The ocean

March 24, 2010
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Dark and unforgiving
It swallows the dead and shakes the living
Carrying me across it’s waves
Finding it useless when counting how many days.

It’s carried me most of my life
Until the waters noticed my strife.
It twisted and stirred
The oceans face blurred.

The waves growing bigger
The clouds darkening, growing thicker
They saw my sins and my wrongs
It knew I would never belong.

So now my body like a deadweight
It cast me to an unimadginable fate.
It crashed and roared
The ocean wasn’t hiding any more.

I am lost within it’s anger
Finding myself as a complete stranger
Not knowing of the cold and the numb.
I wished for the waves to be done.

Unable to hold my breath any longer I began chocking on salt water
Although the waves did not faulter
It pushed me under and dragged me around
Turning my whole world upside down

The ocean is lovely.
The ocean is a mystery
The ocean is divine
The ocean is my demise

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