Operation: Reboot

March 15, 2010
By Cartoon BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
Cartoon BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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Favorite Quote:
"Do what you gotta do to do what you wanna do."

-My Dad

If you are reading this, you've somehow stumbled upon my notebook. If you like happy, frilly rainbow leprechaun stories, close this book and find someone who enjoys the opposite. My name is J.B Logan. I’ve lived in Aurora, Colorado, barely across the border between Stapleton and Aurora since I was eighteen. I’m African American and in fairly good shape. I always have had an interest in cars and other automobiles. I also enjoy basketball, and occasionally a good video game. I previously served as a member of special ops (operations) for an organization called Rainbow. I was 29 then and very lonely. What inspired me to join Rainbow was the urge to do something good for the world. Two years ago from today, I split from my team. At that point I lived an isolated life in my home with only my dog, Doog. Because, I was unwilling to kill anyone else, and I had felt I’d seen too much death and pain to go on. I only went outside for exercise or to walk Doog. I only let my family talk to me. A brother, D.J, a Mom and a Dad. Only one other person talked to me... That was Jimmy Kods. He was my only real friend. Or so I thought. This is my story.

My team was made out of four, including me. Gus was our demolitions, Kit (a nickname) was our sniper, Derrick was our reconnaissance, and I was the leader and assault. We all had multiple combat skills, but these were our specialties. We got a mission that was fairly straight forward. Rescue all hostages and neutralize all necessary terrorists or direct threats to the mission. As we flew to the drop zone in our UH-N1 Twin Huey military helicopter, I noticed a flash of silver through the dull gray early morning sky and realized what it was too late. Within ten seconds the pilot was dead and the copter was plummeting toward the ground from nine hundred feet at seventy miles per hour. Over all the madness Kit yelled, "A sniper,"

"Ya think," I responded

"They must've known we were coming,"

"Impossible! Perhaps they saw us! This copter isn't exactly discreet," I hollered.

"Good poi-" His words were cut off by the screeching of iron and other metals crunching together while the copter skidded across the pavement plowing over signs and finally coming to a noisy metallic stop on a stoplight pole. Because of the seat belts all survived but the pilot who was shot directly in the head by the sniper Kit mentioned. When we disembarked from what was now just a crunched pod of smoldering metal. We were an estimated quarter mile from our destination. Right as we were about to take a step we heard a snap and looked back at the copter. We realized an oil tube had snapped and the oil was heading straight for a flame. We darted toward cover and dived just in time to be far enough away to feel the heat graze our necks through our protective gear. "Well there goes our ride out.”Complained Derrick. "We'll figure it out, but at the moment the sun is setting and we have orders to carry out." I replied. After cautiously sneaking to our destination, we opened the heartbeat sensors on our weapons to scan for life beyond the giant oak doors of the embassy. There were none. As quietly as possible we opened the doors and sneaked through the corridors lined with red velvet carpet and quaint tan and blue walls. At every door our heartbeat sensors would tell us weather or not there were terrorists in a room or if there were potential hostage situations. There were few occasions where we met terrorists, but when we did we made short work of them. There was one hostage in the theatr on the first floor. We slowly opened the door. There was one terrorist in the theater which was lined with deep sea blue carpet with red and yellow triangles stitched into it. There were also twelve rows of seats that consisted of six seats each. As we sneaked from row to row, the lone terrorist turned towards Derrick who was going around the edge of the theater trying to stay in the shadows. Derrick stopped as he realized what had happened, but it was too late. The terrorist shouted and raised his gun toward Derrick and fired a small cloud of black bullets whizzing toward Derrick and in less than a second he was lying against the wall limp and lifeless. I hopped up while at the same time yelling. I showered the killer with my bullets and he instantly fell to the ground. We found the hostages there hiding behind the part of the curtain that had not been shot. And found that there were three more terrorists behind the curtain. After we found the hostages, we fought to the roof and found a black chopper to escape in. We radioed the commander and explained what had happened then returned to our hidden base in Switzerland. People from the base and I returned to the crash sight and saw that the pieces of copter we put into a pile and on top a piece of paper with a square on it. The square had a circle inside, and that had a triangle in it. We back to base, but the tests for prints were unsuccessful.

When I returned to Colorado it was a typical Colorado day. It was February and in the mid fifties. Typical Colorado.

One, day I was going to walk Doog, and I saw it. That same paper, but this time, it had words scrawled on it in red pen. You ruined our plans, now I have the one person dearest to you. Find me on 2340 Iola St. as soon as possible. I thought to my self, who is this person? How could this person now D.J is dearest to me? I contacted my old team, but they just called me paranoid. I called Jimmy, and told him they had D.J. He asked who had him and I said the sniper who caused the crash two years ago. He came to help me. Together in my Royal Blue 568 horsepower 1970 Ford Mustang Fastback we raced to Iola and stormed in. We found another paper. It read, Too slow. Meet me at 13th and Washington St. Better hurry.

"Ahhhhhhhhha," I mumbled.

"He's just messin' with you J.B. It’s all a game to him," said Jimmy.

We drove to the address and found no one. We saw an open manhole with a paper and we descended into the darkness with a flashlight and a gun. We followed a trail of papers until we emerged where we entered and saw a figure's foot leave the darkness.

"There he is!" I cried.

We followed him as fast as possible up the ladder and saw him jump in a new black 2010 BMW and screech away. We darted to the Mustang and I put the pedal to the metal as we embarked on a high speed chase. We weaved left and right through traffic and slid through corners at 120, 130, 140 MPH as I tried my best to get back my brother. I rammed the tail of the BMW and as they spun across the street a minivan barrels into them and sends them rolling down the street. At that moment memories of the helicopter crash awakened in my mind and I almost crash into a tree, but Jimmy saved us both. When I snap back to reality I see the kidnapper crawl out of the car with D.J and run. I floor it as anger and fear combined flowed through me. I got out of the car when we got to a passage too narrow for a car and sprinted after them.

"Stay here in case they double back! And if anyone asks tell them the truth," I yelled to Jimmy.

"Sorry, I can’t do that," He responded.

“What,” I asked.

“My employer won’t allow me to do that,” He said as he tried to pull a fast one and take out a gun. But, that time in special ops defiantly helped out at that moment. I slapped the gun aside and slammed my elbow into his jaw and he snapped back howling in pain as his jaw now hung crooked.
Still able to see the kidnapper and D.J, I ran after them gun in hand and bellowed, "Stoooop!"

When he didn't stop I fired a warning shot, but he kept running. I thought to myself, how can he run so fast and for so long holding a twelve year old? As he kept running I stopped and took aim.
I mumbled to myself, "Head, back, thigh, calve, and...ankle!"

I pulled the trigger and the pistol snapped back as the bullet zoomed through the barrel and pierced the kidnapper's ankle. He screamed in pain as he fell to the ground and dropped my brother. When I caught up, my first move was to check to make sure my brother was OK.

"Are you okay?" I asked.

"Yea, I’m fine. Although I think my arm might have been broken during the crash," Said D.J.

I called the cops and when they got there I explained what happened and they hauled the criminal in. Then I returned to the Mustang and Jimmy was gone. Then I drove D.J. to the hospital.

The kidnapper was condemned to a lifetime sentence in prison. Apparently he had committed many other crimes and was a very wanted criminal by the F.B.I.

Two years later, I went to the prison he was in. I talked to him and asked him why he had targeted me and my brother.

“You cost me my job. You cost me my fortune,” He said.

“How did I do this to you,” I asked.

“You thwarted our plans in Milan. I was the head of that mission. If we would have pulled that off, I would be rich, filthy stinkin’ rich. But noooo, you and rainbow had to ruin it all. We thought you were dead because of that crash. My aim was perfect but somehow you survived.”

“You did this for money?”


“That’s all I needed. Goodbye.”

I've become open to the world and all that may come since I saw what the place can be like. Now I live happily with many friends. Although I’m still wondering what happened to Jimmy and if I’ll ever see him again. If that ever happens, I don’t know what I’ll do. I've also re-joined Rainbow. I now look forward to life and its gifts.

The author's comments:
Strangely enough this story was based on a video game.

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