The Briefing

March 15, 2010
By Tugboatx7 BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
Tugboatx7 BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
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Two men sat at a desk listening to a commander tell them their mission. It was a simple mission for pros like these two, but they might have to deal with a few problems, one being each other. They are enemies, total opposites. Both of them spies, but one from America, and the other from Russia. In the spy world you already have no friends, and that is true even if they are from the same territory, but them being from opposing countries is just dangerous. So the two are them sat there scowling at each other.

Alexie, the Russian wore a long sleeved dark gray shirt and black tactical pants. His hair was blonde and nearly down to his shoulders. He wore his hair flipped back so the scar across his forehead was visible. He had distinct frown lines that were etched into his face from many years of expressionless silence. His bright blue eyes fixed coldly on the American.

The American spy was Campbell. He has a willpower complex and has been through it all even though he is only in his early thirties. He sat back slouched in his chair shooting a fiery gaze in Alexie’s direction. Campbell wore a long sleeved black shirt with his sleeves rolled up. The veins in his arms branched out in all directions with solid definition. He too wore black tactical pants, it was standard issue, its that or Dickies. His head was shaved and he had a graying five o clock shadow. His eyes though, were opposites of Alexie’s. His eyes were warm and dark brown.

“What’s the damn objective Mills, I can’t sit here and stare at this Soviet bast**d much longer.” Campbell asked.

“Shut your f***ing mouth, I have never worked for the Soviet’s. I’ve worked on my own even while Russia was under Soviet rule, and I’d like to keep it that way instead of work for scum like you!” Alexie retaliated looking back and forth between Campbell and Mills.

“Both of you shut the hell up, you’d better set your disputes aside because if you two can’t work out your s***, much of the world will be in danger, that includes Russia and the U.S.” Mills spoke distinctly to both of them.

“We’re listening.” Campbell said with his eyebrow raised looking at Alexie.

“Right,” mills replied in disbelief. “Like I was saying, we really need you two to work together and settle your problems, because what I have to show you could really offset the way the world functions.” he said pushing a button under the table bringing up a digital map of East Asia. It spread across the whole desk.

“Woah Cap, when did you decide to get a little less primitive and throw away the old elementary map?” The American joked.

“Good one. Okay I’ll get right to it, and I’ll be as blunt as possible. You both know that China got nuclear weapons way back in ’64, and you both should know that North Korea got their little fingers on nuclear weapons also about four years ago,” Alexie and Campbell both nodded in unison. “Well china helped their little Asian friends out and gave them 100 new nukes that were developed by China. They went for thick price. Anyway, these aren’t normal nukes. They are twice the size of Russia’s Tzar hydrogen bomb and what makes it worse is that each bomb has an EMP wave after shock that could put whole states in the dark.”

“S***…” Campbell sat in awe.

“Damn…” Alexie looked blankly at the map.

“Yeah, its heavy stuff, and we all know Kim’s got a boner for unleashing stupid s*** like this.” Mills said putting his hands on his waist.

“Are you sure their planning on using these?” Campbell asked.

“Completely sure. An informant of mine bugged Kim’s office and caught the little bast**d saying he was going to use them as soon as they are prepped and ready.”

“Wait, they aren’t ready for deployment?” Alexie asked Mills.

“No, and that’s why I called on you two for some much needed assistance. China has the computer chips that, which when they are placed in the nukes, will turn these things into hot potatoes. It is your guys’ job to make sure China can’t hand those over. Period.” Mills said as he pointed at China on the map.

“No worries Captain, when do we ship out?” Campbell asked

“Tomorrow.” Mills replied.

“Sweet.” Alexie said smiling and looked over to that Campbell was indeed smiling too.

The author's comments:
Our future depends on these two spies.

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