A Trip to Ancient Japan

March 2, 2010
By Andrew Meyer BRONZE, Mattawan, Michigan
Andrew Meyer BRONZE, Mattawan, Michigan
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             Do you know anything about ancient Japan? If you knew that samuries came from here this is the story for you.
             There's a boy in 7th grade who made a time machine.
             “I use this time machine to go to the past, never to the future. This time I'm going to ancient Japan. I'm going to learn the way of the samurai,” he rambled on to his friends.
When I got home the time machine was at full charge waiting to be used. I typed in my coordinates, turned the key, and I'm off to the past.
             I landed off in a mountain to the west of a village. T walked down to the village. I could tell that I was I was next to the palace. Since I'm very fluent in Japanese, from taking the course in school, I knew every word they were saying as I passed.
             When I stopped to talk to a shopkeeper he greeted me with a bow. Since I knew their culture I bowed even lower than he did, this shows a sign of respect.
             I asked if I could have a place to stay while my dad was in China. I also said I’m going to be here a year or longer.
             He responded, “Well if you are going to be here for a you would need a place to stay.”
             He showed me the rest of his house/shop. Then he showed me where I was going to sleep.
             I asked him if there was any place I could learn the techniques of a samurai. He looked back at me laughing. He reminded me of a tall crane of a tall crane, squawking and feathers bending, in the wind (adj. Shifted out of order).
            The next day he took me to the palace where I was going to be evaluated. If I passed I would be able to become a samurai.
            I walked into the big oak doors. I saw a short man standing there with a cane. He looked at me for what seemed like five minuets. Finally he nodded his head. The next day I walked into the same doors and he was standing there.
            He looked at me and asked, “Do you know English?”
            “Yes, I do,” responding cautiously.
            Then he walked out of the room. Something came crashing down from the ceiling. I looked at it, it looked like a bamboo sowrd. I picked it up. Then out of no where I was attacked.
            I noticed that I was fighting another student. His soward pattern was going in a circular motion, so I fowlled his moves. My mind was going faster than a race car at this point (metaphor).
            Then he jumped over me, when I turned around I found out it was the master was standing there.the boy, who was an old, gray haired man, was standing in his place (action verbs & apppositive).  Standing there, mind racing body tembling, I was astounded that I just fought the master (absolute).
            He asked if I could speak english.
             “Yes,” I responded relived.
            “You siad you know some karate, how much do you know?” he asked.
            “I'm working for my level five black belt,” I responded
            “How long did it take you to that far in karate?” he asked again.
            “About six months,” I responded.
            “Well, you fight very well for a kid. I'm surprised on how much you know on fighting. Your tequinque needs a little tweakquing but in time that will come,” he said pleasently.
            “One, i'm not a kid i'm considered an adult where I come from. Two, you shoul be impressed on my fighting skills,” I said that very greatfully, and with that I left.
             The next few days were awful. It was all considered conditioning. The only up side to this was I was two weeks away from becoming a samuri.
2 Weeks Later
            I had my ceromony to become a true samurai in a day. I was so excited I had to go for a walk because my excitement was scaring away the customers.
            While on my walk I met a loney gril. She was sitting on a bench in a tree grove. She saw me coming, she stood up and ran over to me.
            She explained that my master, which was her grampa, died yesterday. I was devistated.i had no point to stay anymore. So I went back to the store, packed my things, and I was of to the top of the mountain.
             Travling through time was like clock work (participle& simile). I typed in the cordinates and waent back to my own time.
             When I walked through the door my mom was scared to death. The next day at school was awful. I was back to my now-it-self in that time. On top of all that my own grampa died.

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