March 3, 2010
By Anonymous

day a girl named Mandy was walking though a park and she saw a sigh that said “Short cut this way.” So she followed the way the sigh said to go. All the sudden there was no ground. She had fallen down a hole. When she smacked the ground she found out that this hole led to a place where everything is made of candy. Mandy walked through a cave and saw a sigh that said “Welcome to Candyland.” Mandy heard a voice coming from behind the sigh. It was a person that looked like a swirled lollypop with a stick. Mandy asked “What’s your name lollypop?”

He replied “My name is Frank, what is yours?”

“Mandy” she answered,” How do I get out here?”

“You have to play through the game” Frank said
“Ok how do that?”Mandy questioned
“First you have to start picking a card from that tree.”Frank told her. So she did and she picked a card with a red box.

“Now what” Mandy asked

“Well find your first red box on the path right in front of you.”
“Ok. “ Mandy replied, the first red box was the second box on the path.”Now what?” Mandy questioned.

“Just wait.” Frank stated .All of the sudden a card shot right at Mandy.

Mandy shouted” What was that?”

“Your next card.” he answered .Another flew at her “Catch it!” Mandy caught the card this one had a yellow square.” Repeat this process until you get to the chocolate castle.”Frank said “If you need any help just say, Frank the lollypop.”

“Ok. “ Mandy replied she moved to the next yellow square then heard a poof. The poof was frank proofing away. Then a card came flying at her .It had a jellybean on it .Mandy didn’t know what to do so she said “Frank the lollypop.” And he magically appeared.

He asked “What do you need help with?”

“I don’t know what this card means.” Mandy replied

“Well this card means you are summoned to the jellybean king .”Said Frank .

“Well were do I go for that?” Mandy inquired”

“This green beam will shine down and you over to his castle.” “This beam will be here any second now.”Frank said “

“Ok “Mandy replied. Buzz the green beam came down and took Mandy away. Mandy plopped on the ground and landed in front of this huge castle with jellybean on the front. The doors flew open and a voice came on the speakers, and said “Enter trespasser. After a while Mandy went in the castle. The floor was made of jellybeans .The walls were made of giant jellybean pictures.Mandy walked down a hallway at the end there was a huge doorway .At the top it said king .She knocked on the door.”Come in .”A deep voice called. She opened the door and the said “Here is a key you will need it if you get to the chocolate castle.”
“Ok .”Mandy replied .The key was shaped as a jelly bean .Mandy left the jellybean castle ,when she got back to the game board there was knew path . Then was a bang and the path appeared. She stepped on the Square with a lime green jellybean on it. A card shoot out when she stood on the square .Mandy got the card and it had a chocolate bridge on it .She didn’t know what to do so she said “Frank the lollypop .“He magically appeared and he asked

“What do you need help with Mandy?”Frank questioned.

“Well I got a card with a chocolate bridge on it and I don’t know what it means.” Mandy answered.

“It means you have to pass the evil troll beneath the old, chipping ,broken chocolate bridge.”Frank stated.

“Well what do I have to do to destroy him?”Mandy inquired.

“ Ok
Then I will be off “.Mandy replied and walked down the hill.

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