Caveman Named Henry

February 25, 2010
One day a caveman named Henry went out into the deep woods, but it started to get cold and he thought what could make him warmer. He thought about making a fire so he could get warm and eat. He began to go and get the supplies for the fire. He didn’t like the work though. He was a very lazy caveman. As he stormed off into the deeper woods, he found firewood and started to try to start a nice and cozy fire. When he found an open area to start a fire, he tried to start one but was having some difficulties. He couldn’t get the fire to ignite, so he began to think about some other ways to start a fire. The only way he could think of though was with some lightning, but he couldn’t make lightning.
Then something amazing happened. He got a spark off the rocks he was using, and it caught a leaf that was on top of the wood, on the fire. The wood then ignited, and he began to cook his supper that he had hunted down earlier, “chicken yummy” Henry said.
Then when he thought it was done he bet into it and screamed “OUCH”, and started running for the river to cool his mouth with the fresh river water, he started to notice it was starting to get a little dark, so he decided to go back to the fire and get all warm and cozy again, but with a full stomach this time.

He stood over the fire and get warm it started to make him very tired, and he went to sleep. “Mmmmm!” fire made him so sleepy, he almost instantly went to a very deep sleep. It was like a coma. The caveman Henry fixed his problems and lived happily ever after.

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