Night Rain

March 25, 2010
By Anonymous

Cars buzzing by, sounds of train rushing along the tracks, the voices of venders conversing among other venders. The bright sunlight illuminate the buildings, birds springing upwards in the air. Water flowing down path in the park of the great New York city. Falling closer to a busy road, several people ran in and out of the a stage production building. Within the building was three female, two of which is twins girl. Both were blond , blue-eyed, individual. Though one is wearing glasses, in conformable navy-blue jeans, along with a light green top. The other was, well to simply put it, a girly girl. Dress in a highly fashionable article, color in pink, with matching purse to go with, the two sister are every the different. The two are Jane and Jade Sogno, my two best friend, although a bit annoying. Right, now they are bricking to me about hiring a third co-judges.
“He's perfect for the job. His opinion on everything and everyone is bias. He'll be professional and he's also a college major.”Jane said, as I look at the picture in my hands.
“Plus, he's hot and a new face.” Jade added.

“Maybe, but show me some of example of hie scrupulous work and personality. I don't want to hire someone who's a drunkard.” I said to the twin judges.

“He's from Japan, like you, I think?” Jane guessed.

“He work in a tea shop with his family, which consist of his parents, grandparents, and brother.” Jade added.
“I'm still not sure. How would I know if he wouldn't ostracize one of you in favor of the other” I asked, sitting on the desk edge. Around us, people running around setting up the stage for the talent show, that was to be air in a few days. A show that I am in charge of.
“Sorry, guys but, I got a malicious feeling about this guy.” I confess.

“But you always say that!” Jade shout, pouting at the lips.

Trying to reason with her twin and boss, Jane suggests an interview.
“How about you do an interview with him. You can meet face to face with him and get to know him.”
Blinking at the suggestion, I thought it over, before nodding.
“Alright, I'll do an interview but it's only for you two.” I replied. Screams of happiness could be hear for miles, as Jade and Jane cheer over their little victory, as they cut off my air supply with their arms. Letting go of my arms, the twins ran off before I could get back at them. They know that I hate it when they do that. Regaining my composer, I sighed, as I pick up the phone and dial the number on the slip of paper. Once, twice, a third time before someone pick up on the other line.
“Hello?” the voice answer. “Is this Ryuuji Mizukage?” I asked, quickly.

“Wait, hold on for a moment, let me get him.”replied the voice. Seconds later, additional voice pick up.

“Hey, this is Ryuuji Mizukage. Who's speaking?”

“This is Ayame KamiKage speaking. The producer of the up and coming talent show. In regard of the two co-judges, I would like to give you a change to be a judge on the show.” I answer professional.


Hours pass into the day, as I set up the date. Arriving home, I could hear students training in the dojo. Sliding the shoji screen open, I was greet by the site of Ren, my brother, shouting orders to the disciple as I walk by. Several of them bowed to me as I pass and I, in turn, bow to them. Arriving at my room, I stop when a student call out to me. Bending down, the child whisper into my ear.
“Ayame-sempai, Sensei want to meet you in the garden, he said it was serious.” the child whisper. Nodding, I dismiss the child. Entering my room, I quickly change out of my business outfit into my yukata kimono. Slipping out the door and into the garden. Sensei, or my grandfather as it, was slipping tea on the porch with the light buzzing over head.

“Tadaima, Sensei-oji-san” I said, greeting the elder. Nodding at my greeting, Sensei pat the seat next to him, conjuring up a cup of tea. Sitting down, I stare at the cup with liquid.

“How was your day, Ayame-chan?” Sensei asks. “It's was standard, Sensei” I said, replying. Slipping at the tea, I had a plaid look on. 'The night seem to go on', I thought.

“Sensei, you didn't brought me out here just because you want to drink tea.” I replies after a while. The light flicker for a second as the silent encase the two of us. Sounds of mirth could be hear from Sensei.

“As sharp as always, aren't you? At last, no, my granddaughter... There seem to be a matter of trouble that I would like you to face.” Grandfather said. Part of the fence in the background seem to waver like water before vanishing into thin air. In it's place was a glowing portal. Entering the gateway, follow by Sensei, I was transport to an open field, with several trees and pools. Behind me was immensely large tree, with soft glowing lights in caboodle of places. The tree is known as the tree of eld, it has been on this earth since the beginning of time. History has stated that life came form the tree though no one knows for sure, no one is willing to mess with time travel. The tree is protect with the highest of measure, no one is able to enter this terrain without permission. Turing around, I face the high guardians, protectors of the eld.

“Kamikage-san, there has been several missing person in your domain...” One of the guardians begins.
“We, of the high guardians would like you to exploit the reason...” Continue another.
“and destroy the mortal in command of this.” Order another.


After days of searching, I finally got a clue on something. Sadly, I had to got to work that day, also I have to meet up with Ryuuji. Sighing, I thought this couldn't get any better. I was wrong. Stepping inside the building, I was bombard by interns and stage crews. After yelling out instructions to the crews, I was assault by the twins. Pushing my way though the girls, I relax in my office if only for a minute. A knock woke me up from my nap, it was noon. Looking at the clock, I found it was the time for my interview with Ryuuji. “Come in, the door is open.” I said, cleansing my table of paper.

“Hello, I'm Ryuuji.” He greets. “Hello. Right, let's begin. Why should I hire you for the occupation?” I asks, reviewing over his papers.
“Well, I'm totally different from the twins. Some that would make it more difficult for the contestant to pass. I balance out the girls.” Ryuuji reasons. Rising a brow at that, I smirk.
“You had that one plan out, didn't you?” I asks, with a grin. Returning my smile, Ryuuji didn't answer. After a few more questions, I made my made up my mind.
“Mr. Mizukage, I made my chose... You'll start today.” Taking out some paper, I pass several of them to Ryuuji.
“This is the contract, sign at the bottom and you'll be review the stage production with the rest of the crew.” Signing at the bottom, Ryuuji made his way to the door,
“Oh, and your first task is surviving the twins questioning.” I said, with a smile as he was bombard by the girls. Closing the door behind him, I sat alone for a while before I sense a change in power. 'The barriers are breaking!!!' I thought as I heard several cracks in the building. Running to the door, I found a chaotic summoning, it loud, windy, and dark. The roars of monsters shook me to my core as I watch it form in the middle of the studio. It roar again when it finally arise from the floor, the form of the fiend tower over me by a few feet. With horns on top it's head and spike on it's tail, it was a furious looking demon. Jumping over the demon, I land on my knee in a graceful appearance, my hair flowing free in the breezes. Casing a spell, I aim for it's head, only to be knock into the wall. Dropping down to my knees, I search for a weakness in it's base when abruptly a fire ball hits the fiend down to the ground. Searching around, I found the caster was Ryuuji. Gathering to my feet, I begin my chant.
“Gods of lighting, hear my call, smite my foes into the wall.” Lighting appear all around, striking at the demon. Assembly by Ryuuji, we combine our powers.
“With our magic pulsing in the air, we cast you back from where you came.” I spoke in unions with Ryuuji. The fiend roar once before disappearing into the floor. Questioning Ryuuji with my eyes, I was about to say something when I heard twin screams from behind me. Turing around, I witness the twins go into a stun state. Casting a sleeping spell on the two, catching them before they hit the ground. Whispering my own private spell, I transport Sogno twins to their private rooms in the building. Turing to Ryuuji, I find him trying to escape the area when I was distracted with the twins. Glaring at him, I transports him and myself to Sensei's dojo.


Sliding the shoji screen open, I was greet by the site of Sensei and Ren standing there. Nodding, I push Ryuuji in first. After introduction were made, we were update on the situation at hand. It seem like the seal for the park was breaking loose. It's happening on the same day as the show. 'My luck couldn't get any better.' I thought as I stand behind the stage in the park. People are coming out to see the show, the seats are now fill up with people all over the city. Walking around, I search for any strange active that was going on. When I heard rusting behind me, I cast a blocking charm on the area. It was some smaller demon that escape the seal, delivering them back was a piece of cake. However, during the show, the bigger ones start to appear but, because of the special magic act on now, the audience thought it was part of the show.

“Sleep be with me peaceful sleep restful sleep. Let my mind be eased let my body be calmed. Wings of darkness, let the sight of night and dream be clear, be quiet let my troubles drift away and let me dream.” I chants to the crowd. Immediately, they starts to nod off. My shadow shifts as a figure morph from the shade, the figure grew into my brother and Sensei as Ryuuji appear at my side.

“I am warm. I am fire. Give me all the warmth that I desire.” I utter, blasting the monster in front of me with a fire spell. Along side with me, my brother cast a spell of protections, Sensei was fighting bare hand with several of the larger monsters, Ducking as I sense that there was an attack heading straight toward me.

“ On wings of thunder, honor bound. Search me out, I drum the sound. Twist and turn in the night, Dragon come, my guiding light. Protector, guardian, friend not foe, Come to me, see my sigil glow. Strong and true, this friendship charm, I beacon thee, protect me from harm. Around and about my magick swirls, Come to me, your wings unfurled. Welcome o guardian of Ryuuji” Ryuuji chants, summoning a dragon. The dragon was a big sapphire-blue Chinese dragon. It blew sapphire flames at the fiends, the roars of pain I heard in the fire was agonizing, it chill me to my soul. Seeing that my brother needs some air cover, I utter a spell.

“ Butterfly wings and birds' eyes. Up in the sky, make him fly.” Fling my arms up, Ren shot thought the air, til he was just dot. Up there, he chants spells of thunder and lighting, striking down the devils. After a few minutes of fighting, Sensei order Ryuuji and I to seal the portal close. Running along side him, I begin my spell of binding.
“With the thread of the crimes of your own design. I bind your evil, three times, seven times. I bind you from behind I bind you from before that you'll hurt my people never ever more. I bind you from the left, I bind you from the right I bind you by day and I bind you by night. I bind you from below I bind you from above. That you may ever know the laws of life and love. I bind you with your own good conscience, within and so let this magic. Unfold and spin...” Magic swirl around me in a whirlwind, blowing my hair out of place, tearing at the ground as I stand on top of the portal. Beside me, Ryuuji starts on his spell.
“ In this night and in this hour, I call upon the ancient power close this portal night or day, I want to see it go away.” Ryuuji utters, his magic reenforcing on mines. Threads appear along with chains, tiding down on the entryway. The earth shook as the spells sets in place, and glow a blinding light, covering my eyes, I hurtle together with Ryuuji. After the sealing was done, we went back to the stage.
“You did great, guys.” I said, congratulating them on the show.
“The show got great ratings, so good, that they let me start on next months show with a budgets.” So, in the last few days, I got a new project to work on and a new partner in my sector. Little did I know, it's just the beginning.

The author's comments:
The spells are not mine.

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