david van hellsing

March 22, 2010
By terlumun nyamor BRONZE, Rockford, Michigan
terlumun nyamor BRONZE, Rockford, Michigan
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My dream started out as me standing alone on a beach staring at the sea as a giant serpent rose from the churning water and let out a blood-curtailing scream. I tried to run but I couldn’t move it was as if the monster had me under some kind of spell, as it fixed it’s glowing red eye’s on me it made some kind of gurgling sound like it was trying to laugh and then
I heard a piercing voice in my head that sounded like a knife scraping a stone. The voice was odiously the monsters but it wasn’t moving it’s mouth but I didn’t think about that till later, the voice said, so this is the great hero my master is so afraid of, I sense no power coming from you but never the less I will kill you any ways now die. It let out a sharp hiss and just as the monster was about to strike a beautiful
Woman stepped out of the darkness with a cold expression on her face. As she came I noticed she was floating and that she was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, her skin glowed liked polished marble and she had stormy gray eye’s that gave you a felling that she new more than she let on and they were the only sign of age on her face and
they seemed to pierce into your very soul. she also had a kind of weird aura about her like she had some sort of great power or form she wasn’t show us. At the sight of her the monster eye’s clouded with fear and hate, it hissed a mental wave to her so strong I could hear it no!! Your not supposed to be here, it’s against the ancient laws. She raised her hand and the monster disintegrated screaming curses at her when he was gone she turned to me her face softening and said you are chosen. I woke up lying in my bed, covered in cold sweat staring at the wall, the woman’s words echoing in my head. Then I herd a voice scream David!!? David were the hell are you!!! That was my master Fredric the grounds keeper ever since I was old enough he has had me doing most of his job for him he works me like a mule and treats me worse, as I walked into the kitchen I founded him stuffing his fat face with sausage and eggs. I was about to grab a plate then he pulled it away saying if you want to eat like a man you have to work like a man, he threw I piece of breed at me and as I ate it I whispered I’m twice the man you’ll ever be, what’s that he roared taking the bread from me saying for that little comment you can go to bed without lunch or dinner then he liked the grease of his finger shoved what was left of the bread in his greedy fat mouth and stormed out of the room muttering curses about me being a ungrateful lazy boy and that he curses the day he found me in the woods. just so you know I’m an orphan, no one knows who my parents are they just found me in the woods. Any way on my way to clean the hoarse stables I stopped by Trudy’s kitchen because she always feeds me scrapes the the count of the castle didn’t finish, count de Scabious was a good man all in all but he he is fat and tends to waste food. As I walked into the kitchen I found Trudy was crying and I asked her what was wrong and she started sniffling m… m… my hus… husband David di… died this morning, h… he was killed by a monster when he wa… was hunting, And that reached the counts adviser de Picke he wouldn’t even give David’s corps a proper burial. He worked day in and day out, harder than any one of those other men!, and this is how they repay him!! The whole lot of them are a bunch of ungrateful thieves and that de Scabious is too good-natured a man to notice the evil seething from the band of miscreants he is housing. As Trudy was rambling on about what a hard worker her husband had been I picked up a bitten chicken leg and snuck out of the room. On my way across the court yard while I liked the grease of my fingers I noticed to strange figures walking among the crowd that were clad in black clocks and when they noticed me staring at them the started whispering and pointing at me and then they started to running towards me, I don’t know why but in my head I heard one word shouted Run! Then I dashed, when the figures saw me running from them that only seemed to make them more sure of what they were doing and picked up the pace, I ran into a egg cart as I made a turn in a ally ran into “Grors Tavern” and hid behind a pickle barrel the black clad figure walked in and started talking to Gror it looked like they were having and argument then one of the clad figure pulled out 10 crowns and a Gror all of a Sudan had a greedy gleam in his eye and he pointed to the pickle barrel right were I was hiding, I dashed out the back door muttering curses about that rotten greedy traitor under my breath then I saw a latter and climbed up onto a building then pulled the latter with me when the black clad figures saw this they laughed and the creepy thing is there voices didn’t sound human then they did something really weird they jumped all the way to the top of the building that must have been a 5 meter jump, now I knew they weren’t human. I ran across the building and jumped of and landed in a pile of hay the things that were following me jumped down to and cornered me in a ally they started walking towards me very slowly like they knew I wasn’t going to escape then al of a sudden one of them crumpled and fell to the ground with a knife in his head the other swore in some strange language and a sword protruded from it’s stomach, a kind of red liquid drip from the blade that burnt the hay like acid then it died the bodies of the two monsters turned into smoke then disappeared standing behind ware the bodies were, were two people one was a female kajik, kajik are an ancient race that consist of humanoid cat like beings there aren’t very much of them around. The other was a male human, the kajik threw a knife at a wall next to my head with a note pined to it and then they ran when I finally caught my breath my brain started racing, who were those people? Why did they help me? And what the hell were those things that were chasing me? I finally came to the conclusion that I wont find out unless I read the note I pulled the knife out of the wall and noticed it was of fine make, but I don’ have time to admire it craftsmanship. In the slip of parchment I read all will be explained later at midnight sneak into the hoarse stables and bring equipment for a long journey.

I walked into the stables carrying a sack of all my belongings, a second pair of shoes, another pair of cloths, that knife that was thrown at me that almost made p*** my pants and a book of novice magic that the potions master William gave me for my 13 birth day. I was wondering if I should have trusted those strangers but nothing very interesting ever happens at Hartslove castle. Well there is only one way to find out. When I walked into the horse stables my life was changed forever.

The author's comments:
i was was inspired for this piece after i read the percy jackson seriese

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