The Last of the Beginning

March 8, 2010
By Anonymous

It was a clear blue, sunny day, and a girl named Stephanie was walking to her friend’s house. When she looked up at the sky, it was beautiful, but when she looked back up, it was solid black like a storm! She was startled. She didn’t think that a thunder cloud could come that fast. She hurried to her friend’s house. When she got there, she looked at the sky; it was all cleared up like when she looked up at the sky the first time. She went back home from her friend’s house and asked her mom about it. Her mother said that it was a pass over and she didn’t need to worry about it.

The next day Stephanie asked her science teacher. She said the same exact thing. Things were getting crazy around school, too. For example, all her friends were leaving her alone. She wandered if that cloud she looked at could be the answer to everything that was going on.

The next day, she asked her friend, Marcy, a question. Stephanie asked, “What has been going on around here the passed two days?”

Marcy answered, but Stephanie didn’t understand what she was saying because Marcy answered in either Spanish or French; she couldn’t tell. Stephanie told her teacher that Marcy was suddenly bilingual and that she couldn’t understand her friend since Marcy was learning Spanish and Stephanie was learning French as well.

Stephanie went back to her house after school, and she tried to build a time machine so she could go back in time and tell everyone to look at the cloud, so everything wouldn’t be all wacky. It didn’t work the way she wanted it to. It took her back too far. Then, it took her back a too early and she didn’t want to go back through that day and the ones after that. Then, she tried to learn Spanish. She went too her library to check out a Spanish book, so she could try to learn Spanish. She tried to sign out a book on Spanish, but they didn’t have one so she reserved one so she could learn Spanish. When she got the book, Stephanie learned some Spanish so she could talk to Marcy.

The next day, she asked her teacher what was going on. Her teacher said “The cloud is what made all of us go wacky.” She said “That’s what I thought.” Stephanie went to ask her friend. Marcy said “It’s the cloud; I didn’t look at the cloud, that’s why everything has been all wacky with us.” “Thank you” Stephanie said. Next, she tried to figure out what to do about the cloud. She tried to build a bad cloud eliminator to eliminate another bad cloud that comes and makes everything go wacky. She also tried to ask herself if the cloud would come back. She wasn’t positive that any of her ideas would come true.

Chapter 2

The next day she went back to school and asked the principal if he could help her. Well, it didn’t go the way she wanted it to. He said no, because he had something to do that afternoon. Then, she went and asked her English teacher Mrs. Nicely. Mrs. Nicely is bilingual just like Marcy and Stephanie. Mrs. Nicely also could do the moon walk. Stephanie asked Mrs. Nicely if she could help her figure out what to do. Mrs. Nicely didn’t have an answer.

Then, Stephanie went home and got on the internet to see if she can find something about the cloud. She checked on what type of cloud it was. She checked to see who first discovered the cloud. Nothing came up about any of those things.

Then, Stephanie asked the science teacher again. The teacher did the same thing. Well, since neither one of them could find anything on it they just gave up. Then, a pretty angel came down to help them. The angel went to both of the computers and went to a website that would help them find out what was going on. The website was The next morning when they both woke up; they went to their computer and saw what had happened. They must have left their computers on the night before. They both looked all morning for the answer to what was going on. Stephanie finally found something on what was going on. She printed the information to take to her Science teacher, but her science teacher wasn’t there that day. That was the last day anyone saw the science teacher.

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