Prinwins: Airbourne

March 23, 2010
By Angelm101 BRONZE, Rochester, New York
Angelm101 BRONZE, Rochester, New York
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It’s all around me. This darkness. I hear someone scream and turn to find them a few feet away, to my left. I look at the thing closely, it looks like me. Except, wait! I didn’t have that orange-brown hair color. Could it be?

I run over to the person, who takes no notice of me, as I fall to my knees beside them. She stopped screaming, but only for a split second, to look up at me. As she starts screaming again, I feel tears begin to trickle down my face. What had they done to her? But, one thought kept racing through my mind, ‘she is an exact replica of my, just different hair color’.

“They took me away!” she cried out in terror. “They took me from my mom, from my dad!” A shudder ran through me as I caught on who this was.

“THEY TOOK ME AWAY FROM MY SISTER!” she screamed, getting louder. “MY SISTER! MY ONE AND ONLY SISTER! MY TWIN!” she said as her voice began to quiver with fear. My eyes had already clouded up, and now the tears were like a down poor of rain, never stopping.

“Amata?” I whisper to her. Only she can’t hear me because she is screaming again, only louder and longer. I grabbed her shoulders and gave her a small shake. She stops streaming and looks at me again. Her face of horror masking mine.

“Amata?” I say trying to get her to answer me, she looked confused. “Amata? It’s me! It’s Amadora!” she sniffs, and I hear her voice crack as she chooses her words carefully.

“Amadora was my twin!” she said as my mouth dropped open in disbelief, it was really her.

“Amata! It’s really you! Amata! I’m Amadora! I’ve found you!” I said happy to have found my long lost sister.

“No! They took me away from you! I’m not supposed to see you! You aren’t my sister! You’re not her!” she screams again.

“Amata!” I screamed louder than her. “That was before! I’m here! Come home with me!”

“I can’t! They won’t let me!” she starts to rock back and forth as if she was in a daze.

“Who?” when she doesn’t answer I grab hold of her and shake her again. “Who Amata? Who!?” She looks about ready to pee her pants because of all the shock. She points a boney finger at something behind me. I turn to see what it was and see this horrible picture. This thing, sorry, guy was walking towards us, with two demons flanking his sides. The guy was inhumanly, and stunningly beautiful! He stepped closer, and I heard him grunt to his guards and they stop as if an invisible barrier has been put in front of them.

“Aren’t you glad to see your sister, Amadora?” I knew that voice! He moves out of the darkness and I see his face clearly, but I didn’t look yet. “Aren’t you glad to see me?” I took a chance and looked up at this guy looming over me. Oh, no! Ermanno!

I hear a scream pierce through the silence, higher, louder, longer and stronger than my twin’s. Oh, that’s because it was me screaming.

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