “What powers? What are you tal-”

“Nothing!” They cut me off in unison.

Why won’t they tell me anything? It’s making me mad! Kaysee gave me a look that said you’ll see.

We went to some place underground. Again. This place was nothing like the place in Pennsylvania. There was a huge building that said D&M Hunting on it. This must be where they work.

“You’ll find out a lot here, Jesse.” said Mr. Griffin. “A lot of helpful things and a lot of things that… don’t want to hear. So get some sleep. I’ll watch your journal.”

“But it’s only the afternoon,” I said.

“Not down here.”

January 8, 2007

No, I didn’t lose my journal for three days. I slept that long. Time goes by fast down here. Five hours could be 2 days. I slept seven and a half hours, so that’s three days. I’m supposed to go see Mr. Griffin and Kaysee’s boss, Mr. White, today.

We walked into the building. It looks like every other big building in NY, so why describe it? We went to the front desk and didn’t even have to ask the lady if we could see Mr. White. She knew who we were and said “Right this way!”

Mr. White’s office was…well….white. He had a white marble floor, pictures of his friends and family in white frames on the wall. It wasn’t a creepy looking white room. It was a warm, beautiful white room. It was cool to be in there.

Mr. White reminded me of the guy in my dream. They look like twins, except Mr. White was an angel like Mr. Griffin and he looked like a nice person. When he saw me, he shivered.

“Well, I’ve been looking forward to seeing you!” said Mr. White.

“Um, you too, sir,” I replied.

“Griffin and Kaysee, please leave the room while I talk with Jesse.”

“Yes sir,” they said in unison. They must do that a lot.

“Now, let’s start out with why you’re here,” said Mr. White after Mr. Griffin and Kaysee left the room. “My twin, Mason Black, is trying to get you to join his army of demons and monsters. There are also a few humans and angels with him. He’s trying to wipe us out and take over the world. We’ve been trying to stop him for years, but he has too many creatures with him.”

“Wait. Mason Black? Your twin? But you have different last names!”

“Think, child. I’m Jason WHITE and he’s Mason BLACK. Get it? White and Black. White is good. Black is bad. I changed my last name to White. Now back to what I was saying. If you join us, we might have a chance against him. But if you join them, get ready for the end of the world.”

Well, I think my choice is obvious. I don’t want the world to end!

“I choose your side, but first I have some questions. Kaysee was like reading my mind above ground. Then Mr. Griffin said not to use her powers there, because she knows where she is. My first question: What powers? My second question: Why is this such a bad place?

“Well, do you remember your dream? When my brother asked about your powers?”

“Yes sir.”

“Every time someone in my huge family has a child, their child is born with powers.”

“But none of my parents look like they would be in your family.”

“Oh, one of them looks very much like they would be in my family. And the answer to your second question: New York is demon-infested. Almost everywhere you go has demons.”

“Even here?”

“No, you silly boy. Do you want to know about your goo?”

“Sure!” I completely forgot about my goo. I checked to see if it was in my pocket. It was there.

“Jesse,” said Mr. White, “That goo will destroy whatever it touches, but only if you want it to. There’s a different destruction for each mood. I believe that means there are eight different ways to destroy something.”

“Awesome!” I exclaimed.

January 9, 2007

We came out of the ground. It was about four in the morning. Mr. Griffin has the power to tell time. He said that was only one of his many powers.
“So,” I asked Kaysee and Mr. Griffin. “Who are your parents?”
“I am Mr. White’s son,” said Mr. Griffin.
“No way!” I replied.
“Who’s your parent?” I asked Kaysee.
“I-I don’t know.” She frowned.

We’re about to get a taxi and go to a hotel, so I’m going to sleep.

January 17, 2007

Today is my eleventh birthday! And I get to spend it with two people I barely know! YAY! Not. I haven’t written in eight days, because there’s been nothing to write about. We’ve been in the hotel and going back underground so Kaysee and Mr. G could do some work.

And about the parent thing, I think my mom is a White or Black (hopefully a White). She has blonde hair and blue eyes. And my dad is too lazy to be one of the two. In fact, I look nothing like him. Mr. White said that if I’m a son from his side of the family, then I would get white hair really quickly. That’s not happening yet.

“So, Kaysee,” I said. “You really don’t know who your parents are?”

“No,” said Kaysee. “That’s why I’m with Griffin. He found me when I was a few months old.”

“Oh, okay.”

Later in the day, I realized something. My last name starts with B. That’s all I know about it. My mom said that she doesn’t know our last name, and that my dad never told her. I don’t believe that. I went to Mr. White’s office.

“Mr. White,” I said, “I need to talk to you.”

“Feel free to,” he replied.

“Am I a Black?”


Then something clicked again. My mom married my dad. So that means he’s……..a Black.

“My dad is the Black, right?”

“No. Both of your parents are. Well, your mom was a White. And, now she’s a-”

“Black,” I interrupted.

“Um, you could say that.”

“Thanks, Mr. White.”

“No problem. When you leave, could you tell Griffin to come here?”

“Yes sir.”

I got Mr. Griffin to go to Mr. White’s office. I kind of felt like eavesdropping. Then, I heard them.

“Why don’t you just tell him?” Mr. Griffin asked.

“I’m waiting for the right time,” said Mr. White.

“He didn’t get your clue?”

“Apparently not.”

“Well, what’s so hard to understand about it?”

“Nothing, but he’s only eleven!”

“He needs to know who his fa-”

I guess my eavesdropping session is over. And so is my writing for today!

The author's comments:
This is only the first part of my book, Jesse's Journal. Please comment and tell me if you liked it!

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