Untitled Short Story

March 2, 2010
By Casey Hofford BRONZE, Shoreline, Washington
Casey Hofford BRONZE, Shoreline, Washington
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“There is no use running. There is nowhere to go.” Don paused to allow the statement to sink in. “You might as well sit down and rest. Then we can talk over what will happen next.”

Don needed the information that this man knew, it was vital to his success. He knew it would be difficult for him to get the information but he was determined to succeed. This man had done terrible things for this information and he deserved whatever it would take for Don to get it from him. He started by simply asking for the information, he didn’t expect it to work and he was right. The man straight out denied knowing what Don was talking about. “I assume you expect me to believe that? I know what you have done to people to get this information and I will do worse to you to get it.” The man looked scared and continued to deny knowing any such information. As Don thought it over he wondered if this man could be telling the truth, what if he was innocent and this was a big mistake. That would cause incalculable trouble to his mission, he needed to succeed here, this was his only chance. He had to get the information and if this man didn’t know it, there was no chance that Don could succeed. Don left the room, with the door locked, to leave the man alone, hoping that he would change his mind after sitting alone for a while.

The man knew that his captor was undoubtedly mistaken, but it did not seem as if he was about to come to grips with this fact any time soon. He worked at an insurance company in the financial district of downtown Chicago. There was nothing special about him, there was no reason for these men to be after him, he had nothing that they could possibly want. The man was extremely confused but he decided that he had no choice but to act. The man looked around for someway to get out but saw none, there was a large window but it was the second story and he wouldn’t be able to run after jumping from such a height. He looked around for something else in the room that could help me and my eyes landed on the chair the man had just gotten up from. He walked over and picked it up. It was light enough to carry but heavy enough to be a weapon. He quickly took up a position next to the door and waited. In no time, the kidnapper opened the door and looked in. As he began to turn his head the man brought the chair down upon him, he collapsed and the man stepped over his body into the hall. He ran out towards the door, the car the man had been kidnapped in was still there and by a stroke of good fortune the keys were still in the ignition and he was able to start up the car. As the man was beginning to pull out of the driveway he saw his kidnapper run out of the house and chase after me but he was easily able to get away.

Don wasn’t a criminal, not really, sure what he was doing was illegal but he knew that he was working for the greater good and that law was relative. If he succeeded everyone would understand the gravity of the situation that he had prevented. He knew that he was doing what was right, and that he must do whatever it took to succeed. Don had only left for a few minutes. He had walked over to the room next door to talk to his henchman and get a drink. He had no idea what he had waiting for him when he came back to the room. He was so overwhelmed by the surprise of being struck by the chair that even after the dizziness subsided it took him a minute to realize what had happened. When Don realized that the man was escaping he got up quickly, yelling out to his henchmen to come. Don ran to the door only to see the businessman pulling out of the driveway in the car they had kidnapped him in. Don felt defeated, he had no chance of getting the information now.

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