Time Travel for You - Part One

March 22, 2010
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"Do you have the answer, Claire?" asked my History teacher. Well of course I didn't have the answer! History, my weakest subject. He knew I didn't know the answer, he just loves embarassing me, it's a teacher thing. Or possibly the time when my friends and I thought it would be funny to "T-P" the entire perimeter of his house! My friends ran, and left me hangging at the scene of the crime.
He saw me and beckoned me to come forth, but I ran after my friends.
"No, Mr.Lawerence. I don't have the answer," I said in a repeated tone. Which means, he asks me questions I don't know the answer to, so he can 'try' to embarass me. But it fails, after so many times, I could care less!
"What a shame. Then I'd like you to write a ten-thousand word essay, on the Bill of Rights," he smerked his oh-so disgusting smerk!
But who am I to get in an argument with our history teacher. Let it go, just let it go!
"Now class! On to other matters," he babbled on. I just shut him out and doodled. Caressing my face with my hand nudged to the side in boredom.
Then I heard him mumble about time machines and time periods. Time. Time. Time! Give it a rest! No one is listening to you!

"So are you coming to my sleepover?" Geniveve asked, gripping her backpack.
"I have that stupid essay!" I boasted in agony.
She shrugged and smiled weakly. "Don't do it then."
"Yeah right! And fail his class? Forcing me to stay in his class another year," I flinched just thinking about it.
We walked down the hall to the door and I stopped to think. A time machine is what I need. Yeah, a machine to whisk me to any time period I want!
"Time machines," I accidently said aloud.
"What?" Gen looked at me like she had seen a human with eight eyes!
"Just nothing...I wanted a time machine, so I can escape! I hate this," I crossed my arms and huffed!
"Hate what?" Gen looked with sympathetic brown eyes.
I ignored her and went home.

What a day! But I shouldn't have been so horrible to Geniveve. After all she is my dearest friend, and has is tough since she has cancer. I should give her a ring at home. I picked up the phone and dialed her cell phone number. No answer? Fine, she's probably mad at me for not telling her and ignoring her.
I grabbed my backpack and headed out to Geniveve's house. I just hate seeing her upset! But I have such a stressful night.

"Gen?" I cracked open the door. No one?
Well her mother is at work, but it can't be that quiet with Geniveve in the house? I walked further in.
I checked everywhere! I walked into her garage and saw her. No...this...can't be right? "Geniveve!" I blurted out running forward for our lives!

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