Time Travel for You - Part One

March 22, 2010
By CreativeScript PLATINUM, Port Hardy, Other
CreativeScript PLATINUM, Port Hardy, Other
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"Do you have the answer, Claire?" asked my History teacher. Well of course I didn't have the answer! History, my weakest subject. He knew I didn't know the answer, he just loves embarassing me, it's a teacher thing. Or possibly the time when my friends and I thought it would be funny to "T-P" the entire perimeter of his house! My friends ran, and left me hangging at the scene of the crime.
He saw me and beckoned me to come forth, but I ran after my friends.
"No, Mr.Lawerence. I don't have the answer," I said in a repeated tone. Which means, he asks me questions I don't know the answer to, so he can 'try' to embarass me. But it fails, after so many times, I could care less!
"What a shame. Then I'd like you to write a ten-thousand word essay, on the Bill of Rights," he smerked his oh-so disgusting smerk!
But who am I to get in an argument with our history teacher. Let it go, just let it go!
"Now class! On to other matters," he babbled on. I just shut him out and doodled. Caressing my face with my hand nudged to the side in boredom.
Then I heard him mumble about time machines and time periods. Time. Time. Time! Give it a rest! No one is listening to you!

"So are you coming to my sleepover?" Geniveve asked, gripping her backpack.
"I have that stupid essay!" I boasted in agony.
She shrugged and smiled weakly. "Don't do it then."
"Yeah right! And fail his class? Forcing me to stay in his class another year," I flinched just thinking about it.
We walked down the hall to the door and I stopped to think. A time machine is what I need. Yeah, a machine to whisk me to any time period I want!
"Time machines," I accidently said aloud.
"What?" Gen looked at me like she had seen a human with eight eyes!
"Just nothing...I wanted a time machine, so I can escape! I hate this," I crossed my arms and huffed!
"Hate what?" Gen looked with sympathetic brown eyes.
I ignored her and went home.

What a day! But I shouldn't have been so horrible to Geniveve. After all she is my dearest friend, and has is tough since she has cancer. I should give her a ring at home. I picked up the phone and dialed her cell phone number. No answer? Fine, she's probably mad at me for not telling her and ignoring her.
I grabbed my backpack and headed out to Geniveve's house. I just hate seeing her upset! But I have such a stressful night.

"Gen?" I cracked open the door. No one?
Well her mother is at work, but it can't be that quiet with Geniveve in the house? I walked further in.
I checked everywhere! I walked into her garage and saw her. No...this...can't be right? "Geniveve!" I blurted out running forward for our lives!

The author's comments:
Claire is in her middle school, getting through it all. You know how it is! Along with her best friend Geniveve who isn't the coolest person around, but has a warm heart while being intolerant and suffering of cancer.
The friends are upset with eachother and Claire decides to make peace by visiting Geniveve, but.. Something has happened. Wait for PART TWO.
Ps: my writing is sloppy hear and the story line was no good but please comment.

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