Chapter Four:Hell's Arming

March 19, 2010
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Current Time

Lucifer threw his head back and laughed.

You massacred the entire town? Such brutality…” Lucifer mused. “But it is humans that we are talking about… so I suppose it is fitting” Lucifer then grimaced. “We should be more subtle in the future however. I’m surprised God didn’t notice a whole village of Humans being killed.”

Ariel gave a hollow, sad laugh and in a despondent tone she explained.

“Lucifer, you’ve been imprisoned for a very long time. In your absence, God has let humanity spread like a plague of rats. It’s sad how they know Earth doesn’t have the space or resources to sustain them, but even so, they continue to abuse the trust God gave them.”

Her voice then turned bitter and hard.

“Yet, that old fool, in his foolishness and stupidity, turns a blind eye and he orders the rest of Heaven to do so! I had loved God once, as had all Angels. I was utterly devoted to him, until I saw the sick brain behind his benign face”

Lucifer sighed.

“I always knew that Humanity was a threat to Earth, and by extension Heaven, but this…” he grimaced, “…this is much worse than I imagined. There may not be an Earth left to save. However, we must try our best for the sake of what is left of Earth and Heaven.”

Lucifer then stretched his wings and took flight. He grimaced as some of his feathers, stiff with neglect and underuse, broke off. His wings were caked in blood from the earlier battle, the once gleaming feathers dull and blackened from millennia of neglect. He called down to Ariel and her group. “My fellow dissenters let us go. We have an army to gather. You can bet those fools in heaven are mustering their troops even now. We must strike when they are disorganized.”

Lucifer gazed up, and it seemed as if he were trying to catch a glimpse of Heaven itself

“I wonder how they are dealing with my escape. They will have their army readied soon.”

Lucifer was partially right. The nine Angels that Lucifer had spared had hurried back to Heaven, and one of them rushed to God and told him of the Minor Angel army’s defeat at Lucifer’s hand, God had sent Michael to gather an army of Angels and head down to Hell as soon as he could, and stop Lucifer before he raised his army of demons once more. The problem was that after the first war millions of years ago the Angels had dispersed to across both Earth and Heaven, and most had stopped practicing the art of war. As a result, Heaven only had maybe a third of the number it had in its first war that battle ready, as well as the two castes of Angel leaders, the Seraphim and the Archangels. The odds, though, had absolutely no effect on Archangel Michael, the General of Heaven’s army, as well as God’s right hand man.
He was grinning haughtily once he exited God’s throne room. To him, the war was already won. In his mind, there was no way some demons; some pathetic turncoat Angels and that weakling Lucifer could threaten Heaven. He made sure his opulent armour was fitted properly and walked out to the courtyard of God’s palace where he was met by Kirrabel, the Angel that had told God of the Minor Angels’ defeat. She was clearly very nervous, constantly shifting her feet and eyes.

“My power must be scaring her… as it should.” Michael thought as he smiled smugly at her.

“Hello Kirrabel.”

“You w-wa-wanted to see me Archangel Michael?” Kirrabel stammered.

“Yes I did. Seeing as you and your eight friends failed to kill Lucifer, I personally think you owe Heaven. Don’t you agree?”

Kirrabel was now even more unnerved as she stuttered.

“Y-Yes Archangel Michael.”

“I want you and those other eight failures to go around Heaven and Earth and get every single Angel who is battle ready. I want them collected in front of God’s palace in eight hours.”

That number seemed a little unreasonable to gather around three-thousand angels, but Kirrabel knew better than to challenge Michael “Y-Yes Archangel.”

Michael nodded and turned, as if to walk back to God’s palace; before savagely kicking her in the stomach and smiled as she crumpled to the ground in pain.
“A lowly Minor Angel such as yourself should be calling me Lord Michael” He corrected testily. “You had better not be late; otherwise I will arrange a slow and painful death for you. I doubt anyone in Heaven will miss trash like you. Now fly!”

Kirrabel hastily got up, tears streaming down her face, and blood starting to trickle down from her stomach.

She coughed as she shakily spread her wings. “Y-.Yes Arc-Lord Michael.”
She unsteadily flapped her wings and lifted into the sky, setting out for her errand, and on the ground Michael threw back his head and began to laugh. As the figure of Kirrabel disappeared over the horizon, he looked at the blood splatters on the floor, and thought back at what he had just done. He smiled. Life was good.

Lativas woke up to a knock at his door. It was early afternoon in the City of Heaven, but he was one of the Angels who Lucifer had spared, and he was taking a nap after that traumatic incident. He cringed as he remembered the sight of the Morning Star cleaving his best friend in half and baled his fists. He vowed to kill him no matter the…

Another knock on the door jarred him out of his reflections, and he opened the door to find a bleeding Kirrabel.

Instantly he forgot his thoughts of revenge, and his eyes widened. “Kirrabel, what happened to you?”

Kirrabel coughed. “That doesn’t matter. But we need you to come with us.”

Lativas looked confused “We…?” He then glanced behind Kirrabel, where seven other Angels were “Who are these Angels?”

Kirrabel smiled a bit, but an undercurrent of worry was evident.

“Don’t you recognise them at all Lativas?”

Lativas took another, longer look at the strangers this time… they seemed familiar… but he just couldn’t place his finger on it.

One of the Angels piqued up “Does ‘Battle with Lucifer’ ring any bells?”

Lativas looked over the seven Angels once more, and realised that there were the seven other Angels that Lucifer had let live. “Ahh, yes now I remember you all. You’re the other Minor Angels who had survived the recent battle. So what do you need me for?”

Kirrabel coughed “ Oh sorry, ummm, Arc-Lord Michael has told us that we must gather all the war-ready Angels in front of God’s palace in,” Kirrabel coughed again, and this time a little blood came out, and a pained look crossed her face “In eight hours… wait seven and a half hours now”

Lativas gasped “Seven and a half hours to gather nearly three thousand Angels? Doesn’t that seem a little unreasonable?”

Kirrabel’s tone intensely sorrowful, and marred with pain “Lord Michael said that if we are late, he shall kill us; I am sure that he will carry out his threat”

“I’m sure he wouldn’t do that!” Lativas exclaimed

“I’m not willing to stake my life on that,” One of the Angels said gravely

“Enough” Kirrabel said. “We only have about seven and a half hours left to gather a host of Angels. Let us split up and fly off swiftly. We have no time to waste.”
The Angels nodded in agreement, though somewhat reluctantly. They spread their wings at one and lifted off, ready to gather again the army of Heaven.

Meanwhile, in the deepest bowels of Hell, a host had been gathered. By the flickering light of Hell’s fires, they had come, drawn once again to the Morning Star. There were snarling Demons, some with claws glinting in the dim glow, others sporting long glistening fangs. There were also many Angels whom had come fresh from Heaven, whom had been convinced by Ariel to take arms against Heaven, most of whom had their domains ruined by the humans. They stood out from the Demons the way that diamonds would stand out amongst a bed of river stones, as they glowed with a yet untarnished holy light.
In front of the varied army stood Lucifer, dressed in full battle armour, with his blade Potentia at his side. At his left stood Ariel who was surveying the host in front of her with interest, while Hayyel crouched at his right, ready to defend Lucifer if any of the Angels or Demons proved hostile. The other Angels, whom had freed Lucifer, were standing behind him, surveying the Damned host before them. Lucifer drew his blade from its scabbard and raised it high in the air, and it began to glow brightly as Lucifer roared, “To arms, my brothers and sisters of damnation! To arms!” and the host before him roared in reply. Lucifer sheathed his blade and smiled. The armies of Hell were ready to tear Heaven apart.

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