Sun Fighter Pt. 2

March 3, 2010
By EndlessThought BRONZE, Raleigh, North Carolina
EndlessThought BRONZE, Raleigh, North Carolina
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This place seemed familiar to Lucas, as though he had been here before. It’s the battlefield from the dream! he thought excitedly. The next day had come quickly and this is where the Grandmaster said Tai Len would rise. The air in this place was full of sadness and death. There wasn’t a tree or living thing for miles. Lucas’ muscles tensed, he felt something coming.
The sky turned jet black and the ground started to shake violently. Lucas knew what was happening; Tai Len was coming. The ground started to break apart as though it was ripping apart at the seams. A grotesque head appeared out of the giant tear. Tai Len! thought Lucas as he filled with anger.
“Finally! Freedom is mine and so is this world!” said the great demon, “And there is no warrior to oppose me in my conquest.”
“I must disagree with you,” Lucas said as he walked into full view, “You will never take over this world.” Lucas unsheathed Huo Kuo and got into a stance for attack.
“That sword! How did you come to posses such a vile item?” asked Tai Len in disbelief. How could the sword that had stopped him so many years ago come into the possession of such a meager looking individual?
“Huo Kou is inherited, not found. I am a descendent of Lu Kai,” said Lucas. Tai Len’s fiery eyes seemed to become more enraged with the mention of Lu Kai’s name.
“I see,” said Tai Len. He raised his hand and a sword appeared. Its blade was black and hilt pure white. Shadow Monger.
“Prepare yourself demon. It is time for your permanent demise,” said Lucas. With that the battle began.
Lucas raced at Tai Len, sword at the ready. As he came closer he could see that there was a scar over Tai Len’s right eye. Lucas approached Tai Len quickly. He swung at him, but Tai Len blocked the attack with Shadow Monger.
“You’re gonna have to do better than that boy,” said Tai Len grinning evilly. Tai Len then swung his sword in a wide sweep. Lucas blocked, but the sheer force of the swing was enough to knock him off his feet. Lucas quickly got up and came in for a series of Monkey kicks. Tai Len blocked most of them, but those that did make contact seemed to hurt him.
“We shall have no more of that,” shouted Tai Len and he swung his sword at Lucas. Lucas tried to dodge, but couldn’t get away fast enough. There was a large gash in his left leg and on top of that it burned as though someone had poured molten fire into the cut.
“AHHH!!!” screamed Lucas. He fell and within seconds Tai Len was upon him. Tai Len raised his sword and brought it down into Lucas’s abdomen. Lucas, pinned to the ground, started coughing up blood. No… It can’t end like this. Lucas started to blackout.

Huo Kou started to glow bright orange in Lucas’s hand. An aura started to appear around Lucas, the same color as Huo Kou. Shadow Monger jutted out of Lucas, and he started to rise off of the ground. The aura grew brighter. Lucas’ wounds started to close and the aura took the shape of a man. Lucas’ eyes opened and they appeared to be the same color as Huo Kou. Lucas descended to the ground. He was now fully enveloped in the orange aura. The aura finished taking shape.

“Lu Kai?” asked Tai Len in disbelief.

“I told you as long my spirit lived, your evil would not reign,” said Lucas, but he was not Lucas anymore. The spirit of Lu Kai had come forth from Huo Kou and resided in the body of Lucas.

With an inhuman speed, Lucas ran at Tai Len. He plunged his sword into the demon’s abdomen. Tai Len staggered back and almost fell over, but caught himself. Lucas did not let up; he was on Tai Len in a heartbeat. He slashed his sword at Tai Len’s chest. It left a giant gash.

“Ahhh!” screamed Tai Len looking at his chest, “You are dead boy!”

Lucas rushed at Tai Len again, but was thrust aside with a swipe of Tai Len’s hand. Lucas rolled and hopped on his feet. He lunged at Tai Len again. This time he brought Huo Kou down hard on Tai Len’s forearm. Tai Len’s hand hit the ground with a thud. Tai Len filled with rage, so much so that he started trembling. He let out a massive roar and charged at Lucas. Lucas parried and as Tai Len ran passed, he stabbed his sword into the demon’s back.

Tai Len let out an enormous roar in pain. He fell over and hit the ground hard. Lucas was on Tai Len before he could regain his balance. “THIS ENDS NOW!” screamed Lucas as he thrust Huo Kou into the demon’s neck. Tai Len fell limp and at that moment Lucas knew the demon was dead. He removed the sword and fell in to the dirt. The aura disappeared and Huo Kou ceased glowing. I did it. Tai Len is defeated and now the world can be at ease, thought Lucas as he blacked out.

Lucas woke up in his room at the temple. Master Ai Tai was sitting next to the bed reading a book. “Lucas, welcome back. You did well and I am proud to call you my student,” said Ai Tai.

“Thank you master. I was wondering though, How long was I out?”

“2 days, but you have recovered quickly from your wounds. Now get dressed the Grandmaster would like to speak with you before our journey back to your home.”

Lucas got dressed and preceded to the throne room. When he got there the Grandmaster was sitting on his throne, grinning. “Young warrior, you’ve done it. You have purged this world of a great evil.”

“Thank you, Grandmaster. Now that Tai Len is gone, what do I do?” asked Lucas

“You may return to your normal life, and if the need should ever arise again we shall call on you.”

“Thank you Grandmaster for all of your help.”

“Thank you young warrior for protecting the world. Be safe on your journey home.”

When Lucas stepped outside the room, Ai Tai was waiting for him. “Time to return home,” he said.

“Yes master,” said Lucas. They turned and headed back toward Lucas’s home.

On the battlefield another rip tore the ground wide open. Shadow Monger started to glow and floated into the rift. A dark laughter could be heard inside the hole. The rift closed as Shadow Monger entered. “Enjoy your peace while you can. You shall all soon be mine.”
The End

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