February 24, 2010
By Fognani BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
Fognani BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
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I was sprinting for my life. My body was scared. Cold heart beating through my chest. I was being hunted. But I know it wasn’t good. I ran into a corn field to hide. Within a few minutes I found myself in a opening.

The opening had real big figures.

“ It’s like, Signs,” I mumbled to myself. A nasty growl came from somewhere in the field. Within a blink I saw it. Just about ten yards away. All I could make out was the horrid monster nails. They were dark, long as daggers and ready to strike. Another hideous growl came.

The voice was deeper. Scarier. Then I got a bad feeling. Only because the monster yelped and disappeared with a flash of lighting.

My eyes started to close. “ Kwaaaa! came the voice of a nightmare. Everything went black. I fell to the ground like a meteorite.

My face became wet. I woke with a start. Smelling wet dog.

“What the?” I murmured. It took me a minute to find a shotgun barrel in my face. I reacted as a bunny would react if it saw a coyote. I crawled away from the barrel. Fastly.

“Are you the one who’s been doing this to my corn?!?” an old man yelled a t me. His voiced sounded like a peach seed was stuck in his thought.

“Uh?” I stammered. “No.”

“ Well why yah here then boy. To eat my corn? Eh!”

“No. I was being chased, hunted, whatever you call it.” I told the farmer.

“Was it brown?” the farmer asked.

“I don’t have a clue. All I saw was his terrible nails.”

“Yah. I know that creature. I see him a t night sometimes. He’s usually by my shed. I could never get a clear shot, but once. I had a Springfield sniper. He has a jagged scar over his right eye.” He dazed off. “Well we better get you cleaned up. Come over to my house and I’ll help you clean those cuts.”

I looked at my arm. My right arm. Blood was dried on it. I had deep cuts and scratches everywhere. Weird, I thought. I don’t remember getting cut up. “Thanks sir I appreciate it.” I found it hard to get to my feet. The farmers German Shepard helped me up. “Thanks boy.” I lifted myself up and followed the farmer. It was now very dark out. It looked like there was a storm coming in.

“Geese boy. You got far out here. How long do you think you were running?” The farmer asked.

“I don’t know. Five, eight minute’s sir.”

“Yep. That’ll do it.”

“Do what?”

“Promise me you’ll never come out this far in the corn again.”

“Why sir.”

“This territory belongs to them.” The farmer told me.


“The monster you saw last night. Fifty years ago my father agreed to stay away from this territory. Or you’ll fear the worst.”

“The worst. Ha! Like what. Touchier?”

“I don’t know. My father went out there and never returned.”

“Boom! Boom! Da! Boom!” the thunder roared.

“We bett-.”

“Aaaaaagh!” lighting struck me right in the back. I feel on top of the German Shepard.

My body was bouncing up and down. Dr.’s were operating on me. They kept on trying to use the shockers; they use to bring people back alive. But it wouldn’t effect. I absorbed the power. I woke up to screams. Once my eyes opened the power went out. I felt stronger.

The screaming made everyone know that something was in the building. Big panting came into the distance. I climbed off the operating table. The monster appeared.

“James.” The monster growled. The monster got on all fours. He booked it at me. With the speed of lightning he leaped at me. I threw my hands up. I peeked through my hands. I found the monster getting up of the floor from crushing a glass table.

I could finally make out his figure. His shoulders were the size of NFL football players biceps. His arms were the size of my head. He was barefoot. The face was shaped like a wolf’s head. The teeth were sharp as a Swiss Military Army Knife. The brown jagged hair was probably the worst part of him. To cover it all his veins were seeable. To make him look tougher.

The monster charged at me again. I threw my hands in front of me again. But with confidence. A bolt of blue lightning shot out of my hand. “Whoa.” A smirk came to my face. “Your dead now.” I charged, throughing one hand in font of the other. The lightning shot out. The monster yelped with fear. I took a deep breath. “Dieeeeeee!” Blue and green lightning shot out of my hand. I whipped the monster out the window of the ten story hospital.

“KaBoom!” the street with fear shot out. I walked to the window. I leaped. Somehow I used the air currents to control my impact. I landed foot on chest.

“AROOOOOO!” The monster yelped. I took me a minute to catch up my breath.

The author's comments:
This is a really good start of the book. it isn't yet complete. But if you like people who shoot lightning you might want to read this peice.

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