Allie, Part 2

March 19, 2010
By Sinnahmin BRONZE, Campbell, California
Sinnahmin BRONZE, Campbell, California
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Chapter Five


Okay, before I tell you all what’s about to happen, let’s recap for a sec. My mom is mentally killing herself because we’re all tied up in the middle of nowhere because of her big secret that I just found out about ten minutes ago. Who knew so much could happen in so little time, right? Anyways, I’m about to be killed because my family voted me dead. Well, not everyone, but two out of the total immediate family members did. Out of everyone, my BROTHER didn’t vote for me, though who would think that, right? If I had to “choose a favorite” in my family, it would SO be my brother right now. Sorry, back to the point.

The midget hands the gun over to my kidnapper and loads it with ammunition. Wait, the gun wasn’t even loaded the whole time? Wow. Oh well.

“I will give you five minutes to say goodbye to your family. Then you’ll be shot.” My kidnapper tells me. Even if my plan doesn’t work, I’ll say goodbye to them anways. I wave goodbye to my mom, and get up to hug her.

“Where the hell do you think you’re going, kid?” My kidnapper says.

“A-am I allowed to hug my family goodbye?” I ask. He just shakes his head in stupidity and waves his hand towards them. I hug her.

“I-I-I’m sorry…” she whispers.

“If you were REALLY sorry, you wouldn’t have voted for me. Better yet, make this all happen.” I say in a stern tone. I feel REALLY bad after saying that, half-thinking those might be the last words I’m ever going to say to her, but if she got help, once again, this wouldn’t have happened. I get up to say goodbye to dad. Dad… we never really had a heartwarming relationship, but still. You’ve gotta love him, right. I get up. I kiss him and hug him and say, “Love you.” That really stuck me. I start crying.

“I love you…” were the words that came out of his mouth after I said mine. He starts to cry with me. I slowly get up and move over to Aaron. I kneel down to him.

“Aaron. The only person who didn’t vote for me.” I laughed. “Really. You’re the best brother in the world.” I tell him. I hug him tightly and kiss him on the cheeks. Tears silently flow down mine.

“Allie, you’re my best friend!” He squeaks. My heart stopped. For the fifth time today. “How could I kill my best friend?” He says. He looks up into my teary eyes with his. He beams at me. My heart melts into his. I totally loose it there, and can’t let go of him. Then it hits me. This might be the only chance I have for my plan to step in to action. I let go. His smile starts to slowly fade in to a confused neutral stare. I wink at him and sit there for a little. I turn around so I make sure the goons see my face. I look up to the sky and smile wide.

“God, may I forever hold my peace with you.” I say to the great blue. My smile slowly fades as I open my eyes. I make my eyes as big as they can go and cup my mouth.

“OH MY GOD! WHAT’S THAT?” I scream. Everyone turns to look up into the sky. I pat my brother as I quickly get up.
I run towards the edge of the cliff, close my eyes, and jump. I jump. I see the sand about 50 feet below me as I quickly fall from the rocky cliff. 50 feet, 40, 20, five… I make a loud grunt as I impact on the sand. I inferred the sand was going to be soft, but instead it acted as a cheap cushion that blew sand into my face and makes my tailbone hurts worse than- oops! Almost slipped out the worst bad word there, ha-ha... I can’t control my coughing, but I have too if I don’t want the people up there to hear. Either way, my impact was probably kind of loud, too, so I assemble myself up and find go over to some rocky pillars some ten yards away so they might not see me. Thank goodness I didn’t land on THOSE. I hear some loud commotion from above. I run into the nearby pillars, so maybe they won’t see me. It’s pretty closed in, so I start to panic. I know if I don’t find and entrance soon I’m done for when they find me. Ah! A tiny gap is leading me to safety. As I struggle to weave in-and-out of the closed-in pillars, I step on a sharp rock in my path. It stings so bad I can’t control my yelp of pain. I look up. I see Mr. Innocent point to me. Oh god. Now my plan isn’t going so well. I can’t move and run to save myself because my foot is injured and now bleeding. This is just going swell. If I didn’t go to school today I would MOST LIKELY be in my bed eating ice-cream and listening to rap. Instead, I’m stuck in a sticky situation about to be killed.
I see the midget throw the gun to Mr. Innocent, but it falls 30 feet to the pillars where I am, because Mr. Innocent is right above me on the edge of the pillars where I am. The gun falls on one of the pillars and breaks in half. Awesome. I’m pretty sure these ditzes forgot to bring another gun. I smile in victory. As Mr. Perfect bends over the cliff edge to see where the gun landed, he starts to wobble. My eyes grow open. I smile because I know he’s going to fall. Haha, I’m so terrible, but these guys were about to kill me. Karma is pretty freakin’ awesome sometimes, huh? Win-win!
Mr. Innocent starts to fall. Right under the pillars. He makes an impact on a really sharp one. I almost flinch to not see the horror and gore, but I can’t resist myself. It practically skewers him. I look a little closer and his eyes are wide. They don’t move. He’s dead. One down, three to go. Blood is dripping from his body down the pillar. My mom looks over to see what’s happening and she goes pale. She leans over the edge and barfs. Eww. Seeing your mother barf 50 feet isn’t as attractive as it sounds, believe it or not. The three remaining goons look at him with horror. Awesome. I realized I took my shoes off because I could run faster, but If I just put them back on I’m good to go. With them being distracted by the fact they’re just three “musketeers”, I quickly put my shoe on and keep on going.
I hear someone shout something like “Runt ooze purr!” a few seconds later, but because I’m so far away, I’m pretty sure they actually said “Don’t loose her!” because I hear a loud scream and “thud”. I turn around. Mr. Meaty took a big jump from the cliff in an attempt to catch me. He’s lying on the ground, mouth closed along with his eyes. He’s not moving an inch. No way. Did he die from the impact of his meaty flesh being too hard to keep in place? Ha-haa! This was getting too easy to do. Wait- he groans and tries to get up, but he just stays down. He doesn’t move for a few minutes. Oh well, good enough for me. Two down, two to go. My kidnapper takes a big jump and lands perfectly on the ground without recoil. I’m flattered (sort of). The one who had the most skill came to pick me! Aww. He obviously can’t see as well when he’s not looking from an eagle-eye distance, because he’s looking at the pillars, making a really weird face. I’m behind a pillar so he can’t see me anyways. He starts to walk forward. Oh god. I have to start moving unless I want to be strangled or stabbed or something. He reaches in his pocket while walking. He pulls out… as stick? No, oh my god… it’s a rifle. If I take the tiny way through the pillars, he might not be able to see me. I decide to go through a tiny gap. I struggle for a few seconds until I hear a “HEY!” That’s all it took to make myself push forward into another gap.
I hear a gunshot and turn around. He shot the rifle and it JUST missed me. I continue forward as fast as I can. I take so many twists and turns I almost don’t believe that I have THAT much coordination. I come to a dead end. Crud. I turn around. My heart stops. I see him walk RIGHT past the gap where I am. I can’t move. He didn’t see me? I can see his shadow. It stops. It turns around… no…. It comes towards the gap. No! My battle cant be over yet! He peers into the gap.
I’m dead.
“Say goodbye, Allie Smith.” He picks up his rifle, aims it at my head, and boom. That’s it. Boom.

The author's comments:
This is part two on my Allie piece. Thanks for reading!

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