Im Withering Away

February 19, 2010
By emmmy BRONZE, Lubbock, Texas
emmmy BRONZE, Lubbock, Texas
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It was bright where I was at and I heard strange voices in my head as I thought I was floating until a piercing scream rolled off the tip of my tongue as a thick needle pinched my skin and I was fully awake now flaying uselessly against the thick medal bands that tied me to a chair, I now realize I would rather be lying in my perfect little world letting the voices fill my head and just drifted off. As I was thinking I was struck again with a thicker needle, and by that time I had already five shots after they were done striking me they all smiled. I thought it was because I was in pain then I guessed. The leader said, “Project eleven-seven-five is a success as of now”. That’s all I remember except the fact that I had throw the guards without even touching them and then getting my sister out of her room of the institute I guess that’s what is was but we ran and ran to a factory and soon enough we went in and dragged out mattresses and then soon enough more people arrived. As I was lying on my slender bed that I dragged from the nearest dumpster I was just thinking about where all these kids’ parents were and why they would rather be in this rat nest of a place and I wondered why they would want to sleep on all these beds I had found. My name is rose and this is my story of a girl without a past a girl who is only thirteen a girl who is running from evil scientists with her little sister Katie who is twelve years old, Katie is a beautiful girl she has blonde hair, freckles, and with gorgeous sky blue eyes. Now me I am way different I have brown eyes no freckles and I am pale white unlike my sister who has a all year around beautiful tan but it all seems to fit in with my reddish blonde brown hair yep that’s me.

Beep, beep, beep a sound went off in my head why am I floating I wondered where am I? I kind of thought I was dead but I’m thinking I was in a dream or something. Then I was shaken violently by the force of my stupid blonde headed sister

I woke up screaming, “ahhh what, what do you want who is it”.

Chill it is just me sis my sister said then I heard think I’ve been way too jumpy and then I said out loud “hey I’m trying to protect us she gave me a really weird look. Gosh I thought inside my head and then my sister did a little preppy scream and said I heard you thoughts! Wow okay so I have no idea what is going on but we have to stay calm. Then suddenly she thought in her head I’m so hungry, thirst and I feel so gross when I was looking I got all hungry and dizzy and then I closed my eyes and I saw I bit of my past I think and I was raising up part of the ground then when I opened my eyes as soon as it was there, it was soon gone it was in the morning and I felt a little better I went for a little walk and all these cats were surrounding the trash can I went over there to where the cats and kittens were thinking they would flee from the scene but instead they growled at me, and boy was it menacing I thought I was glued to the floor but automatically my feet flew and I never went down that alley again.

The second day on our own we were starving dying of thirst and I felt the grime sticking all over me and when I woke up

The author's comments:
this is just some of the stuff i wrote i want to see if ppl are interested in this to put the rest on here so thx

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