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March 22, 2010
By maximo oxlaj SILVER, Austin, Texas
maximo oxlaj SILVER, Austin, Texas
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By placing first place at district, Zach and most of the wrestling team qualified for regionals. Zach’s team had a week to practice and during that week, Zach practice on all of the moves he knew and helped his friend Gary. They left a day before regional stared because the coaches we going to have a meeting.

When they got to San Antonio, Zach coach checked them in La Quinta Inns Hotel. Zach and the team stayed there at the hotel wild their coach went to the meeting. Zach was getting all of his wrestling gear ready for tomorrow’s big day when suddenly he heard someone knocking at his door. When opened the door, his friend Gary and another wrestler from another school invited him to the pool. Zach didn’t want to go but Gary convinces him to go.
When Zach got at the pool, he saw a lot of people from different school in the Jacuzzi and others sitting on around the tables. When Zach was walking towards Gary, a wrestler pushed Zach into the pool. When he got out of the pool, the wrestler apologized to Zach but he ignored him and kept walking towards the Jacuzzi where Gary was at. When he got into the Jacuzzi, he was thinking on making it to state. When Zach saw that it was about to be nine a clock, he went back to his room.

As he was walking toward the elevator, he tripped on the thick carpet. Wild he was waiting for the elevator to opened, her friend Nicole catch up to him and told Zach that they were going to have party tonight when the coaches were asleep. Zach said ok but he was going to leave early because he didn’t wanted to be sleepy tomorrow. As he said good bye to Nicole, the elevator opened. He got inside and pushed the bottom that took him to the seventh floor.
The elevator was stopped at the third floor and a wrestler got inside. He asked for Zach name and the weight class that he wrestle. When Zach told him his name and the weight class, the wrestler didn’t say a word. Zach asked him the same question. He said that his name is Brandon and he was also a one twenty five. When the door opened, they both got out of the elevator and realized that they were next to each other. Brandon told Zach that they might wrestle each other tomorrow or not. When Zach close his door, he set his alarm for five fifty five a.m. then he decided not to go to the party because he might wrestle Brandon because he was tall and really strong and he wanted to be fully awake.
When Zach woke up he went to the restroom and took a shower and brushed his teeth. When Zach came out, he got his bag and headed to the living room. When he got there, he was waiting for his coach and his team mates. When they got there, they all got in the charger bus and headed to the blossom center.
When they got to the blossom center, Zach saw wrestler from their district but not from his weight class. He went down stairs where his weight class was at. When Zach got there, he saw Brandon sitting on the matt with other wrestlers of the same weight class. Zach asked Brandon if the referee had taken them to the locker room yet. Brandon shook his head and told Zach to sit with him. Both of them were talking about wrestling each other at the finals. Then the referee called the one twenty five weight class and took them to the locker room.
When they got to the locker room, the referee told the entire wrestlers to take their close off and to stay in under wares or spandex. The referee said that he was going to be checking the wrestler skin and nails and checked if they were on weight. When Zach was called, he walked towards the referee and showed him his nails. The referee told him to opened his arms and then to turn around. Then he was told to stand on the scale. The referee told him that he was ok and that he could go back outside. Zach put his clothe back and headed where his team was sitting at.
When he got there, he got some breakfast tacos from Nicole. As he was eating his taco, Brandon walked by and said good luck. Then he stood up because someone from Churchill was singing the national anthem. When he finished, Zach went to the restroom to put on his wrestling shoes and singlet and his warm ups.
On his first match, Zach won but lost at the semifinals. As Zach was looking at the brackets, Brandon passed by and asked how he was doing. Zach told him that he lost at the semifinals but is at the finals of consolation. Brandon told him that he lost in the first round and at the semifinals of consolation and now he is going to wrestle for fifth place. He said that if he wins, he was going to challenge the forth place winner for a chance to go to STATE. Zach stood quiet for a moment and said good bye. As he was walking towards the tournament director to get his bout number, he was thinking about his match. If he wins his match, he won’t have to wrestle Brandon but if he loses, he is going to have to wrestle Brandon even though he doesn’t want to wrestle him. At the end of his match the score was four to six, Zach lost by two points and now he have to wrestle Brandon.

As Brandon and Zach were walking tours the tournament director to get their bout number, both of them were quiet. They were told to go to the third matt because there wasn’t anyone there. When they got there, they took their warm up off and put their head gear on and walked to the middle of the matt. The referee told them to shacked hands and wished them good luck. As they shocked hands, Zach told Brandon “let the best wrestler win and go to STATE”. When the referee blew the whistle, they started to wrestle. At the end of the four to four and they went to sudden death were the first take down would give them the victory. At the end of the sudden death, no one got a takedown or any points. They went to over time were the periods were thirty seconds long and there were three periods. On the first period they started neutral but no one got any points. Then in the second round, the referees flip a coin to see whose choice it’s. It was Zach’s choice so he referred and the referee asked Brandon what he wanted to do. Brandon chose top possession and wait for Zach to get ready. When the referee blew the whistle, Zach got a reversal on Brandon and kept him down until the end of the second period. At the end of the period the sore was six to four. Then in the third period, Zach chose bottom possession. He got a point for locking hands and then he got another reversal. When the match ended, the score was nine to four. They both shocked hands and the referee raised Zach’s hand. Both Zach and Brandon hug each other and said that that was a really good match and they both headed were their team was at.
When Zach got up stair, the team told him that they were proud of him. Zach said thank you and put his warm up back on. He waited until everyone finished wrestling and then the tournament director told all the wrestler to come down stairs and make a line starting from one hundred and three to heavy weight.
When Zach got down stairs he saw Brandon and walked towards him. When he got there, he told Brandon that next he hopes to him again but these times at the finals so both of them can go to STATE. He also wished him good luck on his coming wrestling season. Then Zach name was called and he went to his medal. When all the medals were given to the entire wrestler that qualified for STATE, Zach and his team headed back to Austin.

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