Alpha Centauri

March 8, 2010
By TiffanyC BRONZE, Shoreline, Washington
TiffanyC BRONZE, Shoreline, Washington
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“Oh, no!” Anabela cried. Only thirty minutes until the play was going to start. Anabela couldn’t find her dress, and was talking to the play director through the telephone. Her audience was already sitting in the auditorium, waiting for the opening of the play. She wanted to escape, but her career would be in trouble.

The clock was ticking, and just twenty minutes until the play was starting. Anabela was jumping and running around, panicking. Suddenly, a lonely pedestrian jumped out in front of Anabela, grasping her forearm.

“The prologue is about to start, too bad you’ll never make it!” He flung Anabela down to the floor and pulled out a cheap pistol.

“Why are you doing this??” Anabela cried. “Killing an innocent girl and leaving her corpse backstage?! You are one sick man!”

The stranger man stopped for a minute and dropped his head. He let go of Anabela’s arm and turned away. But just when she thought she was free, the man lunged forward and pinned Anabela against the wall.

“Eeek!” She screamed. “You lunatic!”

“I know!” He cried, laughing like a maniac so Anabela could see his black teeth. All of a sudden, his face went white, and his grasp loosened on Anabela. The man crumpled to the ground, covered in blood, as a young handsome man appeared with a semi-automatic pistol in his hand.

“Ty!” Anabela cried, running to his arms.

“Anabela! Watch out!” The young man quickly pushed her to one side, as the man advanced with a hypodermic needle in hand.

The man, an anti-conformist, had simply purchased the special needle thinking it was a cheap substitute for a cartridge. Being psychotic, he was really quite beside himself. He attempted to nonchalantly deny any connection with the attempted murder. The man was a physician from Germany. Since no one can hold a grudge against the Germans, his felony charge was dropped, and he was never seen again.

A thousand years later, scientists found him in the vicinity of Alpha Centauri.

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on Mar. 20 2010 at 3:13 pm
StandardToaster PLATINUM, Pasadena, California
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Favorite Quote:
I don't suffer from insanity; I enjoy ever minute of it."

woah woah woah, i'm a little confused! this seems like a good plot for a story but it's moving way too fast.

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