this boy in my mind

February 11, 2010
Brianna heart went boom boom when she saw this boy name Markelle for the first time during the summertime two thousands six, he was eight-teen years old, and Brianna was sixteen years old when Brianna met him in her mind he looked it sweet & really kind Brianna liked him as a close friend. Brianna thought to herself this boy Markelle is a respectful gentlemen. Until one day they met lips to lips it was so hard to let him go, at the end of their making out Brianna stated, “I promise that I wouldn’t talk about this ,because some people can spread rumors. ’’ He said I will trust you”, in tears started rolling down her face, he whip her tears away, he said,” There’s no reason for tears”.
The next day Brianna woke-up to go outside she was so happy about that Saturday night it was awesome. Until one night arrived Brianna got so excited, she told the next door neighbor Brittany. Then other people found out she blow it out in told these boys name Jose, Antoine, and her other friends’ this happen on Monday.

Brianna was hoping that Markelle wouldn’t found out what she did. A few minutes later Brianna saw him walking up the hill, Brianna yelled out, hey Markelle he threw his hand back like he didn’t won’t to hear what she had to say. Brianna tried to found him; but there wasn’t nowhere he can be found, Brianna got mad at Brittany in didn’t talk to her for a month.
The second, day of the morning, Brianna was so scared that he would get mad at her like he will do something very bad to her . So Brianna waited for, four hours to passed ; in went to the boys & girls club in then she saw him. He was so mad at her, then Brianna said, “I am sorry” , then he said, “ you are liar” .I will never trust you again, and they will never date ever again. So stop crying.’’ after that day passed by Brianna didn’t see him for two months she was so angry.
When those months passed by again, Brianna seen him again in July, they started talking again Brianna was so happy she didn’t know what to do. One night it was so warm, so Brianna went to his house, when she got there she threw a rock at his window, it wasn’t just him in the room it was his home boys’, and his brother in the room, their names were Bradley, Nijam, Lucy, Daniel, and Devon. They made up a idea, so Brianna invited her cousin Dejah, and her brother Antoine so they all snicked out the house. They put on their swimming suits in went to the pool; but Brianna didn’t get in, because she was on her cycle , then Nijam grabbed her leg in pushed her in the pool. Brianna got mad at him, she told him that she didn’t won’t to get in the water in, everyone started laughing at her . So when Brianna got out the pool she started chasing him around the pool with a stick, Brianna was about to throw it at him until, they saw theses three teenagers Marquis, Marvin, and some girl. It was these car by Rosewood, they didn’t know who car was it, so they threw rocks at the car in broke the windows. So ,they all got out of the water in jumped over the gates then, went over there in to see what happen; but all three of them ran from us , so they all stand there. They looked at each other in “said, at longs as they didn’t do it” they busted out laughing! After, they started walking away, all of a sudden they heard cops coming; so they started running really fast , the funniest part was when her brother was the last place to catch up they all started laughing at him. Then they all took a deep breath in kelp walking, then they saw these train tracks they started walking on the train tracks, her brother was scared to walk with us, because he thought he was going to fall; so Nijam helped him ,they was just laughing at him it was so funny.

A few minutes later they came to a stop, by the bridge were cars rolled passed it was around four 0 clock they set there, until everyone was going to go home, so her cousin Dejah started talking to Nijam, And Devon. So Markelle and Brianna decided to go under the bridge to talk about what had happen about her promised that she made to him , so Brianna started talking first about how hurt she was when she lied to him in she started apoglzing , so many times, he hugged her in, “said it’s ok.” ,Then Markelle and her kiss lips to lips. Then she , said “I will love to chill with you anytime .” Then we all went home In, said “good-bye!” When she and her cousins got in the house it was already six 0 clock when they got there her brother was already in the house, so they stayed up until they felled asleep , they all, said “that was the best day every.”
Two months later, she saw him again, they started arguing about the same messed that happen, but it was worse she didn’t know what to do, then he said, “don’t ever talked to me ever again.” and she ,just looked at him in walked away, she started to cry, then walked away in they never talked to each other every again .

The end

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